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A Terror Leader is Killed, Muslims Angry

And Democratic World Sorry, For What?

By Yatindra Bhatnagar

An Israeli air strike killed Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the founder of the notorious leaders of the outlawed Middle East terrorist organization, Hamas, March 22, and the reaction from across the world is stunning.

Muslims, Arabs are angered by this man’s killing. Why? Just because he was accused of forming the murderous organization Hamas that is near the top of the list of terrorist organizations maintained by the US . Thousands of Arab Muslims have mourned the killer’s death, supporting the suspicion that those who mourn a terrorist’s death cannot be anything but terrorists, or sympathizers of terrorists. The Arab nations just cannot join the war against terror, they have themselves mourned Yassin’s death and condemned Israel , the country that is a victim of Hamas terrorism and is committed to defend itself.

But the free, democratic world has also taken the path that is not in line with the goal to fight terror, globally. The European Union has condemned the killing, and for his own reasons, a world figure has again shown his bias in favor of Jihadi terror and has blasted Israel for defending itself. The UN Chief has joined in a chorus to condemn Israel .

The Secretary General Kofi Annan has said “the attack on Sheik Yassin is contrary to international law.” Would Annan tell us which international law permits, or covers, suicide bombings, and indiscriminate killings, of innocent Israelis? Is there such an international law that only Kofi Annan knows, practices, and sanctions?

I am also shocked to read that British Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, has called the attack on Yassin “unacceptable.” Are brutal attacks aimed almost daily at, and regular killings of, innocent Israelis, and others in the wide world by Jihadi terror organizations “acceptable” to this Jack? Even the Bush Administration is “deeply troubled” by Yassin’s death. What if the man was Osama bin Laden, or Al Zawahiri, dead because of American strikes? It’s shameful to mourn the death of a terror leader. It’s outrageous to condemn a country that showed the courage to strike, and kill one of the top terror leaders. Israel should be congratulated for striking a bold blow for the war on terror.

I have no sympathy for those Muslims who mourn this terror leader’s death. They keep   confirming my suspicion that Jihadi Muslims have brainwashed, influenced, terrorized and dominated almost the entire Muslim world. It’s difficult to find a real Muslim who openly opposes terror organizations, and condemns terror attacks on innocent Americans, Russians, Israelis, Hindus, Indonesians, Philippinos, and other victims of Jihadi terror.

To come back to Sheik Yassin. What kind of a man he was? He is referred to as the “spiritual” leader of the Hamas. Yassin was never a spiritual man, a man of God preaching good things about a religion. He was a terror leader, committed to destruction of Israel and had formed the terror group to fight and kill, and kill and fight, till every Jew is annihilated. The teens in Arab nations, especially in the parts that are called “ Palestine ,” have been taught by people like Yassin, that all the Jews should be killed and that the state of Israel should be destroyed. Now Hamas has come out with a call to Muslims saying “All the Muslims of the world will be honored to join in the retaliation for this crime.” More terror promised by Hamas. This is the kind of “spiritualism” Yassin is credited for. This is the real legacy of the man.

Yassin is described by mourners as a pious, spiritual, old man in a wheel chair. Actually, as I wrote earlier, Yassin was never a “spiritual” leader in the true sense of the word. No spiritual leader would advocate killing of other people. No spiritual person would organize killing, form a killer organization and vow to destroy a people and a country. He was a “mastermind of evil” and “Godfather of suicide bombers” for the Israelis. To describe him as “spiritual” is an insult to spiritualism, and to humanity at large.

And Yassin was in a wheel chair since the age of 12. But he had no difficulty in raising 11 children, and also forming one of the most notorious terror organizations in the world. His inspiration was the Muslim Brotherhood, another terror organization in Egypt that was banned even by the Cairo government. And he is the man whose followers celebrated the attacks on America on September 11, 2001. How does a man like Yassin invoke a sense of sympathy and respect?

Of course, though deeply troubled, the White House has categorically stated that Hamas was a terrorist outfit and demanded that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat deal firmly with it. But, Arafat has declared a three-day mourning, and called the man a “martyr.” What can the US expect of this Father of Terrorism other than promote more terror attacks?

In any case, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, had earlier claimed that “Sheik Yassin has himself, personally, been involved in terrorist planning.” And the US has also recognized Israel ’s right to defend itself. Small mercy.

Israel has confirmed that it had not informed the US before the attack on Yassin. The decision to kill Yassin was taken by Israel alone, and not coordinated with the Americans, like the Hamas have claimed. Hamas wants to target the US for retaliation.

To me Yassin’s killing is a strong message to all terror leaders, all over the world, that all those responsible for terrorist attacks, anywhere, would meet the same fate. If all the nations threatened by, and victims of, terror take this firm stand, the war on terror would surely be won for the sake of a safe and peaceful world.

And this applies to those nations also that might not see the real intentions of Jihadi terror, being a little beyond their nose. They must realize that Jihadis are sleeping, and multiplying, in their own backyards. This is becoming evident in some of the European countries also, including France and Germany . Spain ’s blasts were just a wake-up call






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