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Oklahoma Jihad

By: Vernon Richards, author of:  Islam Undressed

      Football fans in Oklahoma dodged a bullet Oct 1 2005, and the sad fact is that most of the lucky are blissfully ignorant of how close they came to being the latest victims of Islam’s world-wide Jihad. In a minor report buried amongst the Supreme Court nominations, main-stream media reported an apparent suicide by a ‘small’ explosive device by a disturbed Oklahoma Student outside a Sooner’s football game. Poor disturbed Joel Henry Hinrichs III, a distraught engineering student from Colorado, had decided that taking the time to build a powerful explosive vest and blowing himself up near a huge public event was preferable to shooting himself in the head all alone in his apartment he shared with two roommates from Pakistan. 87,000 fans only learned about the ‘suicide’ when they were delayed from leaving the stadium for a bit while the site was cleaned up. No one was told that part of the clean-up consisted of rendering harmless an additional large bomb nearby, or that the blast was strong enough to be heard 4 miles away and blow out windows of a building 200 yards away. CNN somehow failed to catch the fact that the boy was a recent Muslim convert sporting the typical beard of the devout. We don’t want to be accused of being insensitive to our peaceful Muslim fellow Americans, so the spin by mainstream media in keeping this huge story off the front page is ongoing.

      A lot of additional information has been coming out of this event which somehow has missed by all but the most conservative news blogs. Apparently the local CBS affiliate in OKC also held a report that Hinrichs has been known to visit the local Islamic center around the corner from his apartment. But that is not national news, so they stuff it in a small byline. Still, information is slowly leaking out. A blogger named PhiKapMom posted:

I was at the game so I might as well post what a girl at my son's fraternity said. She is Iranian (Persian) and she said two dark Middle Eastern types came running into the stadium and separated several minutes after the bomb went off. She said since she was Middle Eastern she felt safe in saying they fit the profile. She made a point of saying they were much darker skinned then the Iranian people and when she heard the bomb blast, she was convinced at the time it was a suicide bomb and these two were part of what was happening.

      The police raided the young mans apartment and found some other interesting facts and items apparently not worthy of reporting, like lots of extremist Jihad material and enough explosives to keep the bomb squad busy for hours removing it. It was also discovered that the boy had two Pakistani roommates, and we all know how moderate Pakistani Muslims are. No word as to whether they were the two reported making their escape after the blast. It also emerged that Dustin Ellison, the general manager of Ellison Feed & Seed on Porter Avenue reported that Joel Henry Hinrichs had previously inquired about purchasing a significant amount of ammonium nitrate, but couldn't offer a reason why he needed it.

      Apparently Hinrichs was an at-risk depressed young man who fell into the clutches of Fanatical Islam. As has been shown in Israel and Iraq , Islamists often manipulate the humiliated, the depressed, and sometimes the intellectually handicapped to carry out their most vile acts of murder by explosion. The boy is dead, but his handlers, either the local Imam/Cleric and/or Muslim roommates, still run free. One wonders why their faces are not broadcast nation-wide to bring them to justice.  The largest attempted attack on a public venue since 9-11 and our media suppresses the facts to insure public support for the War on Terror continues to deteriorate, and to prevent Bush's approval rating from spiking. Spin and misinformation, or no-information, remain effective tools of an extreme Socialist agenda playing a fatal political game with American lives.

      Either Hinrichs had reservations and was killed to cover his co-conspirators escape, or the explosives were mishandled arming them. Either way, hundreds of lives were spared the horror of yet another sanctimonious act demonstrating pure Islam. The secondary bomb was obviously intended to be set-off after homicide weapon had been detonated, and the potential for panic and deaths by stampede are all too real.







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