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Shilling For The Mullahs

New York Post
Kenneth R. Timmerman

Left-wing billionaire and Bush-hater George Soros was not content to spend millions to thwart a Bush victory in last November's presidential election. Now his Open Society Institute in New York is joining forces with pro-Tehran lobbying group to promote the interests and the viewpoint of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In tandem with the American-Iranian Council, an industry-supported group that favors opening trade and diplomatic ties with Iran, the Open Society Institute will host Iran's ambassador to the United Nations on Thursday at the Open Society Institute's offices in New York.

The talk by Ambassador Javad Zarif is benignly titled, "The View from Tehran," and can be expected to present the regime's outlook on Iran, Iraq and the War on Terror.

But don't expect a spewing of raw anti-American hate. A propaganda blast e-mailed to me recently from an insider in Tehran shows that Tehran's clerics have understood how to wage the air wars in the best Himmlerian tradition arguably, better than Soros himself.

On Jan. 3, Iranian government spokesman Abdollah Ramenzanzadeh told reporters that Tehran had "not yet decided on a third party" to mediate "negotiations" with the United States. In itself, that was an interesting statement. There are no ongoing negotiations between the United States and Iran. However, whenever the regime has felt under pressure from a vigorous U.S. policy, it has dangled the prospect of such negotiations in an attempt to discredit and to weaken the American side.

The analysis being circulated by the Iranian foreign ministry goes on to suggest that Secretary of State Colin Powell has determined that "a future Iraqi government dominated by the Shi'a and influenced by Iran will not be a threat to the United States or its interests," and that "Washington and Tehran have reached an understanding on how Iraq needs to be stabilized."

Without any basis in fact, the analysis further states that the United States has concluded that "at its current state of development, the clerical regime's nuclear program does not constitute an immediate threat, and it can always contain Iran through the European Union."

While anyone who has finished their morning coffee would dismiss such statements as wishful-thinking, they represent the policy line preferred by Tehran clerics. And they believe that a sleepy press, coupled to willing allies such as Soros, will help them to pull the wool over the public's eyes.

What Tehran wants is abundantly clear. Iran's ruling clerics want to continue mucking around in Iraq and to complete their nuclear weapons development, without the United States intervening.

Ambassador Zarif can be expected to ooze conciliation mixed with threats, should the Crawford cowboy in the White House decide to jump the gun on Iran's ongoing nuclear-weapons development. He will also comfort the traditional wisdom that the United States needs Iran's help to "balance Sunni Arabs and keep the Middle East focused on regional squabbles in order to prevent them from unifying against the United States," as the foreign-ministry analysis so deftly puts it.

By sponsoring the Iranian ambassador and a lobbying group that has never hesitated to take issue with U.S. sanctions and U.S. pressure on the regime in Tehran, Soros is once again showing his true colors. He is anti-American, anti-freedom and pro-tyranny, for America and for America's friends overseas.

Soros spent millions of dollars to bring about campaign-finance "reform" in the United States. The reforms Soros championed reduced the powers of political parties, while opening a Pandora's box of unregulated political contributions to so-called 527 organizations funded by red millionaires, Hollywood moguls and special interests.

The top 10 527 groups spent $374 million during the 2004 election cycle, according to public records. Eight of the top 10 groups raised money to support Democratic Party candidates, according to non-partisan Internet watchdog opensecrets.org.

Soros contributed $7.5 million to the top fund-raising committee, America Coming Together, a far-left group that is gearing up to oppose the president's Cabinet and Supreme Court nominees. He kicked in an additional $12 million to the Joint Victory Campaign 2004, the second-ranking 527 in terms of expenditures.

Soros sent another $1.15 million to Main Street Individual Fund, the Real Economy Group, Democrats 2000, Win Back Respect and Young Democrats of America, while son Jonathan Soros gave $338,000 to a variety of 527s all working to defeat President Bush.

Soros' prescription for America's future was bad for America. His prescription for the future of America's relations with Iran is bad for the world. Strengthening Tehran's mullahs means a nuclear-armed Iran.


Hello Everyone,
I'd like to ask you to please take a moment and e-mail The Open Society and George Soros, who is now backing events, promoting agents of the Theocrats who have hijacked the innocent people of Iran.  Plutocrats like George Soros masquerading as humanitarians,  are once again looking to profit off the blood, sweat and tears of the exploited. Please write and tell them that the exhausted people of Iran will not stand for this. http://www.soros.org/contact
Thank you.






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