Leaving Islam



Welcome to Eurabia!

By Stefania Atzori

When freedom of thought becomes an exception that confirms the rule, it means that a civilization is going back to the darkest era of human history, rather than evolving in direction of individual freedom and Human Rights. This is exactly what is happening to Europe , thanks to Islam. It’s not a secret anymore; we are serving on a silver platter our countries to Muslims. They are flocking to Europe in droves and with arrogantly intend to change our lives, our laws and our values. Civility presupposes obedience to the laws of the country that host you; but it seems that Muslims, not only cannot respect any law other than Sharia, they also want demand that we live by their archaic laws. Our countries are being shaped to meet their needs. Because we are polite, we ratified The Declaration of Human Rights. We try to be understanding. Overall, we are reckless. With defiant disregard for consequences, our governments are subjugated by their demands, even though it means to penalize the natives.

Not long ago, we enjoyed the freedom of thought and could expose our politicians, the Vatican and any religion without fear or intimidations. Then, Theo Van Gogh was murdered for “hurting Muslims feelings” and now Oriana Fallaci is sued by the head of the Muslim Union of Italy and the Italian IADL, because her book, The Force of Reason, is considered “defamatory to Muslims”.

Suddenly, criticizing or exposing Islam has become illegal and dangerous. Magdi Allam, an Italian journalist, writer and a great man of Egyptian origin, is living under protection for death threats received from Muslims. The same goes for a politician of the Lega Nord party, because he has criticized Islam in several radios. In this atmosphere, a few weeks ago, some Muslims founded a so called IADL [Italian Anti-defamation league]. Their job is, as they have stated in their mission statement, “to respond to the slandering of Islam and the Muslims community, by those who spread hatred and racism”. They monitor blogs and web sites searching for what they call “racist, calumnious or anti-Islamic remarks”.

A Muslim reported my site to this Islamic Gestapo and they wrote ordering me to shut down my site and threatened that should I not obey, they would ask my Internet host to close my blog. They also ordered me that I should put a logo on my site saying: “This blog promotes racial hate.”

A similar request was forwarded by some Muslims in France when they asked the judge to write on Oriana Fallaci’s book: “Warning! This book might be dangerous to your mental health!”

Should I not comply with their demands, they warned me, they would file a lawsuit against me and drag me to court for “slandering” Islam as they did with Oriana Fallaci.

Today, in Italy, my own homeland, I cannot express my opinion about an obscurantist, intolerant hate filled cult, because some bigots Muslims has decided to shut me up in every possible way. Since Muslims can’t tolerate criticism of their faith, anything we say about Islam will be labeled as “racist”. They call us Islamophoebe, racist while they portray themselves as victims of a modern Holocaust. We are bullied, threatened, spied, and forced to shut up. If this is not Fascism, in what ways it differs? While they call us infidel, immoral and filthy, they cry to be victims as soon as we say this belief is wrong. Their cult orders them to kill the kuffar, to make jihad against non Muslims, to murder the apostates, and still they have the chutzpa to portray themselves as the victims.

Muslims are taking over our countries. They are destroying our values, our laws and our culture. They are encroaching on our rights with the consent of our politicians, in the name of the so called multiculturalism and cultural relativism. While this is going on, communists march on the streets destroying shops and chanting anti-American slogans; Giuliana Sgrena, the Italian communist journalist, calls Islamic terrorism “resistance”; Leftist parties condone Palestinian suicide bombers; and anti-Semitism is rampant among Muslims. Well, welcome to Eurabia!






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