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Three Types of Muslims

By Syed Ebrahim

Since Islam was founded 1400 years ago, there are only 3 groups that muslims belong to: (i) silent muslim, (ii) stupid muslim and (iii) good muslim. Let me explain.

The silent muslims are those who are enlightened and are quite knowledgeable about the horrors, stupidities, errors, superstitions, inequalities, treatment of women, etc. written in the Koran and Hadiths. They have dared to educate themselves and seen the Book for what's worth. They are also keenly aware that three biggest crimes one can commit in Islam even in the 21st century are blasphemy, apostasy, and heresy.

The more they know about the true colors of Islam the more they become silent, quiet, subdue, less argumentative, and are afraid to speak out the evils of Islam even when it is before their eyes. He may be the uncle who refuses to interfere when his 16 years old niece is given away to a 60 years old horny Arab from Kuwait to be his 4th wife or he may be a father of a 17 years old son who just picks up their TV set from family room and throws it down into a trash can after coming home from a school of indoctrination ranting and raving that it was unislamic. Over the years, his character becomes a total 'hypocrite' trying to appease those around him while finding himself aloof and nonchalant about the situations emanating from idiocies of his faith. He would find himself more and more unfit in his surroundings but continues to live in constant fear of being ostracized or banished. They are everywhere both in Islamic and Western nations. And they are highly informed and are armed with an ability to 'think', 'question' and 'reason'. You may find them among the authors, college professors, doctors, teachers, and some members of Al Saud family in Saudi Arabia who are happy as free birds when abroad drinking and womanizing. Please note that I do not mean most 'silent Muslims' are utter hypocrites as the Saudi princes. But many do suffer from SS (silent syndrome) and end up migrating to the Western World.

Now let us go to the second group or 'stupid Muslims'. Undoubtedly they make up the largest percentage of the Muslim population today. While they have the luxury (or misery) of being born into Islamic faith, they refuse to wean themselves from the Mother Faith regardless of the overwhelming evidences depicting the horrors, injustices, and inequalities committed in the name of religion. They are least informed and most ignorant of Islam. However, they would stand firm in defense of their faith at any cost. They are also very prone to 'conspiracy theory'. For instance, after 9/11 attack when almost 'insult-to-intelligent' rumors floated around that 4000 Jews were forewarned and did not come to work at the World Trade Ctr. that morning, this group believed it. When Imams issued a fatwa last year telling the poor African Muslims not to go for medical treatment from Western doctors after they were infected with polio citing that 'Jews' were behind it, they believed it. If one tells them that Billy Graham slept with a nine years old girl, they would believe and condemn him for being a pedophile with a finger pointing at the Christendom. And next minute if one tells the same person about the Prophet Mohammed sleeping with a girl of same age, this person would defend PM with all kinds of cockamamie stories such as 'girls in those time matured fast' or 'she was all (physically) grown up', etc. As 'ignorance is bliss', they fall into 'I see no evil, I hear no evil' category. They would party. They would drink. They would swear. They would wear Levi jeans while shouting 'death to America '. They would fast. They would pray (most on Friday) They would say things like, "Jihad is only a personal struggle". They would wear hijab to make a statement. They would line up at the Western embassies for a visa to immigrate in search of a better life there.  Most significantly, they are intoxicated with feelings of euphoria associated with Islam while at the same time frustrated with their 'left behind' economic status in the World. They wrap themselves in a pack of lies so much for so long they often lose sight of the reality. But this 'stupid group' can be helped under the right circumstances. I believe 'mutants' like Mohamed Atta, Shoe Bomber, Zakawari all once belonged to this group before graduating to a class of evil. On the other hand, people like your neighbors, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, cousins, friends, old and young all belong to this group. They can be 'yanked out' of this cult over the years through education and information, I believe. And thanks largely to internet which enables us to connect with Abdul of Abudabi to Haneef of Hanoi in a matter of second without a disclosure of facial identity. As a result, FFI would be one of many key sources to educate and inform the stupid group of the 'truth' while keeping millions of 'good Muslims' awake and worried for exposing their Islamic lies. In summary, the best way to describe that group is that they are stuck between the Mecca Islam (good) and Medina Islam (evil) with a tendency to lean toward Mecca Islam more while rejecting the Medina Islam when it suits them.

Now the last but not least is the 3rd group or 'good Muslims'. Be afraid. Be very afraid of them. Good Muslims are those who follow the teachings and traditions of the Prophet Mohammed. A couple of quotes that best describe this group are, “men never do evil more cheerfully and completely as they would do from a religious conviction" or “religion is the opium of the mass". In 1997, some innocent tourists including children were at the site of Luxor , Egypt viewing the ruins on a nice sunny day. Next moment a dozen of Islamic fanatics showed up at the scene, cold-bloodedly machine-gunned all 57 tourists while shouting, 'Allahu-Akbar'. According to one eye-witness, two kids were holding down to their mothers' skirts when brutally torn into pieces with bullets. After the killing, the Islamists boarded a bus and prayed at a nearby mosque. The Allah whom they pray makes Al Capone look like Mother Teresa, indeed. Many of these good Muslims have managed to move into your neighborhoods from Amsterdam to Chicago from Karachi to Cape Town . They move around conspicuously often with a smile and cheap cologne, greeting 'salam-malay-kum' to both fellow Muslims and kafirs. Though they know they feel like a fish out of pond in this Najis society, they know it's just temporary. Their true mission is, 'my land is my land; and your land is my land'. While IBM and Microsoft are busy trying to come up the thing for the future, they are preoccupied with the thing of the past. They know they are trapped in the past and feel duty bound to bring everyone 'Back to the Past' more precisely the 7th century period. They live and eat by the Book of 7th century and there is not a damn thing we can do about it. Like a giant mental sucking machine, they pray to prey on the 'weak', 'confused', 'troubled', 'pariah' as well as on other brain-deads such as doctors, engineers, computer nuts, lab technicians and more. They have their work cut out for them with the 'brain-deads' since the day 'Azan' was sung into their ears in infancy, and on with the systematic indoctrination of lies, deceptions, and fear.

Last week when Tsunami took the life of a Sweddish boy's mother, he was consoled by his relatives telling the boy that his mommy went to Heaven to be with the angels, we freethinkers understood that it was a 'candy-to-child' approach that works with a 6-years-old. Unfortunately, the good Muslims (adults included) take the 'Heaven concept' so literally that they appear to be rushing to the next world while transiting here at this planet. Evidently, they all look like they are just 'existing' rather than 'living' in this world in contrast to other people. The good Muslims have no qualm about killing other human beings with ferocity and barbarity. Take a look at the beheadings committed by them. The worst form of killing. Even the brutal Japanese forces used a sword for a clean cut during WWII. Those savages, under the banner of Al-Sunna (traditions of Mohammed) used a knife to slaughter. The World would not care if the good Muslims are like all believers loving their gods and goddesses, be it moon, sky or trees. But the history shows that their belief in Allah have turned them mad. The other day while riding a subway train, I overheard two black men. Their conversation goes like," man, I don't give a crap what they (Muslims) worship...."they can sit around all day worshipping a rock or shit"....."as long as they don't pick up this rock and throw at me....".
I am certain that is how all kafirs feel about any faith, i.e. 'just don't hurt me to appease the Lord' sentiment. Unfortunately, the rock is coming at our way unless we learn to duck.....before it's too late.  

Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it.









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