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An American Response to Islamic Terrorism


The American writer and Journalist Terrence Robertson responds to the article Islam's Warriors Looking For Saladin  By Ohmyrus  He expresses in words the concern that is felt by most Americans. 


By Terrence Robertson

 Ali, you are not far wrong to describe me as a Roman.  I most definitely hold a point of view from the first world and have no qualms with forcing into submission any state that should make the incredibly bad judgement of attacking us.  So if Islam is submission, then we can teach Muslims Islam.  I grew up in a time wherein I had the honor of being a "cold warrior," and know well the capabilities that this country has to wage war.  So I have grown in wisdom to learn that war should be avoided because of the costs of war.  However I am not in the least bit averse to responding to war with war.  This is also why I hold the view that; "the world was not attacked by terrorists on 9/11, we were!  And we should act as we see fit, and damn the views of any other state.  If we make enemies, so be it, you cannot please everyone.  We would not be at war if we were not attacked.  As we are the lone remaining superpower, why should we seek to please anyone?  Just as Rome left a legacy of a lasting peace enforced by military might up to the time of their demise from internal corruption, so should we.  If nations feel "put-upon" by the United States enforcing its will and their own well-being, tough, that's just too bad!  If those nations would straighten out their acts, then we wouldn't be there.  So if bin Laden wants Holy War, we will teach him what Holy War means." 

It is only fair that Islam should be warned about its follies.  There is a "line-in-the-sand" that is crossed when a state uses weapons of mass destruction upon another state.  Currently the United States and the west, observe a code of conduct in the selection of weapons that it uses within their arsenals to wage war.  If any state crosses that line and uses a weapon of mass destruction, then that code no longer exists.  The United States currently has a multitude of nuclear tipped missile carrying submarines within easy range of every Muslim state in the world.  They are not currently targeted at any site.  Further, there are enough nuclear tipped missiles on those submarines to eradicate all life within these states.  In 1987, I had a nightmare in which I saw three mushroom clouds rising over my hometown (one over each airport).  I share my hometown with George Bush, the elder.  We all know how Saddam is prone to practicing vendettas, even if in the long term they would be suicidal to his country.   Just so that you may know, this nightmare had the same traits as two earlier premonitions that did come true.  It is also only a matter of time before a radical Muslim gets their hands on a nuke.  Rest assured, that should that nuke be used against us, that will unleash our nuclear arsenal against the nation hosting the terrorist, and in all likelihood, against Pakistan's nuclear warheads.

Do I need to remind anyone that under the doctrine of MAD, or Mutually Assured Destruction, the United States held both the U.S.S.R. and China at bay for over 50 years, because both the U.S.S.R. and China witnessed  that we ended the Second World War by using these weapons against Japan.  Or further, that should the Second World War have continued in Europe after the development of the atom bomb, we would have used them there also.  Americans are not squeamish about using them!

This is this message that needs to go to all of Islam.  The age of Saladin is ancient history and has passed away.  To date, we have not waged any unjust war against any state.  It is not in our nature to do so.  However should another 9/11 occur, I cannot promise that we will not eradicate Islam from the face of the Earth.  As an instigator of this hatred, Arabia especially places itself in the forefront of such hostilities through guilt by association.  Archeologists in the future may find that not one stone will rest atop another in Arabia.  To this day in Hiroshima, there are on walls a display of shadows of a citizenry caught in our wrath as they were vaporized.  While there is much that the various cultures in the middle east and Asia can offer to the world,  they won't be able to if instigators within these cultures force us to decimate that culture.  Learn from the lesson of the Spanish-American war.  Americans won this war because we fought a just war.  It wasn't until later that we learned that the U.S.S. Maine exploded not because of mines, but rather because of a boiler leak setting off the magazine.  Accidents happen.  Under current tensions, such an accident could render Islam extinct.  In the Christian' Bible's Book of Revelations, there are four horsemen of the apocalypse (the end of time).   All four currently reside in American barracks and stables!

So you see Ali, terrorists have grabbed a hold of the "tail-of-the-tiger."  Admiral Yamamoto, after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor warned that he feared that "Japan has awaken the sleeping giant."  Terrorists are attempting to launch a civilizational war.  The reason that terrorists are launching this war at this time is that a door has been opened to Muslim countries through our troops so that Muslims can see a different and successful civilization.  Muslims are seeing something inconsistent with what their imams are telling them.  When such doors open, a natural melding of cultures occur.  The imams (in bed with leaders of state) know this, and also recognize that because of this opening, their days are numbered.  The lies and inconsistencies of islam cannot withstand the "light of day" that comes from critical inquiry and dissent.   Therefore the only way that imams can close this door, and thus regain their authority is through a civilizational war.  However terrorists cannot win this civilizational war.  A civilizational war will mean the decimation of a culture (remember who holds the four horsemen of the apocalypse).  This is the real world that terrorists need to understand.  The imams only desire this civilizational war in order so that the imam can retain authority.  Here is wisdom; the more that an imam protests against the west, the more we have undercut his authority.  This is a war of ideas, and it is the man-in-the-street in Jeddah, Meccah, Riyat and elsewhere that this word needs to go to.  I remain

Sincerely yours,

Terrence Robertson





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