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Recent serial terrorist attacks in cinema halls in Bangladesh and some after thoughts on Islamic terrorism  

At last one month of hard fasting in the day time (this ritual is very vulnerable because even to see a non-muslim to eat  can cause severe trouble in a muslim majority country), and ear deafening propaganda by all possible means how ramjan (ramadan) brings innumerable keys (swabs) to different gates of heavens (although these are already reserved for the muslim men in particular), was over. I was also relieved (probably many muslims feel the same) after one month of collective punishment of the non-muslims  in the muslim majority countries, e.g. BD (I assume the situation is same elsewhere). Those who are acquinted with this punishment may skip this part, but those aren´t may look at it very carefully and have a silent thought. According to the instructions, the fasting muslims are not allowed to wash their mouth  and not to swallow saliva after dawn during the holy month of ramjan. Very few normal human being can sustain the foul smell emanating from the mouths of millions of pious muslims around, other than vigorously trained dentists in this earth. Then happened the devastation again on December 6, 2002, this time in Mymensingh, Bangladesh (BD). It seems, the West is only interested when the lives of their own citizens are lost (read serial blasts in Bali, Indonesia). They hardly care about what is happening in BD because this went almost unnoticed there, although that may be related against which they are at war elsewhere.  

Additional massive hygenic problem arises when millions of the pious muslims spit (spiting after chewing betel-leaf is also common in BD but not in such a massive scale) on the floor by anybody, anytime and anywhere in the day. In the cities and towns this is not a big problem, because majority of the peoples wear shoes or sandals. In the villages in BD, where common peoples gather for daily or weekly marketing, many of them lack any protection of their feets. The situation is beyond imagination of anybody who is not used to it. This is simply a massive public health and hygenic problem, even if it is mildly expressed.  

To expose  other human beings to this unbearable torture is encouraged by saying that this brings additional rewards (swabs as it is called) to the muslims, particularly if they can intentionally expose the non-muslims to this situation. This can even be seen and be experienced in any muslim dense area  in any city in the West. I am not sure if there is any antidote available against this massive and continuous attack to the non-believers and to many believers as well during ramjan (ramadan) with massive bio-emissions. My pray to muslim intellectuals, is there any way out of this collective punishment, and lower the pressure a little bit to the non-muslims from this massive attack? There are many bizarre rituals practized by non-muslims too, but this is massive and unparallel.  

I came across recently a news on how many women were murdered in Pakistan during 2002, in the name of honour. I think exact number was 461 or close, but that was some days ago. To include whole December,the figure may be more or less about 500. So, 500 women were murdered in Pakistan in 2002 either by their fathers, sons, brothers, husbands or by any close relatives, in the name of honour. This very muslim culture  has been carried by the Arabs to this area,  the total numbers of such killings in muslim countries (including Asia and Africa) are probably in thousands every year. Some days ago three

Kashmiri women were beheaded because they did not wear burqa (veil). How one can explain such collective hatred to mothers by their sons, to sisters by their brothers or to daughters by their fathers and so on? One of the terrorists of 9/11, Mr. Atta even wrote that after his death no woman should touch his body. Strange enough, you will find plenty of muslim women who adore terrorists like Mr. Atta. No other religion in this earth has such derogatory view on women. If this typical islamic view on women depends on the very liberal marriage laws (almost everybody can marry or half marry almost everybody with very few exceptions) and sanctioning of rape to  non-muslim women thus subjecting  the entire women folk to be despised, is a matter of scientific study. In fact, scientific study in this respect may lead even to prevent future possible terrorist attacks by identifying the potential terrorists in advance by decoding the cause of genetic aberrations of these individuals (the root cause ?), subjects for such possible study are plenty around.  

Well, the main issue I wanted to talk about today was what I came across a comment on the 11th of December, 2002,  after that serial bombing in Mymensingh cinema halls in Bangladesh. It was  a minor but significant observatioin by Dr. Ullah under the caption " The Chief of General Staff visits a ‘Brotherly’ Nation!" (NFB, December 11, 2002). As Dr. Ullah commented " The timing is very bad indeed!". It was very sharp observation and I am very sure not too many of our Bngladeshi intellectuals are capable to do so.  

Visits of senior military personnel to brotherly muslims countries should not be seen suspiciously, otherwise why brothers are there ? The brothers are meant to be by each others side in times of need and GLORY. But if the timing was simple a co-incidence or was a well planned and co-ordinated with the serial bombings in Mymensingh, should be  a matter of investigation by those who has the capability to do so. Because this is very important to many peoples around the world who are leading the war against the menace of terrorism all over world.  

I will try to add some more to Dr. Ullah´s observations, which came accross in my chaotic thoughts. Some fragments of those are compiled here in a very hapazard manner, the readers may try to put them in the right context, a popular argument nowadays.  

You see, it took more than 50 years for Pakistan to achieve the glorious position in the world community, that Pakistan is synonymous to terrorism. Everywhere there is a terrorist attack, first thing they do is to look for any Pakistanis around. The Pakistanis did not leave alone even the shoes (many Pakistanis were interrogated in France after the famous shoe bomber was caught). In boats, in ships, everywhere, they look for Pakistanis after a terrorist attack.What an achievement by a country, and how Bangladesh can be away from sharing this joy and glory of an unseparable brotherly country while both of them have a common goal ? But my wild question, did the present Bangladeshi Government (the most democratic country in this earth!) receive mandate to subject its citizens under similar situations to that of the Pakistani citizens? You see, after 9/11, terrorism is no longer internal matter of any country. International communities should interrogate AND INVESTIGATE WHAT THOSE GENTLEMEN MILITARY PERSONNEL from BD were doing in Pakistan with their counterparts in those days. It is noteworthy that both the militaries in Pakistan and in Bangladesh are notorious for their mass killings of their own peoples.  

