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  A Message To All The Servicemen And Women In The Gulf


As all will know who follow this blog I look at my government with total incredulity and derision. I have never, in my entire life, felt so humiliated as I am by this group of people who govern my country today. I am not alone and I am angry and frustrated by what passes for leadership up here in the "great white north" and I'm working on that along with many other "pissed off" Canadians!

That is beside the point. I was reading this morning that all the demonstrations going on around the world may be starting to have an effect on you so I want to share something. Before I do that I want you to know that I was once a soldier just like you and have spent time away from "home and hearth" - I spent many years in the Canadian Forces before I moved to "civvy street" (14 to be precise). I know what it feels like to be yanked away from home two days before Christmas leaving a young family behind and trucked halfway around the world. It hurts "like hell" no matter whether you are the "leaver" or the "left behinds". I have seen that scenario many times.

Since leaving the Forces I have been a cop - for longer than I care to think about (going on 25 years). I will soon retire but I think that I can safely say that I have seen the "evil that men do".

Those are my "bonafides" for whatever they are worth.

Now for what I want to say to you.

I awoke early this morning to use the bathroom and I found my mind going a mile a minute. The reason was a picture that I have looked at many times in the past couple of months. A picture of a young girl - dead by a foul hand. I suppose that it stays with me because I lost a daughter her age in 1992 from cancer and I know the pain of that loss intimately.

Here is that picture.

Click The "Pic" To Go

I call this child "Angel" because I don't know her real name. She died in March of 1988 in the chemical massacre of a Kurdish village called Halabjah in Iraq. She was one of thousands of victims that died that evil day and she died not because of what she had done but because of who she was.

A Kurd!

That is all.

Simply, "a Kurd"!

Today, had she lived, she would be a beautiful young woman probably married with kids of her own. Married - dreaming of things only she would know and that bothers me. All should remember that "Angel" was a person just like you and I and when she was "destroyed" the perpetrator may have destroyed the next Einstein or the cure for cancer - nobody will ever know.

Only God knows what was destroyed that fateful day.

She died on the orders of Saddam Hussein, the person that you are all there to put "paid" too - and he has a lot to pay for.

I wish I could be with you because this is one battle that I would dearly love to be in on but time and age are my enemy. I can no longer do the things that you can do and hopefully I am wise enough to know that.

That does NOT stop me from dreaming as I did last night.

I look at all of you as "Angels' Revenge", come to restore order to a country where for far too long "thugs" have ruled. This little girl and all the millions like her that have died since the United Nations came into being with such lofty ideas are the reason you are there. I felt with utmost clarity early this morning that they are reaching out from the grave to you beseeching you to stop the violence and, while I am not yet in my grave, I am too. If your President (or PM) decides that the UN is an impediment to a just solution of this situation I would take that to the bank because the UN clearly is in the way, as it has always been.

Try to remember this.

"Angel" will be walking beside each of you every step of the way - you can rest assured of that!

Ignore the UN - it is a monstrous tool of those that have played the world for fools for far too long. They are about to be shown who the real fools are and YOU are going to do that for all who are now a part of this world or yet to be born.

Take some "comfort" with you as you begin this journey - a picture!

"Angel" can't speak to us any more but her picture can. Print it and carry it with you. Every time you have a doubt about why you are there take it out and look into her eyes. You will KNOW with absolute certainty that you are right (and the protestors wrong).

Ignore all the "useful fools" back home and around this world. They don't know about "Angel" or they would hang their heads in shame. Focus your minds not on all the bullshit but on one small child. SHE is what this fight is all about and she, plus millions like her, are why the battles will continue for years to come. Battles that will continue until this war is won and make no mistake about that - it WILL be won.

To conclude, I feel that you are privileged to be part of a magnificent undertaking. Hold your heads high and be very proud of your nation's and your leader's today. You have all earned that right.

I am proud of you and even though I am only up here in the "peanut gallery" my chest sticks out a mile when I think about what you are doing because finally after almost an entire lifetime I see "truth". It is what each of you represent and that is no small thing.

I might add that somebody else is proud too!

"God, Yaweh, Allah"...however you choose to call our creator...will look down on you and smile because He knows.

"It's the right thing to do!"

Come home safe...all of you!

Posted by a Loudmouthed Canadian 





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