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The Ever-Changing Islamic God, Allah

By: Vernon Richards, author of: ‘Islam Undressed

      Following the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina, Islamist sites all over the world praised it as a divine act by Allah. In their minds, it became proof manifest that Allah is on their side and wants to help them destroy the infidels. Goggling reveals 126,000 hits on the subject of Allah punishing the US through Katrina. Such logic claiming Allah caused 1000 American causalities is difficult to reconcile with the much larger losses in the Qam, Iran earthquake, the 125,000 causalities (plus 110,000 missing) suffered in the Muslim world by virtue of the Dec tsunami, or the 30,000 or so causalities suffered from the most recent earthquake in Pakistan / Kashmir. Devout Muslims in the past attempt to get around this quandary by claiming the tsunami was aimed at bad Muslims in South Asia involved in homosexuality and fornication, or part of an Indian/Israeli/American conspiracy. I would guess that a high percentage of the dead would take issue with the claims they were bad Muslims.

      It would appear that if Allah punishes through nature, he is currently much more intent on killing Muslims than infidels. When one tries to find goggle hits of articles relating to Allah punishing Muslims by earthquake in Pakistan one finds only about 9,000 hits, and most of those are ‘shoe on the other foot’ pieces mocking the earlier Muslim claims regarding Katrina. Interesting though, there are a few Muslim pundits claiming Allah is punishing the ultra-fundamentalist region because of Pakistani alliances with the US . Islamists can always find a way out of their own arguments, apparently.

      Should we conclude that the people hurt and killed in this latest natural catastrophe are all evil apostates? Or can we infer that Allah has changed his mind (again) and now favors another religion over Islam? If God changed his mind once, then what is to keep the all powerful one from switching his alliances again? According to the Muslim Qur’an, Allah suddenly decided one day while speaking to Muhammad that he only loves people who believe in his designated psychopath, and no longer had any feelings whatsoever for all other creations. He further revealed that the proper path in dealing with unbelievers was through the sword, slavery, and death. Quite a switch, really, from everything he had previously communicated to his designated representatives. So perhaps now He has tired of all the murderers arriving in heaven to claim their mansions, 72 wide-eyed virgins, and dozens of boys like pearls. Perhaps he took a new decision to find a better class of neighbors to rub shoulders with. All those mujahedeen miscreants have undoubtedly proven to be a total bore to socialize with, since all they want to talk about is sex and violence. So Allah might well have changed his mind again deciding to only accept as neighbors men and women who care for and help their fellows.

      Or here is a radical thought, as long as we are drawing reasonable inferences from empirical data, …perhaps God never changed after all! In fact, wasn’t He already supposed to be omnipotent and omniscience prior to Muhammad? And since already fully formed and perfect, isn’t it reasonable to assume such a mature being is not likely to exhibit adolescent tantrums nor wild personality swings? Maybe, …just maybe, this Muhammad guy is a total farce who never had an inkling what God was like, let alone communicated with Him. Maybe God never changed, and all Muhammad’s claims otherwise are self-serving lies designed to assist in his version of Arab Imperialism. Mmmmm… The reasoning here seems sound, and leaves one to feel sorry for Muslims worldwide deceived by such a ridiculous and transparent notion that God switched his personality, likes and dislikes, and his modus operandi in dealing with His creations.

      The rest of the world can breath a sigh of relief, …the Muslim God Allah is not affiliated with the actual Creator, and its only mortal men who want to kill us. Whew …that was a close one!

      For Muslims the problem is much bigger. You see, their usual method of interpreting the data on natural-disasters supports the certainty that Allah has switched sides, which can’t be good news for them. A few more tsunamis and earthquakes, plus perhaps a plague or two, and Allah might just solve the mistake he started with Muhammad. Good luck with that!








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