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Islamic Hypocrisies


By: Vernon Richards, author of  Islam Undressed

            America is hated in large parts of the Middle East and Asia, but the more educated and affluent Muslims usually wear Levi jeans while shouting 'death to America '. When the cameras are gone and the frenzy is over, they can often be found cueing up at Western embassies, hoping for a visa to immigrate in search of a ‘better life’. This hate/love relationship many Muslims have with western democracy, freedoms, culture, and technology is despised by their more aged Imams, who then respond by ratcheting-up the hate America sermons. They paint illusions of Western conspiracies into young minds in the region, desperately trying to hold back the forces of enlightenment and change.

            Muslim spokespersons claim moral purity in their fight against ‘decadent’ Westerners. Indeed, if a Muslim is told an infidel slept with a nine years old girl, they would condemn him for being a pedophile. But mention the Prophet Mohammed slept with a girl of the same age, and watch him overact with all kinds of rationalizations such as 'girls in those days matured fast' or 'it was normal and acceptable in that culture', etc. Apparently it was also normal in those days to rape a widow the same night you slaughtered her beloved husband in an unprovoked raid. To normal thinking feeling human beings, the phrase ‘most merciful’ would not seem to apply to either of these divinely sanctioned acts by Muhammad, yet somehow that contradiction is lost to Muslims.

            We hear Muslims believe the Black Stone circled in Mecca is conscious and will testify for and against them on Judgment Day (though they will deny it, the stone and ritual is based on a pagan deity). Meanwhile Muslims all over the world gleefully bring down ‘un-Islamic’ idols, statues, and figures representing deities in other religions. The physical manifestation of Allah, in the form of a conscience stone, is an important core of Muslims’ connection with deity. A pillar of Islam states that every individual must make a pilgrimage to the stone and pay homage. Having done so, a good Muslims can then return to his/her home and with greater piety plot violence against pagan idol worshipers of all sorts.

            The world continues to find disappointment as it waits for the majority of ‘moderate’ Muslims to bring the extremists into line. The problem is that even moderate Muslims have enormous capacity to absorb great hypocrisies. Remaining completely unfazed, they continue to call monsters who target innocent women and children in Israel ‘mujahedeen’ (holy warriors). But then, even the term “holy war” (Jihad) is an oxymoron. There is nothing ‘holy’ about War, even when necessary to preserve a society, and there is certainly nothing warlike in any pure religion based on a kind benevolent God. The last 1400 years of history warn us that the typical Muslim variant of War usually involves targeting innocents, raping, and pillaging. Thinking, feeling human beings consider such acts much less than ‘Holy’, despite the usual chants of “Allah Akbar” by vile marauders. Muslims, however, seem largely oblivious to the self-evident truth that the greatest blasphemers in any religion are those who kill in God’s name. Numerous videos exist showing chanting Islamists sawing off the head of some poor victim. Such videos are in high demand in Islamic lands, in what can only be described as some form of sick Islamic rapture. What are in reality the worst examples of hypocrisy and human depravity, is to many Muslims wonderful examples of pure spirituality. If a spirit is involved with such human depravity, it can only be an evil spirit, and could not be a spirit based on kindness, love, mercy, and forgiveness. Those who take pleasure from someone else’s pain are correctly called Sadists, and are mentally and emotionally maladjusted (ill).

Acts by sadistic terrorists produce by design extreme human suffering and pain to innocent and unsuspecting victims. Instead of an act of wanton brutality and murder producing shame for the family of the perpetrator, it is common for a festive ceremony known as "the wedding of the martyr" ('irs al-shahid) to be held in honor of the murderer. The celebration is held to symbolize the murders wedding in paradise with 72 virgins. At these events, the family receives guests who offer more congratulations than condolences for their son's martyrdom. So the same culture that requires a son to brutally murder a daughter to 'preserve family honor', also celebrates wholesale murder of innocents, both acts defended as the requirements of family/religious ‘honor’. It’s a strange thing, this Islamic concept of honor. As George Orwell said; "There are spectacles before which even satire herself stands mute." Duplicity is the ability to articulate and adhere to two completely opposing moral standards at the same time, and is a sign of both intellectual immaturity and moral bankruptcy. Sadly, even reading these words, most Muslims will see no contradiction whatsoever, the natural result of a lifetime of conformity to Islam and shunning critical thought.


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