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Jihad Precursor in Paris

By: Vernon Richards

Nov 2, 2005 police described a sixth night of continuing fighting and rioting in the northeastern Clichy-sous-Bois suburb of Paris as "civil war", now branching out to other suburbs. Mainstream media has bent over backwards to prevent notification that the problems spring from the Muslim community, but truth can only be hidden so long. The rioting started after two Muslim young men accidentally electrocuted themselves running from police (after a robbery) by climbing a fence into an electrical substation. Police claim they were not in hot pursuit, but the Muslim communities have convinced themselves that French officials are responsible. As the melee continued, and for whatever reason (and we can be sure there was reason), the rioting led to a tear gas canister being fired into a mosque on the 4th night. Whatever the circumstances, one suspects that praying might not have been the only activity going on in the Mosque that night. Of course, however weak the pretext to riot was before, the Mosque incident now justified any and all forms of violence and destruction.

Youths hurled rocks, Molotov cocktails, and set fire to cars and trash bins in the poor/immigrant (read Muslim) area notorious for violence, injuring several policemen. A carpet factory has been torched, a primary school, along with over 69 vehicles. Several officers have been injured as police struggle to keep the area from becoming yet another European 'no-go' region where law enforcement is abandoned to Muslim gangs. Of course, liberals and Islamic apologists are shrill in their criticism of standard methods of law enforcement, and are demanding instead less 'repression'. Also on their list of demands are more education, housing, jobs, and increased direct support. In true dhimmi style, political leaders are beating a path to the feet of Muslim community leaders to beg for forgiveness and guidance. In case you missed the point, here are the demands of Frances Muslim community to the proud French people:

1.      Should a Muslim decide to take the property of a Franco infidel, no non-Muslim may attempt to pursue or capture the alleged perpetrator, who is engaging in acts deemed halal (permitted) by the prophet Muhammad. (i.e. robbery, pillage, assault, murder, rape of non-believers)

2.      Muslim communities shall have the right to run their own affairs in accordance with Sharia laws and self-anointed thugs, ...er …enforcers.

3.      Law enforcement shall not enter nor impose any restrictions in Muslim areas. Violating this provision will subject the infidel imperial forces to any and all means to expel them.

4.      In accordance to the principals of jizya, law abiding working French citizens and businesses shall provide adequate education, jobs, subsidized housing, and welfare payments which are rightly due to Muslims by infidels from now to eternity.

5.      Civil rights and free speech shall be subservient to Islamic demands for respect and ultra-sensitivity to even the slightest hint of criticism.

Will the French be able to reach deep down and save themselves from their new Muslim masters, or will the white flag be produced yet again, signaling the beginning of the end to personal and religious freedoms, equality of the sexes, self-determination, and eventually, even French whine, …er …wine. French Muslims look forward to the day when French law is aligned with other Islamic nations and all female students are required to wear the hijab (head scarf), instead of the law forbidding it. Right now Islamic passion seems to be trumping the usual French grandiose sense of superiority, though a few well placed terrorist acts could change that equation. French intelligence just disrupted al-Qaeda plans as cell members delayed while they bickered between bringing down the British Embassy, or the Eiffel tower. Still, things could be worse. Young French girls walking to school do not yet have to fear the boogey man leaping out and beheading them as girls in Indonesia do, …for a few years anyway. This latest display of tolerance and peace has been brought to you by devout members of the world’s best religion. No one should gloat over the dilemma faced by the French; their plight today will be ours tomorrow.








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