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Left-leaning folks in Bangladesh should better watch out of Islamists


By Shiraj Uddin Shopon 

The left and right-leaning politicians in Bangladesh are now competing with each other to protest against the war America waged in Iraq.  The right wing politicians of the fascist Jamaat-I-Islami, Islami Unity Council, Islami Constitution Movement (Islami Shahshontonthro Andolon), and other government-supported fundamentalist organizations are taking to the street while shouting against the coalition attack on Iraq.  The left wing politicians, especially those who belong to the communist party are also shouting against USA on the street alongside Jamaat-I-Islami supporters in unison with their foes.  Thus, the two opposing forces are chanting almost the same slogans against the coalition forces.  The war against Iraq has ended not with a bang but with a whimper to paraphrase late American-born British poet T.S. Eliot.  However, the slogans of the left and right wing politicians have not yet ended on the streets of Bangladesh at least for the time being.  

A third force [in most part belong to the pacifist groups] hid urged the world leaders all along not to start a war against Iraq.  This force consists mainly secular humanist intellectuals, notably Journalist Shahriar Kabir, Professor Kabir Chowdhury, Professor Muntasir Mamun, and others.  They want a better world, free of hatred and conflicts.  Not like the people of Jamaat-I-Islami or the communist party. They all have an agenda of secular humanism and liberalism for Bangladesh.  The hard-core members of Communist Party and Jamaat-I-Islami have different agenda, though.  The Communist Party wants to establish the dictatorship of the so-called proletariat and the Jamaat-Islmai wants to establish the theocratic dictatorship.  It would not escape the rapt attention of erudite folks that these two competing factions are against each other on religion and on other core issues.  The Islamists are ruthless against those who oppose Islamic theocratic fascism.  Given the opportunity, the Islamists in Bangladesh will massacre the Communist Party members by beheading and stoning them a la Islamic fashion.  Needless to say, the Islamists will have executed the godless communists by the rules laid out by the so-called peaceful seventh century Bedouin Prophet of the Arabs. 

Strange as it may sound, both the left and the right wing parties are close to each other while protesting against the coalition forces on the streets of Bangladesh.  I bet that the communists of Bangladesh are naive.  After the demise of communist super power, these folks still think to bring communism in a predominantly Muslim country like Bangladesh is possible.  How will they create jobs for the impoverished people of Bangladesh without the support of a world superpower? How will they access world market by antagonizing USA and other western nations?  These folks should look beyond their tunnel vision and face the reality.  About their street protests alongside the Jamaat-I-Islami and other fascist Islami parties, I can unhesitatingly say that they are helping these Islamists to capture the full power of the Bangladesh government within a short time whether they realize this or not.  Now the Islamists are in power in an alliance with the semi-Islamic, Neo-Muslim League “nationalist” party headed by Khaleda Zia.  On Iraq, these fascist Islamists will use the religious sentiment to gain more support among the Muslim believers.  The Islamists will then get an opportunity of their lifetime to form their own government.  They will use the existing fragile democratic system of Bangladesh to kill it by implementing fundamentalist Talibani-type or Iranian Ayatollah-type Islamic model.  I bet, the gullible Bangladeshi Muslims will not vote for the secular parties on the cause of Iraq war.  The Muslim folks are gullible by nature.  We all know that.  Already, they have forgotten the genocide of the Islamists that occurred in 1971.  The fox-like characters [under the garb of Bangladesh über Alles slogan] are out there in cyber space to rewrite the history of the liberation war of Bangladesh.  

Wittingly or unwittingly, the left wing political parties and some of the secular organizations are helping the fascist Islamists to gain popularity among the gullible Muslim folks of Bangladesh.  Similar thing happened in Iran in the late 1970s.  The secular humanists of Iran supported the movement against Shah.  The Iranian Islamists were doing the movement under the Ayatollahs.  See, what happened.  The Ayatollahs under the command of the mass murderer Khomeini took the power of Iran with the able help of the left wing intellectuals.  The fascist Islamists spent no time to ruthlessly kill most of the secular people of Iran.  Many fled to Europe to save their lives.  Does anyone remember Bani Sadar?   The Islamist Ayatollahs first allowed a secularly educated person named Bani Sadar to become the president of Iran.  However, they were about to kill him for his secular views.  He had to flee to Paris to save his dear life from the wrath of the Islamists in Iran.  While Bani Sadar was lucky to escape, many others were executed in cold blood. Because of this unfortunate development in the early 1980s, many secular Iranians now repent for their un-wavered support of the movement against Shah, who was much better as a human being than the fascist Islamists.  These Islamists not only established theocratic barbarian Islamic rule in Iran but also took the country backwards stalling the progress of the Iranian society.  I request the secular people of Bangladesh to be aware of the fascist Islamists.  Please ponder over the role they played as Fifth Columnists while our valiant people fought tooth and nail against the genocidal Pakistani army during our liberation war in 1971.  If the Mullahs ever come to power in Bangladesh, the communists and all varieties of leftists will be led to the guillotine chamber.  Therefore, the left-leaning folks in Bangladesh should think twice before they shake hands with the Islamists whose hands are already stained with the blood of our fallen heroes.  Need I say anything else? 


Shiraj Uddin Shopon writes from Washington D.C.  His e-mail address is – [email protected]





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