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Is the Quran really the way of life?



Every day in Britain in the Urdu newspapers the Mullahs state that the Quran is a complete code of life. This claim is not only unfounded but also without investigation. Occasionally, through emotions the Mullahs tell their audiences about Islam the things, which in reality do not exist.

A question arises when these Mullahs state that the Quran is the complete code of life, what do they actually mean?

  1. Does the Quran contain the principals of people’s daily life?
  2. Is it possible that mankind can live together in peace, harmony and love with the Quranic principals?
  3. Can a man increase his spiritual satisfaction with Quranic teaching?
  4. Does the Quran lead to complete guidance to humanity?
  5. Is it true that the Quran offers the solutions to the problems of humanity?

Mullahs think that the Quran is final and the complete code of life from Allah.

Another question arises, if the Quran is the complete code of life or complete in any sense then why, do Muslims seek help from the Hadiths? (Traditions)

Hadiths are the words and actions of Mohd (The false prophet of Islam according to the BIBLE (Matthew CH: 24:24 and also logic) and Muslims cannot understand the Quran without the Hadiths!

Nobody can rely on hadiths except Muslims. If a Muslim does not believe in the (Hadiths) tradition of Mohd, he loses half of his deen, (Religion) Is it not highlighting the failure of the Quran itself?

Some of the Hadiths, are stated below:

(1) Mohd married with Ayesha when She was six year old and had sexual intercourse with her when she was 9 year old. (Al-Bukhari,Vol3,p91)

(2) Mohd used to make love with all of his 9 wives in one go. (Al-Bukhari,Vol3,P118)

(3) Mohd possessed sexual strength of 30 men (Al-Bukhari, Vol1, p181) and many similar Hadiths are in their authentic books.

It is sickening to read the Hadiths. Imam Bukhari has provided more sexual details of Mohd in his AL-Bukhari Sharef, than Pindet KOKA RAM in his NOVEL KOKSHASTER. Muslims say that all Al-Bukhari Sharef hadiths are authentic.

Muslims also believe that all the Hadiths are revelations from Allah, (Whhi Khiffee) (Hidden Revelation) (Ref, Mullana Maudoody in his Quranic commentary (Tefheem-ul-Quran Vol5, p194) Mohd had expressed them in his own words.

As a famous Christian scholar once stated about the Quran, In the communities of the world the Muslims are people that have tried hard to understand their holy book, but as much they have tried, the less they have understood, Non-Muslims have tried less but they understand better,

In the Last fourteen centuries, Muslim scholars did not leave any particular formula behind, so they understood the Quran, they still behave like a child at his first day at school.

Another question arises: If mohd received revelations without words from Allah, then how he was able to understand them?

Muslim scholars give a totally different picture of Islam by trying hard to hide those hadiths and verses of the Quran that promote hate and terrorism, and if anyone makes inquiry about those hadiths these scholars try to make them look controversial to keep the illiterate and highly superstitious people in the dark.

For example they believe that after the book of Allah (Quran) Al-Bukhari is the only book on the face of the earth to contain the truth. Ref: Al-Bukhari,Vol,1, forword page. Nobody can reject the Hadiths of Al-Bukhari. If you reject one hadith then the rest of the hadiths become dubious as well. Is there any Muslim who can challenge the Imam Bukhari? If any one is crazy enough to challenge Imam Bukhari, he will lose half the deen because Islam is not complete without Hadiths.

In praising Imam Bukhari it had been said, that he did not record, (write) any hadith without bath or ablution or two rukit nafil. It means all the Imam Bukharis hadiths are authentic. If you study the hadiths you will soon realise that Mohd did not receive any revelation that is the reason he did and said the things against the law of nature and logic.

Mostly the Muslim scholars allege that Non-Muslims use the Quran and Hadiths out of context, OR misinterpret the verses, OR do not understand Arabic.

They believe Arabic is the language of Allah. For example if you criticize that Mohd at the age of 58 years, raped the 17 year old beautiful Jewish women Safiyah after capturing her in a raid and he did the same thing with (20) years old Juwairiya, the Mullahs feeble excuse will be “he did it because it was the commandment of Allah.”

If you ask why did Mohd, sleep with nine year old child Ayesha while he was 53, the answer will be, there is (Hekmiha) WISDOM behind it and that wisdom nobody knows except for Mo.

What a disgusting attitude of the Mullahs?

Where the Muslim scholars feel that, if the Quran and Hadiths were both combined, even then they cannot offer complete code of life, so they invented the consent of community, even these three together could not become the complete code of life. You can see the failure of consent of community if you look at the number of sects in Islam.

At the end when they see that the Quran, the Hadiths, and the consent of community together still cannot solve their problems, they introduce the Analogy (Qyais), outcome of the true meaning of teaching of Islam. How they fail in Analogy you can guess from the Quranic interpretation of Muslim Scholars! Every Muslim Scholar has different opinion and interpretation of the Quranic verses.

A person, who reads the Quran in ordinary manner, knows that the claim that the Quran is the complete code of life is false.

For example it is not mentioned in the Quran how you have to perform the five prayers, even the five prayers are not mentioned in the Quran, Details of the Hajj rituals have also not been given.

Other things have not been mentioned, and are missing in the Quran, for example, how do Muslims lawfully slaughter the animals? They face the Halal meat problems in Europe .

The Quran does not say anything about circumcision, and details of when and where it should take place. Which method should be used is not highlighted either!

Prayer is obligatory, but no details have been given on how you have to perform the prayer. How many prostrates are needed in a prayer. In saying Takbir no commandment is mentioned about holding of ears. If a Muslim has sexual intercourse with an animal, what punishment does he deserve?

Many other things that a man faces in his daily life haven’t been mentioned in the Quran either. If a one wants to become spiritual and find the best principals in the Quran he/she soon realises that the whole Quran is empty from such principals. Many teachings in the Quran, contradict themselves and are incomplete!

The Quran is clearly misguiding people and contains hate and violence and produce terrorists. If any Muslim Scholar OR Mullah claims that the Quran is the complete code of life then they should have an explanation about the problems that exist in the Quran.

The truth is that there is no book on the face of Earth that contains the complete code of life. People’s needs and problems are different in different times. Islamic teachings are not suitable for today.  







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