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Does the US want Palestine

to replace Israel?

By Jock L. Falkson

[email protected]

May 10, 2003



Arab nations made war to eliminate Israel 

It is essential to remind ourselves why large numbers of Arabs fled in 1948. The main reason was their leaders urged and ordered them to leave. 

Why? So they wouldn’t be in harm’s way as the Arab armies conquered and exterminated the Jews. Let there be no mistake about extermination: it was the publicly announced and repeatedly broadcast Arab war aim. 

The majority who fled did so to facilitate that Arab war aim. They were, after all, to be the beneficiaries of this objective. They wanted their neighbors, the Jews of Palestine, to be wiped out by all means including mass drowning in the sea. They wanted the free spoils of booty, treasure and property. They wanted their homes, towns, cities and infrastructure. 

Their greed was unconstrained by any quality of mercy. Conversion, which was often an alternative in Islamic history to death for infidels, was not offered.


el Nakbah will be avenged 

How sad for the Arabs in Palestine that the Arab nations who had come to help them execute this genocide were unsuccessful. How bitter, frustrated and tearful the Arabs were at their impotence to exterminate the Jews and to enrich themselves with their loot. 

el Nakbah - the catastrophe - is the term used by the Arabs for having failed to extinguish the Jewish state at birth. Its anniversary is commemorated every year. 

There is something menacing about ‘el Nakbah’. Because it is understood to mean a temporary glitch in achieving the genocidal aims of the Arab nations.


The second Nakbah 

This was the result of the Six Days War (1967) initiated by Egypt’s Nasser, Trans Jordan’s King Hussein, and Syria’s Assad. Contingents from Iraq, Lebanon, Algeria and Kuwait also arrived. Israel was confronted by an Arab force of some 465,000 troops, over 2,880 tanks and 810 aircraft. This huge army suffered a second Nakbah.


The third Nakbah 

The Yom Kippur War in 1973 was launched by Egypt and Syria on Israel’s holiest day when most of the population were at prayer in the synagogues. Caught by surprise Israel suffered considerable casualties but recovered to counter-attack and win this one too. 

Only a UN cease fire call, hurriedly orchestrated by the Russians on behalf of their client states, prevented Israel capturing Egypt’s Third Army, and the fall of Cairo. Yet another Nakbah! 

Israel Defense Forces overcome terrorists 

The Israel Defense Forces has, for the present, overcome Palestinian terrorism with new strategy and tactics. It has done what every political pundit and armchair strategist pompously posited could not be done. 

It has provided a military solution against the Palestinian terrorist war of attrition. Not a total solution to be sure, but effective enough for them to cry uncle (Sam!). This is the reason the Palestinian Authority has suddenly agreed to accept the Road Map. Not as a genuine olive branch, but as a lifeline to alleviate their distress. 

Arabs continue to nurture revenge 

The Arabs commemorate el Nakbah year after year, to keep their hopes and moral high in anticipation of a glorious revenge. Mothers feed this ideal to their children with their milk. The Islamic educational system in the Arab countries methodically teaches Jew hatred and anti-Semitism in its schools and universities. The Mullahs preach it most every Friday in their inciteful kill-the-Jews sermons. The Arab world and its media are fully supportive. 

The express purpose of all this agitation is to keep motivation for Jewish genocide alive and well. So that one fine day, when Allah wills, the Arabs will exact their revenge and wipe Israel off the map. Their atlases already anticipate this. Invariably Israel isn’t shown, only Palestine is.


Israel will not host its willing executioners 

To force Israel to accept the return of our ‘willing executioners’ – the original refugees and their descendants - would be a fatal, undeserved and unforgivable injustice to our people. 

It would be outrageous to give these diehard terminators the freedom of our streets and cities. It would be the height of absurdity to expect Israel to host these millions or even hundreds of thousands of vengeful foes. 

These days the US would not knowingly host even one such Arab prospective immigrant who had spent his entire life imbibing unrestrained hatred and death dealing revenge for Americans! Yet the State Department wants Israel to allow up to 3,000,000 of its enemies to return! 

Road Map points the wrong way 

1.        The returnees would constitute a Trojan horse – a fifth column par excellence in the event of another war or intifada.

2.        The altered demographics would end the disingenuous vision of the Road Map sponsors. Two states living side by side would be revealed as a pipe dream.

3.        The Jewish State would very soon be voted out of existence by its Arab majority.

4.        The illogic of having two states ruled by Palestinians, one called Israel and the other Palestine, would be resolved by having one enlarged state of Palestine.

5.        It’s on the cards that Jordan’s Abdullah would lose his throne and Jordan “anslusched” to a greater Palestine. (After all, over 70% percent of Jordan’s inhabitants are Palestinians.)

6.        The chances of greater Palestine being a democracy are exceedingly slim. Jews would be a defenseless minority at the Arabs’ tender mercies; with all its inherent dangers and consequences. 


Don’t expect Israel to go quietly 

The Arabists in the State Department seem to have outfoxed the conservatives. It would be a mistake to suggest that these intellectuals are stupid. Yet being an intellectual is no insurance against making mistakes. History is littered with the political mistakes of intellectuals. 

Is it unthinkable that the extinction of Israel and genocide of its people is part of the game plan of the Arabists in the State Department? 

Sharon has already suspected this. His prescience is uncanny. He gave notice months ago that Israel is not Czechoslovakia. The unspoken message was that Israel would not go quietly towards that final solution. 

It is surely not too late for the State Department to withdraw this untenable “right of return”. Israel and the US should not have to clash over a matter of life or death for Jews.

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