Leaving Islam



The Art of the Possible: On Using American Power  

 By : Sorge L Diaz

How should the United States use its military power?  There are many options: Keep the status quo.  Retreat from the world stage and form “Fortress America .”  Divest from defense and spend it in socialistic schemes.  (Do it for the children!)  Those are not the only choices, however. There is an effective way to leverage American might.  

‘Politics’, as Otto von Bismarck said, ‘is the art of the possible’.  We should not ask for the impossible; that is, we should not ask the American people to understand the dangers of Islam overnight.  The dominant ideologies of my country make it impossible to hold an honest public discussion of Islam.  But we can, and should, ask for the possible, in a language Americans understand: we must ask the American people to support religious minorities fighting against Islamic tyranny.  

Foremost among the oppressed, the Christian and Animist minorities of Souther Sudan deserve our support.  They have been victimized by a genocidal war, which have cost them hundreds of thousands dead and enslaved, and stand ready to fight for their freedom.  Other minorities might follow the Southern Sudanese in their fight for freedom. As long as a rebellious minority has a realistic chance of succeeding against Islamic tyranny, American aid should follow as well.  

The tactic here proposed would weaken Islam.  Islam needs minorities to victimize.  Victimized minorities provide Islam with resources to expand.  The Jizya taxes in its many incarnations, old-fashioned booty, and–more deviously–the reproductive power of ‘infidel’ women, are resources commandeered in the service of the never-ending Jihad. Denying Islam these “resources” would serve the cause of human liberty.  Because when the Ummah is not expanding, liberty blooms.  







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