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Allah is an Idiot! Here's Why... 

By Jassassah 


This is a hadith, which I have known about for some time. When I was a believer it helped to confirm my faith in Muhammad. Now that my eyes are opened, I see it in a different light. Here is one variation of the hadith: 

Narrated Anas:  Allah's Apostle was delivering the Khutba (sermon) on a Friday when the people stood up, shouted and said, "O Allah's Apostle! There is no rain (drought), the trees have dried and the livestock are destroyed; Please pray to Allah for rain." So Allah's Apostle said twice, "O Allah! Bless us with rain." By Allah, there was no trace of cloud in the sky and suddenly the sky became overcast with clouds and it started raining.

The Prophet came down the pulpit and offered the prayer. When he came back from the prayer (to his house) it was raining and it rained continuously till the next Friday. When the Prophet started delivering the Friday Khutba (sermon), the people started shouting and said to him, "The houses have collapsed and the roads are cut off; so please pray to Allah to withhold the rain." So the Prophet smiled and said, "O Allah! Round about us and not on us." So the sky became clear over Medina but it kept on raining over the outskirts (of Medina) and not a single drop of rain fell over Medina. I looked towards the sky, which was as bright and clear as a crown. (Sahih al-Bukhari. Volume 2, Book 17, Number 134) 

Now Muslims, you are faced with two terrible choices. 1. Admit that Allah is an idiot - or 2. Admit that this "miracle" probably didn't happen. 

"How can you say Allah is an idiot?" I hear you scream. Because Allah didn't know when to make the rain stop. The people asked Muhammad for rain to IMPROVE their situation. Muhammad prays - Allah responds. The people say "Alhamdulillah!" 

Instead of improving their situation, Allah makes their lives worse (and probably had a good chuckle to himself)! In another narration, the man says that the livestock have been killed. You can find all the various narrations from Bukhari here 

Well-done Allah! You are Al-Rahman, Al-Raheem! Allah needed Muhammad to ask him to stop before He was going to stop. He obviously didn't care that He was making those poor people's lives a misery (after they had asked him for good), or He didn't KNOW what was happening until Muhammad asked him to stop it. 

So there's a few more choices there for you: 1. Allah is an idiot. 2. Allah torments those who ask him for good, or 3. Allah is not Al-'Aleem (All-Knowing). 

Of course, the final choice is that this "miracle" didn't actually happen. So whatever love and faith this hadith once gave you for Muhammad, I would suggest replacing it with something else. Whatever faith you have in the collection of al-Bukhari may also have to be reconsidered. There shall be more to come, inshallah.







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