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Despite these clear pronouncements of the official policies of Iran , much of the democratic world continues to treat these comments as just another political exercise, much like an American campaign promise.  A member state of the United Nations has directly threatened two member states, as well as those who do not share a specific religion.  Yet Iran remains a full member, with all rights and privileges intact.  Iran is continuing its development of nuclear weapons, yet many of the western governments continue to use offers of aid and trade to get a voluntary discontinuance of their arms programs.  Does the word appeasement ring any bells?   Iran continues to subsidize any number of murderers and terrorist organizations, yet most countries continue to maintain diplomatic relations with this government.  Iran is a major provider of supplies and personnel to the ‘Insurgency’ in Iraq , yet no condemnation of this support has been heard.  Iran has stated its intention to continue the Islamic war against European civilization, yet the only thing the European capitals seem able to do is issue statements saying Ahmadinejad’s comments are “unacceptable”.  

I think that the United States , Europe , and the United Nations need to get a healthy dose of reality, and respond to the Iranian government in terms it will understand.  There may still be time to avoid a military confrontation, but that time is fast disappearing.  The recall of Iranian diplomats from more than 40 posts so that any moderates can be purged is but the next step in the implementation of the policies so clearly enunciated.  The replacement of suspected moderates by hard line Islamists will signal an escalation of demands and terrorist activities by a government committed to creating chaos.  I would suggest that the following be implemented without delay.  

Iran should be expelled from the United Nations.  They have clearly violated the very basic membership requirements as listed in the UN charter.  

Diplomatic relations with Iran by all European nations should be terminated.  Iran has already stated that it is at war with Europe , and has been for centuries.  

All economic and trade relations with Iran must be severed, and a total embargo on all incoming and outgoing goods should be enforced. No nation should continue ‘business as usual’ with a country with whom they are at war.  

As with any infectious disease, the political manifesto expounded by Iran ’s leadership must be isolated.  While this will undoubtedly create hardships on the citizenry of Iran , a quarantine of this regime is necessary to protect the world from an ideology gone mad.  If effective, these actions may result in the people of Iran taking back control of their destiny, rather than allowing fanatics to dictate their future.  However, with the political will of Europe in doubt, and a mainstream media ruled by political correctness and blinded by an agenda of ‘understanding and tolerance’, I frankly doubt that any of these actions will be taken.  It will be up to the mullahs of Iran , and their presidential front man, to decide the fate of Israel and Europe , with a potential death toll not seen since 1945.  

The world did not believe Adolph Hitler when he said what he would do when he achieved power in Germany .  And the world appears to not believe Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when he states what his intentions are.  Is 2006 going to be our 1939, or have we learned that the arrogance of power will cause extremists such as Ahmadinejad to tell us in advance exactly what they have planned?  Will we listen? 


Tom Glennon is a retired Manager with an international bank.  A Chicago native, he retired at the location of his last assignment, in the Des Moines , Iowa area.  

He is an award winning speaker for the Volunteer Oil Industry Communications Effort, an industry advocacy group, and writes essays and opinion pieces for a variety of on-line and print publications.  

Tom has served on his County Republican Committee, as well as having served as the County Campaign Chair for Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa).  His volunteer work has covered a variety of community based efforts, including youth athletic organizations, Junior Achievement, Youth at Risk, and the Boy Scouts.  

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