Some more questions specifically about the military peoples of BD are pertinent; Who are these military peoples? Who created them ? From where they come from ? For what they are created ? Who empowered them to kill or cripple anybody at their will ? Who pay their salary ? Who equip them ? Who empowered them to kill the creator of the nation including almost all his family members, and thousands of their own companions? Who empowered them to raid the research office of the largest political party of the country ? Did they have right to do that ? Whats are their secrecy (the most secretive military apparatus in this earth, they even do not allow the leader of the largest political party and the immediate past Prime minister of the country to pass through a cantonment)? Whose interest are they serving ? Who sanctioned and gave them mandate to collaborate with Pakistan who just three decades ago savaged this country ? Is sovereignty of BD threatened ? Is there any country in this earth interested to capture BD? In case yes, by which country and what might be it´s motive ? Can any country at these days invade and capture another country by violence without intervention of the UN ? Or, is Bangladesh preparing to invade another country ? In case yes, which country is that ? Is it possible theoretically or practically to capture another country by the army of the poorest country in the world ? Can any brutal state force go unpunished for their massive crimes now a days? Which power behind the creation of this so called the most patriotic force in this earth (this is claimed by everybody in BD either in power or in opposition, which automatically forfeit the patriotism of more than 99.99% populations of the country) ? At the same time, instead of upgrading and modernizing because of the growing populations of the country, who demoralized and degraded the status and functionality of the civil security (police force), administrative and judicial apparatus of the country during the last three decades (just judge what they have done recently to one of the most respectable senior citizens of the country, the past chief of BD Air Force)? Has the poorest country of this earth right to deprive its citizens from basic needs, at the same time spending the lion portion of its meagre resources behind a handful of people who has so far only been able to kill or abuse its own peoples? Is it possible to modernize the military apparatus of the poorest country of the world as claimed very often, at the same time keeping the whole country in the dark age? There might be many more questions of this most secretive military apparatus in this earth.  

Some additional points:

1. The co-incidence of the timing of Mymensingh serial bombings and visit of some of BD generals to Pakistan.

2. The pattern of terrorists attacks world over and in the three countries, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan during the last 4-5 years.

3. Almost all terrorists attacks in India were followed in Pakistan by  lower scale  terrorists attacks in the past, THE TREND HAS CHANGED AFTER 9/11.

4. Although quite slowly, but India could find out the identity with proofs of the perpetrators and brought them to justice with very transparent manner for most of the crimes, MANY OF THEM ARE STILL HIDING ELSEWHERE.

5. After every terrorist attacks in Pakistan, the Pakistanis were blaming Indians (as Indians do the same but difference is that the Indians provide evidence) and even announced arrest of many RAW (Indian secret agents) agents,  but never transparently brought the perpatrators to justice (very few recent exceptions where interests of other foreign countries and their citizens were attacked but the terrorists were found to be Pakistanis).

6. Similarly, irrespective of the Governments in power, no perpetrators of the terrorists attacks in Bangladesh during the last several years have  ever been exposed or investigations have ever ended to their logical ends with justice.

 7. Thus, if the terrorist attacks are perpetrated by secret state agencies or by  terrorist outfits in collaboration with state secret agencies, the perpetrators can never be brought to justice nor the investigations can be finished, a generalised conclusion  may be drawn, isn´t it ?.  

A dangerous combination of  human qualities namely, viciousness and destructive intelligence of the militaries of Bangladesh and Pakistan, can cause much more serious harm than the Talibans could do. Because the Talibans lacked the later quality which was complemented by the Pakistanis. The terrorists always are a few steps ahead with their destructive intelligence and that has been proved many times recently.  

The policy adopted by Bangladesh (following Pakistani style), that they are on both sides at the same time, should be scrutinized very carefully by the international communities. They declared that they are with war against terror and at the same time they declared fotwa against Mr. Bush. Bangladesh may not be able to construct an atom bomb or a ballistic missile, but can be easily in this mess of  terrorism a safe haven of the terrorists and possibly hide dirty stuffs on behalf of their mentors, at least the possibilities are there 

This time probably would not be different either to hide as usual, the identity of the real perpetrators who caused the loss of so many innocent lives and destruction in Mymensingh, BD. But worrisome is that a lot of innocent peoples are going to be tortured, even may be crippled or killed in the name of false investigations. As usual, Indian and their Bangladeshi agents (as they popularly call since 1947) will be blamed  in  corus at home and abroad (you may read news that everyday  the so called Indian secret agents RAW are being arrested everywhere in Bangladesh).  

If Bangladesh has nothing to hide then it should open the investigation to International communities and ask their help to find the perpetrators. Otherwise, how loud it might be, the blame game would be difficult to sell to the potential buyers at this time because all the credibilities of BD have already been lost.  

So long folks this time with a silent pray to God or to nature, to protect the innocents from brutalities by the filthy hands of the brutes.  

Abinash Baghchi









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