Leaving Islam



Resisting Islam

 By : Sorge L Diaz

I. Truths  

Barely two days ago, they murdered again.  This time, like in Madrid earlier, they hit the transportation system, killing people going to work. It is moments like these that concentrate the mind; it is moments like these that compel me to tell the truth, come what may.  Here are the truths we must face:  

1.  Islam is incompatible with liberty:   We need to understand this, if we wish to preserve liberty.  In the West the political left claims, over and over, that terrorism is caused by poverty and the actions of the Western democracies; that defending from terrorism causes terrorism, that is. In America , the dominant voices of the right believe lack of political freedom causes terrorism: both the left and the right confuse cause and effect.  Islamic countries are backward, poor and violent because Islam prevents wealth creation and internal peace.  Similarly, it is not political oppression that creates Islam, but Islam that creates political oppression.  That is why the so-called neo-conservative program will fail; individuals must be free from the shackles of Islam before they are able to live in liberty.  Consider; in every country where Muslims are either a majority or a considerable minority, political hatred and violence follows.  (See Sudan , Nigeria , the Philippines , Iran , Iraq ....)  Examples from history support this view as well.  

2.  Many of our Institutions have been damaged or Corrupted: Some Christian Churches support divestment from Israel .  The Catholic Church keeps promoting ‘Peace’, and forgetting Justice.  The intelligentsia clamors for a Palestinian State . Our schools indoctrinate our semi-literate children.  Environmental organization promote ‘zero population growth’, (in free societies, never in Islamic ones.)  Marriage is little more than a joke.  It is no wonder Western Civilization is on decline; the institutions that ought to sustain it undermine it instead.  

3.  Muslims’ Reproductive rate is enough to defeat us: in every society where Muslims become a majority, they have sought to impose a version of sharia, and so far, they have succeeded.  They have been able to do so in Nigeria , Sudan , Malaysia , where they are a bare majority.  Vast-majority countries such as Pakistan , impose sharia in practice, if not in letter. Once Muslims are numerous enough in Europe , the same template will be followed.  

4.  It is up to us to change this state of affairs: This is perhaps the most important truth: nobody is coming to the rescue, no magic solution is at hand.  It will be, as Donald Rumsfeld would say, “a hard, long slog”, and victory is not guaranteed.  

5.  The more we wait, the more serious the problem becomes:  Every year that goes by, they are more Muslims and fewer Europeans.  Every new year, our institutions deteriorate further, and widely held ideas get nuttier.  Waiting for action is not a viable option.  


II.  Ways and Means  

This state of affairs cannot be solved by inaction; we must:  

1.  Dedicate our lives to this struggle: First, a note of caution: we should not become mindless fanatics.  The greatness of the West comes from respecting the autonomy of the individual.  But individuals must choose to live as if they want their society to live: to be productive citizens, to learn about the world, to have a family and children. And we must be ready to sacrifice time and money to fight Islam.  

2.  Form an organization to spread the anti-Islamic resistance: It is necessary to create a multi-level organization to spread the resistance at the local, national, and international level.  The organization ought to be permanent and be armed with a long-term view.  

3.  Strengthen and influence existing organizations: It will be crucial to strengthen the weakened organizations in our societies: the family, education, churches, etc.  No society will survive without a proper base, and we'll need the strength of those institutions working together against Islam.  


III.  Objectives  

Several objectives must be pursued simultaneously for success to be significant and permanent.  Some may be achieve in a relative short time, while others might extend past our lifetimes.  They also differ in importance. We must struggle to:  

1.  Protect societies under Islamic threat: Societies suffering from Islamic aggression should be helped to win the struggle.  From Europe to the Philippines , defensive victories will help roll back the tide of Islam.  

2.  Protect minorities within Islamic societies: Islamic aggression against their minorities should be punished whenever possible.  We should not, however, allow Muslims to use those minorities as hostages to obtain concessions from the West.  

3.  Remove territory from Islamic control: Whenever practical, we should work to remove territory from Islamic control. Southern Sudan and southern Nigeria are obvious places to start.  

4.  Reverse negative demographic trends in societies at risk: This falls under the next objective “strengthen free societies”, but it is so important it gets its own number.  Simply, we cannot allow our societies to become majority Muslim, or even allow a strong Muslim minority to live within us.  If this violates some of our most cherished values, then perhaps we should not cherish those values anymore.  

5.  Strengthen free societies: Besides reversing demographic trends, we should work to make our countries strong.  This includes the economic, social, and military spheres.  

6.  Weaken Islamic Societies: Similarly, we must work hard to weaken Islamic societies; for one thing, poor people are too busy surviving to kill anybody.  

7.  Destroy Islam: Finally, if we weaken Islam, we must go on with the job and destroy it.  It is such a dangerous ideology, it should not be allowed to survive: it might resurface, and with it the barbarism we face today.  Future generations ought not be burdened by this abomination.  






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