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Moderanization: A western Dream and Ummah's Nightmare  

By Stefania Atzori

Talking about the “moderate Islam”, Fiamma Nirenstein, [an Italian journalist who writes from Israel for the daily La Stampa] claims that in some Islamic societies moderation is in fact a reality; or at least, we can start to see a significant number of “moderate Muslims and moderate Islamic communities”. To back up her claim she quotes a Dubai television program on polygamy that is hosted by a woman. This, and some other isolated episodes give the illusion of the existence of a moderate Islam, compatible with our society and our secular thought and democracy.  There is a common misconception among those who don’t know Islam that Islam can be reformed and that a “moderate Islam” can be achieved. The reality is, however different. Moderate Islam is a myth and a nothing but a western illusion.  

 Moderate Muslims do not exist. Such an idea presupposes rejection of some or all Islamic tenets. Anyone who rejects, or wishes to reform even one single teaching of the Quran is considered to be a renegade and an apostate.  

Islam is not a religion with spiritual or ethical precepts. It is rather a political system that aims to conquer the world. It avers to be irrefutable, eternal, and universal. Thus a Muslims is obliged to believe in all Allah’s teachings. Without Islam, a Muslim would be lost, would be deprived of any identity and will lose his sense of belonging. Being a member of the Islamic Umma gives him the strength, the confidence, a sense of superiority that otherwise he wouldn’t have.  

Muhammad promised the Muslims an orgiastic life after death with virgins with big eyes and fair skins, perpetual erection, rivers of wine, luxurious palaces and plenty of carnal pleasures. He instilled in them the illusion of being superior to others by virtue of their beliefs and that they would be a victorious people, led by Allah and supported by angels and Ababil birds. This is an irresistible bargain. A Muslim would never barter this orgiastic eternal future to conform to the laws of a secular society. What we, as westerners, consider “modern civilization”, for Muslims is Kufr, shirk and Haram.  

Westerner, reason upon their religious and political ideologies. It took centuries before we could liberate our societies from religious domination, it is therefore unthinkable that a theocratic and totalitarian society like the Islamic Umma with a draconian book such as the Quran as their book of guidance can reach the same objective in a short time.  

Surely for Fiamma  Nirenstein “moderate Islam” means mainly the recognition of the State of Israel by all Islamic states and to stop Palestinian suicide bombers.  For the west it means to defeat international terrorism, the Jihad.  While for Muslims, “moderate Islam” means to reject Allah’s orders; in other words, to apostatise.  

The Westerners consider those Muslims who do not blow themselves up, don’t slaughter the infidels, or stone their women as “moderate”.  On the other hand, these same “moderates”, support Palestinian suicide bombers, justify the decapitations of innocent contractors and the stoning of the adulteress. I’ve never seen Muslims demonstrating against capital punishment for apostasy, against stoning, against the beheadings or the kidnapping of American or western civilians.  

They are not concerned about the opinion of others about them and these barbaric acts perpetrated by their brethrens. Their thought is structured in such way that they accept such these barbaric teachings. They consider it right and natural to do whatever Muhammad or Allah commanded them to do.  

It would be interesting to ask the “intellectuals” and the so called “moderate Muslims”, such as Tarik Ramadan, what they would do if their daughter married a Christian or an atheist or even worse, a Jew. What would they do if she decided to convert to any other religion or if she publicly declares her homosexuality?  Would they still remain calm and “moderate”?  

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