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Are these exclusively military wars, or inclusively cultural ones? Who is winning, US, or us? Is it the game of "I am mighty, I speak of justice and commit injustice. I know you realize that but I don’t care because I know you cannot stop me"? Did the US do a good job without good intensions?

Good, and reasonable questions.

Iraq-war is over now, so is the Afghan war. US won, totally. But did we? The real villain is still safe and sound. And strengthening, laughing in mockery to the "Winners" The mighty war-machine destroyed some terrorists but poorly missed the real target, the root of terrorism. Rather, the winners are cultivating the real villain in Afghanistan today and in Iraq tomorrow. Isn’t it more dangerous if the "miss" is intentional? What a pity! Humankind’s most important cultural war is fought with absolute political incorrectness!

How much it takes for a terrorist act? An airplane can be guaranteed to be hijacked and explode in any building without a single armed passenger. Just send 30 or 50 robust young suicidal passengers in a small airplane, without any arms. Once they stand up together in a flying airplane in the sky, the rest is easy. Also, US does not have gun control. Take a car and fill it up with high explosives and leave it in any downtown with a timer. The rest is easy.

Terrorism, especially theological terrorism, is impossible to uproot by only force. It has to be backed by counter theology. Before the Church was kicked out of parliament, a total social awareness had to take place. There is no reason for Islamic terrorists to be different. War of "Regime Change" is not new either. We know poor fellows called Alende, Lumumba, and Dr. Mosaddek. Who is fooling whom, folks?

Indeed we got some good things out of US-move. (The B-team- the TB of England is excluded). Good things, impossible to achieve otherwise. Humanity now has to fight two less demons. Nightmare of Islami State of Afghanistan is history. The cruel killer-dictator of Iraq is gone. The Islami killers are on the run around the world with jerking knees and broken moral. There was possibly no other way to remove these demons without force because historically dictators/mullas never listen to humanity or logic. They take pleasure and pride in saving scriptural words/sentences in exchange of human lives. After all, mankind never committed cruelty so completely and so cheerfully as he did to please God the Most High, the Most Merciful.

Now what? US probably did not even realize that in no time it is defeated thrice in the cultural front. It failed to establish the war-move as a socio-political one. Political Islam successfully shaped the removal of killer dictators as hits on Islam. Tremendous religious emotion pushed peaceful mass of Muslims into the grip of political Islamists. They manipulated the anger of a billion common Muslims in more religious blindness.

Overall blind enmity of world-Muslims (in general) to the US/West is increasing. Architecture of the "Political Defense" of Bin Ladens is in the making. US-govt is destined not to match it. Constitutional sacred "Citizenship Right" of too many American Muslims will put to work "Slow-N-Steadily" on the chessboard. Cunning directors of CAIR, ICNA, ISNA and MAS are there to direct the spectacular drama. Temporary backlash on Muslims will be over soon. In its eyes the powerful US govt may see millions of mustard-flowers in next years. Some tasty cakes are easy to swallow, but impossible to digest.

US measurably failed to establish secular democratic government in Afghanistan, which has already swallowed by Sharia, the most dangerous book in the world. US is going to face the same cultural defeat in Iraq too. NWFP in Pakistan declared Sharia as the formal Provincial Law last month. Islamic Brotherhood got another excuse to defeat human-brotherhood.

After Us won, can we say that on this planet Islami Police will no more beat Women on roads, non-Muslims will no more be forced to wear yellow-strips on foreheads, the painted windows will not seclude women, raped women will no more be stoned to death, non –Muslims’ and women’s rights will be respected? Can we confidently say that the possibility of gun-dependent Allah’s State is eliminated forever? Are we sure no more twin tower will be blasted with thousands of innocent victims?

No, not yet. There lies the danger, the horn of devil. As long as the concept of Sharia-based global Islami State is alive, those possibilities will continuously haunt humankind like nightmares. That is the real villain, concept of Sharia-based global Islami state, which the self-selected police of the world is yet to identify and eliminate. 


My argument is simple. With its incorrect war moves US must not throw humankind from frying pans of mullas/dictators to the fire of Sharia-based Islamic State/s.

World’s nobeloriates/philosophers/ /intelligentia/artists/writers did not come on the roads to save Saddam. They are people of vision, insight and farsight; they knew very well that physical force is the only way to uproot religious theocracy and dictators. But they also saw the hollowness of US-move and its dangerous aftermath. "War of Freedom" must be highly respectful and magnanimous as ours was in 1971. World’s philosophers/ nobeloriates/ intelligentia/ artists/writers crowded the roads in its support only because our move was credible and humanitarian.

Conclusion: - Moral of Islami-killers is shattered at this moment. Mass-murders as in Twin Tower, Bali etc. may not be occurring as much as it did. But a more horrible possibility is coming up. The systemic and systematic killing machine in the name of religion is growing with its promise of reviving the century-old continuous genocide. This genocide is silent and invisible.

This must be stopped, at any cost. Now if US uproots the concept of theocracy forever from humankind’s mind, which it is in a position to do with help of billions including peaceful Muslims, it will be a great step forward for humanity. If it does not, humankind including the US is destined to pay heavily.

Lastly, until the cultural war is won, military-victory vanishes in air. We have examples in history.

We defeated the Napak-army and goazoms/mottya-rajakars in 1971. We did not have the vision of guarding our cultural front; our military victory is turned into defeat of values by today.

Hz. Ali defeated Mwabi’a in the battle of Siffeen. Later he was "Islamic culturally" defeated by Mwabi’a/Am’r Bin A’as and ruled only a tiny part of Muslim world until he was killed. He never got the Bayat from Mwabi’a/Am’r Bin A’as gong.

The mightier Bangalis of Mohasthan Gorh militarily defeated the mighty Aryans before 3500 years. Later Bengal was culturally defeated by hundreds of unarmed Aryans "Saints" flooding Bengal with their "Sonaton" philosophy.

Thanks for listening.






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