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What interfaith dialogue?  

By  Stefania A

Muslims living in Western countries believe that interfaith dialogue between them and Christians is a necessity because, they claim, there is a lot of misinformation in regards to the attitude of Islam towards other religions. If I am not mistaken Christians never had the necessity to establish an interfaith dialogue with the Jews, the Buddhists or anyone else. The reason is simple; while we recognize equality among human beings without regard to their beliefs, Muslims preach intolerance, discrimination and the superiority of their creed. The concept of “diversity” based on religious belief is a prerogative of Islamic societies. They don’t see human beings as individuals with a cultural, historical and social background, but only as Muslims or as Kuffar (Kafirs).  We do not call an Englishman “a protestant”, or an Italian “a roman catholic”. We just call them British or Italian. Furthermore, emphasis on religious differences implies an obstacle to a civil coexistence, that would open the doors to discrimination and intolerance.  

Muslims should understand, once and for all, that for Westerners, the word “Christian” is not an identity but a belief system. Even the devote Christians do not see themselves as separate from the world community. On the other hand Muslims see themselves as distinct from the rest of mankind and adhere to a strict religious apartheid. The separation of the Ummah (the Muslims) and the Kuffar is an essential part of their belief.  

They claim that the monotheistic religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam have a lot in common, and in Islam “the people of the book” are deeply respected. Of course in practice this is never the case, but what about polytheists or atheists? Aren’t they human beings? Don’t they deserve respect? Let us assume that once the Muslims increase in our midst they will honor their word and they will respect the rights and beliefs of the Jews and the Christians. Let us say they will not do with the people of book here what they did in their Islamic paradise. Now, what would happen to the atheists, agnostics and other infidels among us?  

After the Crusades and the Holy Inquisition, Westerners have opened their minds and instead of following religious ideologies started to  invest their energies in science and knowledge. Should we go back and give the religious people suzerainty over the non-religious people just to please the Muslims among us? Should we discriminate against those who don’t believe in one God or in any God at all, just because some people with a totalitarian and theocratic vision of life have decided to immigrate to the West? Besides; what is the meaning of “people of the book”?

Muslims repeat often; “we deeply respect the people of the book”. This specification is discriminatory in itself. Furthermore, such claim is not true because to them, even the people of the book are unbelievers and infidels. In fact Muhammad ordered the expulsion of all the Christians and Jews from Arabia , so much for “deeply respecting the people of the book”.

Should we consider an individual as a human being or classify him on the basis of his religion? May be Muslims do not mind to be called “the people of the Quran” instead of Egyptians, Saudis or Iranians, but not everyone wants to wear the badge of religion all the time and live in a religiously segregated world.    

Just to appear amicable with Westerners they claim that Muslims, Christians and Jews, have a lot in common; like they have the same God, believe in the same principles uphold the same values, have the same aspirations, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. If that is the case then why Muslims are not allowed to convert to Christianity or Judaism? Why they are threatened, harassed or killed for apostasy?   Moreover according to the Quran, the Jews and the Christians are just as kuffar as are the polytheists or atheists.  Allah Almighty” ordered Muslims not to have personal friendship with Christians and Jews.  

In a court of law, a Christian man's testimony is worth half of a Muslim man and a Christian woman's testimony is worth only a quarter. Saudi Arabia does not allow the worship of any other religion other than Islam. Jews are not allowed in the kingdom and Christians are warned that they risk arrest if they participate in private prayer gatherings. They are barred from holding public offices, proselytizing among Muslims is prohibited and punishable by death. Muslims cannot pray for a non-Muslim. Muslims oppress minorities and so forth. Is this what they mean when they say the “deeply respect the people of the book”? 

But do we really have the same principles, values and aspirations?

Muslims are prone to violence, haughtiness, arrogance and revenge. While they call for a dialogue, they divide the world into two parts: Dar-al-Islam (the house of peace) and Dar-al-harb (the house of war). To achieve their goals they blow themselves and others up. They kill non-Muslims because as Muhammad said, no Muslim will be held accountable for killing a kafir. They spread terror among the “people of the book”, and wish to subjugate them.  

We did not earn our freedom for free. We fought for it. We fought for our rights, and we still fight to keep them. Islam is not just incompatible with our values and principles; it actually rejects the whole idea of democracy. We invest time and money for research, science and to gain knowledge while Islam suppresses it. Islam does not recognize any knowledge that may contradict the Quran and since all the Quran is contrary to science, Muslims reject all the modern science en bloc. Therefore we do not have the same principles, values or aspirations that Muslims claim.  

At this point I don’t see also the necessity of an interfaith dialogue. As far as I'm concerned behind this so called “interfaith dialogue” lies a deep will to proselytize. They want to tell people how beautiful Islam is and how it is misunderstood. They hope to reach the hearths of Westerners. They are not looking for a dialogue. They don’t want to learn about our beliefs. According to them, we are all sinners. They couldn't care less about our culture or traditions. They are just looking for an easy way to impose their belief on us. Westerners should wake up. They must stop with this nonsense respecting of a belief system that does not respect anything that we stand for.  

This is not racism, like some Italian leftists would call it. Italy has welcomed many immigrants who have integrated into the fabric of our society and have enriched our culture with the own lives. There are Philippines, Indians, South Americans and many others. What is happening with Muslims is the clash of values. While we gave up the bigotries that are part of all religious creeds, Muslims stubbornly cling to theirs and can’t let go. What dialogue would you have with a people who still have the seventh century mentality?    


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