Leaving Islam



Zarqawi, a true Muslim

by Vernon Richards


     It was reported Sept 14th 2005 that Iraq's al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has now declared war on all Shiite Muslims in Iraq. In a first volley in his new declared front, he dispatched suicide bombers and gunmen to North Baghdad and succeeded in killing over 160 innocent civilians and wounding well over 570. This from a man who is worshiped as a great religious leader, a pious Muslim who understands the nature of Jihad and follows Muhammad literally. Of course, there is no point in offering Iraqi Muslims to convert to Islam to save themselves, Zarqawi simply intends to kill as many Shiites as possible until they are all dead or cowed into repenting and becoming ‘true’ Muslims like himself. 

     One summer at a remote beach on a mountain lake, me and my children completed what turned out to be a great undertaking. In the unusual sand, we built edifices first from compacting towers of moist sand, then dripping wet sand mixtures onto the structures to create multiple high towers unique and surreal in appearance. In the end we had created a complete city, with roads and bridges connecting them. The task took all day, with my wife and 6 children each creating neighborhoods and towers to add to our sand kingdom. Some onlookers admired our efforts and chipped in to help. As the sun set, the shadows cast were as varied and unique as the imaginations which had made them. The whole was greater than the parts, and we stood in awe at what we had created. Several other families had created various structures as well, but ours was by far the favorite, with our method of ‘sand drip’ construction widely copied, a true form of flattery. When night came, we retired to our tents. The next morning, all the children were crushed to find that hooligans had crushed our creations underfoot. Our neighbors creations suffered the same fate. I took the opportunity to emphasize to my children that everyone in life can choose to be a builder, or a destroyer. I pointed out that the satisfaction of building is infinitely superior to the satisfaction the destroyer gains from destruction. It takes zero thought and intelligence to destroy, and so it is much more desirable to run with the creationist crowd than the destruction gang. So we set about creating another city from the ruins of the first, and made it even more spectacular. That night, we guarded our creation, and the next day finally left the beach with our sand cities intact.

     Each of us chooses to either be a builder & defender, …or an attacker & destroyer. The rewards of each activity are inherent. Creators are more enlightened, happy, and satisfied reflecting on their contributions. Attackers and destroyers, on the other hand, must live with memories of replacing order & beauty, with chaos & ugliness. Sometimes remorse can make a builder from a destroyer, but often the sadistic pleasure some gain in the act of wanton destruction is too addictive to overcome. The creator of heaven and earth, is undoubtedly a ‘creationist’. His adversary, called Satan, is by definition a ‘destroyer’. By definition then, destruction is the realm of Satan, whereas all creation is within the realm of God.

     Zarqawi is a sadistic destroyer, who has never created anything except death and sorrow. His followers are similarly disposed, anxious for the opportunity to slice the throat of a Westerner, …or now, Shiite Muslim. Numerous video productions of attacks and murders show the elation of his attackers in the act of causing pain and death to numerous victims. “Allah Akbar” they shout in giddy ecstasy, in what passes for a spiritual experience for these agents of pure hate and destruction. It takes little intelligence, and no imagination, to build and explode a bomb to kill men, women, and children. Those expecting a reward from our ‘creationist’ god for such acts of wanton ‘destruction’ are certainly deluded, and undeniably mistaken to expect reward instead of the full measure of justice which is what stands ready to greet them in the next life. Instead of Houris, the piercing eyes of angry angels greet them to immediately introduce them to the beginnings of torment. Mere words cannot possibly begin to describe the depths of sorrows and unquenchable anguish awaiting men who with pleasure kill and maim in the name of God.

     Zarqawi probably had narcissistic tendencies since childhood, but the example of a certain revered man heavily influenced his thoughts and actions, amplifying personality disorders and creating the monster we know today. He and other vile terrorists follow the example of another individual of equal sadism and destruction, Muhammad. 






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