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Muslims are peaceful and friendly people, unless they remember that they are Muslims.

By Ali Sina 

“On 15 January 2004, Muhammad Ali Al-Ayed, a Saudi national, pleaded guilty to killing, and nearly decapitating, his Jewish friend” reported Barbara Ferguson, the Arab News Correspondent.

“Al-Ayed, 23, admitted to killing his friend, Ariel Sellouk, a Moroccan Jew, with a four-inch butterfly knife on Aug. 6. Al-Ayed has lived in Houston , Texas, during the past three years on a student visa.

Al-Ayed’s defense attorney told journalists he did not know the motive for the killing, but said religious differences were likely to have been a factor.

The two young men became friends while studying at Houston Community College .

About two years ago, Al-Ayed is said to have undergone a religious reawakening and reformed himself to a more conservative Islamic lifestyle, authorities said. During this time, he cut all ties with Sellouk.

On the day of the killing, Al-Ayed called Sellouk and suggested they get together. The two had drinks at a bar before going to Al-Ayed’s apartment about midnight.

Al-Ayed’s roommate told police the two were not arguing before Al-Ayed killed Sellouk.”

The story is chilling but it is not an isolated case. In fact we have a similar story dating back to the time of the prophet.

In the collection of hadith Bukhari (tales about Muhammad) Book 19, Number 2996: we read

The Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) said: If you gain a victory over the men of Jews, kill them. So Muhayyisah jumped over Shubaybah, a man of the Jewish merchants. He had close relations with them. He then killed him. At that time Huwayyisah (brother of Muhayyisah) had not embraced Islam. He was older than Muhayyisah. When he killed him, Huwayyisah beat him and said: O enemy of Allah, I swear by Allah, you have a good deal of fat in your belly from his property.

It is not difficult to see where this much hatred come from. It is enough to open the Quran and we come across hundreds of verses calling upon the Muslims to kill the unbelievers, slay them and be harsh with them.

The Quran claims that Jews transgressed and Allah “transformed them into apes and swine” (2:60) and said to them: "Be ye apes, despised and rejected."  (2:65) (7:166) How can one who believes these words are divine not hate the Jews?

No wonder the incidents of anti-Semitism are again on the rise in Germany .  Not because of the skinheads that are diminishing but because of the Muslims in that country. ‘

This hatred is not just against the Jews. The Jews of course top the list. All mankind is hated and despised by Islam. According to Islam all disbelievers will be burned with fire. (2: 39, 90) and war against them is ordained by Allah (216)

It is a mistake to believe that by befriending Muslims and showing them kindness they will soften and will put aside their animosity.  As Al-Ayed today and Muhayyisah 1400 years ago have shown, this hatred has religious dimensions. As long as Muslims believe in Islam they will hate those who do not. It is just foolish to believe Islam can be reformed and Muslims can change.

Part of the Muslims, and thanks heaven the majority of them, are deluded and confused. They have no clue what Muhammad taught and who he was. They project their own humanistic values on Islam thinking Islam means peace. The rest know better. Those who are familiar with Islam and the Quran know that there is no room for tolerance in Islam. That the non-believers must be killed and that Islam is here to dominate the world.

We have two options. We either continue appeasing the Muslims and try to win them as friends while more people die or we take Islam out of the Muslims.

Appeasement does not work. As Winston Churchill said, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."

Our only option is deislamization of the world. This disease must be eliminated before the sick can recover. Everyday we delay, more lives will be lost and the prospect of a major war looms bigger.   


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