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Humanity is at crossroads. Either Humanity or the evil of Islam will win the battle. The absurdity and evil of Islam is so clear that I have no doubt that humanity will triumph. More and more people born as Muslims will themselves step out of its oppression and cruelty. 

Still, I am worried. What delusional Muslims are most afraid of is the incontrovertible truth. No matter how well intentioned, people of other religions are not a threat to Islamic bigots. The credibility of these people can be easily questioned. Most Muslims are brought up on a diet of hatred and misinformation against members of other religions. So the easiest way for Muslim bigots is to claim that others don't know Islam, even though they themselves may know far too little of the evil that Islam really is.

So the most lethal weapon on the side of truth and humanity is the credibility that someone like Ali Sina brings. Muslims try their standard trick of questioning his credibility but fail because he knows Islam better than they do.

This credibility is very important. It is our greatest asset. People who are not Muslims must understand that anything at all that undermines the credibility of this site strengthens the forces of darkness that is Islam. I know many non Muslims are very angry with Islam for what it has done to them. They have experienced the evil of Islam in ways that many Muslims have not. They want to play their part in exposing Islam. However, the very fact that they are non Muslims becomes a weapon in the hands of the forces of Islamic darkness. If they make any statement that be wrong, partially wrong, or can be debated, these forces of Islamic darkness will jump on these opportunities to discredit the site of which they are so afraid.

The debate over how many Hindus died in Bangladeshi war of liberation is an unfortunate example of how we may be giving the forces of Islamic darkness an opportunity to perpetrate their evil longer than it has to be.

Bangladeshi war of liberation against the Islamic republic of Pakistan was one of the most heroic sagas of our time in which an oppressed people rose against all odds against a cruel system. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan unleashed a genocide in Bangladesh. Muslims and Hindus were killed only because they were Bangla speakers. An astounding 2-3 million (!) people were killed. To its utter shame, the US government at that time sided with Pakistani butchers.

The martyrs were all Bengalis. It was essentially the greatest linguistic and ethnic cleansing of our time. However, this still leaves out a very important fact - the role of Islam. East Bengal was a majority Muslim province. But people here have never been completely Islamized in the sense of turning into Arab stooges. They are proud of their language. They maintain their dress. Culturally, whether Hindu or Muslim, they are completely Bengalis. Being typical Islamists, West Pakistanis never considered Bengalis to be fully Muslims. Muslim Bengalis were too close to their Hindu brethren for the liking of West Pakistani Muslim bigots. An important part of the genocide was the desire to Islamize Bengalis along the lines of West Pakistan. To turn them from being 'half Muslim' to 'full Muslim.' All Bengalis were despised and hated by West Pakistani Muslims but Hindus Bangladeshis were the most despised and hated.

The War of liberation in Bangladesh was fought by all Bangladeshis. The fighters were majority Muslims. The breakdown in the number of dead in Bangladesh is difficult. Because the majority of Bangladeshis were Muslims, probably more Muslims Bengalis died than their Hindu brothers and sisters. But the Hindus were hunted in particular by Pakistanis, even though being much smaller in number fewer of them may have died. To the shame of all Bengalis, many Islamist Bengalis sided with Pakistani genocidal maniacs. They created terror in Dhaka with the help of Pakistani army. For some information, please go over the unclassified documents from the American National Security Archives.


Now, should Bengalis - Hindus and Muslims - fight over the numbers of Bengalis killed? Obviously, they are brothers and sisters whose common enemy is the Islamic ideology that led to the genocide of all Bengalis, except of the Islamist Bengalis who turned into collaborators. Even then Muslim and Hindu Bengalis should be careful because they can easily end up hurting each other because they don't understand each other. Hindu Bengalis and their children remember 1971 as one of holocaust, which it was for them. In their anger or misinformation, some of them may see themselves as the only or biggest victims. In my observation, most Hindus do not hold this view. Muslim Bengalis may feel that since most Bangladeshis who died were probably Muslims, an exclusive focus on the sufferings of Hindus may take the focus from the lives of Muslim Bangladeshis. To avoid this useless quarrel, every one must remember that this was an ethnic, linguistic genocide which was based ultimately an Islamic religious ideology that only Arabs are the true Muslims and the closer a Muslim is to Arabs, the truer Muslim he or she is. Hindus paid for "corrupting" Bengali Muslims, and Bengali Muslims paid for being 'half Hindu."

I dealt with this problem in depth to show that the 'dispute' between Bengalis of Hindu or Muslim origin is not substantial. They are both victims of Islam. However, a public dispute between them helps nobody but cruel genocidal Islamists who can not change their ways. It does so by reducing the credibility of everyone.

I know non Muslims can often tell us about the evils of Islam better than ex Muslims who may not have been called Kafirs and discriminated against by Muslims. But I request them to realize that their participation may reduce the credibility of the site by raising controversies that are meaningless and unnecessary.

A way must be found so that ex Muslims may focus on exposing Islam for what it is, and non Muslims for sharing how they suffer from Islam. If we can keep these two separate and completely truthful, more and more people will come to see the light and be awakened to the truth of the evil of Islam.

I request all non Muslims and ex Muslims to think about this calmly. We must do everything so that the credibility of this site is never threatened. What are your thoughts?

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