Leaving Islam



Stop Blaming the Muslims

Dr. Wasima Syed 


Any sane man understands that if he goes in a jungle and if a lion attacks and kills him, the lion cannot really be blamed. It's the victim's stupidity or maybe even foolhardiness. No law of the land will hold the animal guilty. It did what Mother Nature intended it to do.

No law-maker or government debates over the evil or the cruelty of the beast in cold-heartedly butchering a human-being. The relatives of the victim and the media hold the park-keepers or the zoo authorities responsible for the death of the lion's victim. If anyone would hold the lion responsible for the human death, such a person will be called foolish.

When Muslims attack, plunder, behead, rape others all around us, most of us fool ourselves that a few evil and/ or misguided persons operating under the garb of religion are committing these atrocities. We further lull ourselves into inaction by thinking that all religions promote peace and universal brotherhood. Very few of us realize that Islam is an exception to all religions. It's no religion at all, but an extremely dangerous disease that overpowers the thinking capability of its victims. Once fully under the influence of this evil curse, a human ceases to be a human and instead, gets transformed into an evil, blood-thirsty animal.

A man is a man as long as he exercises his grey matter. Muslims exercise their grey matter, undoubtedly, but only to plot the next assassination, the next act of violence. Like a man-eater let loose upon a colony of innocent civilians, they are oblivious to the sheer mindless havoc they are unleashing upon mankind.

We may debate, theorize, hold discussions, placate, appease such animals, but the bitter fact remains that an animal is an animal. Negotiations and reasoning work with humans, not with an animal who has received Allah’s divine sanction to murder and rape. Besides, of course, it is extremely dangerous to be logical with foolish and evil people. A blood-thirsty man-eater can be repelled only by blood. And that's his own blood.

Sina uses an appropriate term to describe the state of mind of a typical Muslim - A zombie, or brain dead person who is still alive. It would be a wishful thinking to we assume a brain-dead zombie would start using his head the way you and I do.

Of course, not all have reached the point of no return. Islam is an evil religion, founded by a man with the blackest heart the world has ever witnessed. People of all communities and societies have their share of evil members. Islam is no exception. However, when a man with in-bred hatred and evil comes in contact with Islam, the evil inside him gets multiplied a hundred times. Such a man becomes Osama, Zarqawi, Khomeini, etc; the modern day mirror-image of the founder of this terror cult. Going by the offhand ratio of 15% of evil members in any society, we have a total of 200 million Muslim 'man-eaters' walking on the face of this earth.

Nazism died with the death of Hitler. Red communism collapsed with the break-up of the Soviet Union. Islam is not going to go so easily. It transcends country borders and individual personalities.

What can be done when a man-eater enters your neighborhood? If your child is killed by a marauding man-eater while strolling in a public park, will you sue the lion or the park-keeper? Islam has struck the most infamous and most publicized terror in its bloody history of 1400 years on the shores of America. Death-count wise, the strike was miniscule, but publicity wise, 9/11 was the most spectacular display of Islamic holiness ever. This could well be a blessing in disguise.

America is known as a land of most lawsuit-happy individuals. People sue for any and whatever reasons. By claiming Islam as a religion of peace and the acts of terrorism as individual cases of delinquency, the Presidency and the State Department is conveniently washing its hands off responsibility. A multi-million dollar opportunity awaits the Erin Brokovitch who wakes up the myopic, incompetent internal security / state department off it's costly slumber. The US govt. has to be sued left, right and center for allowing an evil cult such as Islam to function openly and with full state protection, thereby endangering the lives of all peace-loving and Tax-paying citizens.

The Chief justice presiding over such a case has his job cut out. He only has to read the holy Koran to derive his conclusions.






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