Leaving Islam



Islam is the Cause . . .

Terrorism the Result

By Jock L. Falkson


One of the problems receiving too little attention is the part played by Islam in sponsoring and indoctrinating an active climate of Arab terrorism in Israel. 

The problem is the Imams and the sermons they preach to congregants who attend Mosques each Friday to learn how to better serve Allah. 

What congregants get is a weekly dose of pure venom against Israelis (and Americans) - the infidels, as Islam defines them. The sermons in our part of the world are rabble-rousing hate speeches of hostility against Israel, Jews, Judaism and Zionism. In other world areas Islam also targets Christians and Christianity. 

Based on verses embedded in the Koran the sermons require, indeed demand, the people of Islam should exterminate all unbelievers. Koranic references and threats to this effect “outweigh concrete instruction by about 20 to 1”, according to David Klinghoffer’s analysis in Jerusalem Post, March 19. (Titled “Read and believe”) 

The main thrust of Islam is to kill unbelievers, pagans and followers of other religions. Klinghoffer refers to Islam’s “fire breathing hostility” . . . “unremitting fury” . . . “pagan thrashing passages”. And provides some specific verses: 

 “Muhammad is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another.” 

“God loves those who fight for His cause . . .” 

“If you do not go to war, He will punish you sternly.” 

“Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you.” 

“Prophet, make war on the unbelievers . . . Hell shall be their home, evil their fate.” 

These ordinances may be hard for Jews and Christians to swallow as their Bibles contain no similar directives. But Muslims attending weekly prayers have come to expect these exhortations to obey Allah’s teaching. Unfortunately for non-Muslims, we must be punished for our unbelief by death at the hands of those “true believers”. 

The modus operandi of killing is the choice of the killers. Here are some of the inventive methods used against Israelis: 

Homicide bombing. Car and truck bombing. Driving vehicles into people. Machine gunning crowds. Drive by shooting. Roadside bombing. Ambushes. Grenade throwing. Invading homes and killing inhabitants. Booby traps. Sniping Knifing. Axing. Stoning. Smashing heads to pulp with large rocks. Lynching. 

And, in the US, the cold blooded massacre by kamikaze hijackers exploding planeloads of people into tall buildings, where thousands can be killed, vaporized, burnt to death, or buried alive. And many thousands injured. (9/11)  

While every adherent of Islam is certainly not a terrorist, every Arab terrorist is a Muslim. Islam is the glue that binds the Arab populations of the Middle East. It explains why no Arab country was prepared to join the American led military coalition against another Muslim country. And why, on the contrary, many individual Arabs are making their way to Iraq to help their brothers fight the Big Satan and his Christian coalition. 

Muslims are also coming from non-Arab countries such Iran as Indonesia. Such is the unifying power of Islam which, week in, week out, brainwashes true Muslims to kill non-believers. 

“We are a believing people, a fighting people,” said Gen. Hazim al-Rawi, the Iraqi Military spokesman earlier this week. “Jihad is a must, a duty ordained by God”. 

The most effective terrorists are those who go to terrorist training schools to be taught how to kill and maim their enemies. Training may take weeks or months, sometimes years. Having become knowledgeable and expert in the techniques of their profession they join a cell in an existing terrorist movement. Islamic Jihad, Hizbollah, Al Asqa Brigade, PLFP, Hamas and others. 

But the decision to become a terrorist stems directly from weekly attendance and absorption of the believer’s message at Mosques throughout the Muslim world. 

Causes vs. Symptoms 

It is essential to recognize that the precepts of Islam precede the transition to terrorism - not the other way round. Thus it is not terrorists who become Muslims, but Muslims who become terrorists. 

Death to the Jews” is what the Imams preach every Friday in Gaza, Judea and Samaria. It is what their motivated macho congregants, undoubtedly swayed by the promise of endless sex with 72 black-eyed virgins (and other heavenly benefits) are honestly led to expect. 

This problem will still confront Israel if the Arabs are awarded yet another state by America and the anti-Semitic Quartet. Certainly a richly undeserved reward for years of unrelenting terror against Israel’s civilians and military. 

For Arab signatures on a so called peace document won’t stop Muslim/Arab hatred and terrorism. The Koran is not concerned for political correctness. Its message is that its teachings cannot be compromised or eliminated, not even if Israel is eliminated. (That will be the day!) 

Will the Imams in Iraq support the coalition’s new regime? 

This will be the problem of the US coalition after it wins the war against Iraq. It will certainly come to an accord with the new regime. But it will not come to any accommodation with the Imams. 

The US needs to understand that the Koran compels them to promote terrorism, whether in Iraq, the US or Europe – wherever Muslims congregate. How will the US deal with this ongoing problem?






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