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Sense and Sensitivity

Sher Khan  


Whenever Islam is criticized or Muhammad is ridiculed, some Muslim brothers vow to kill the critic.  Some feel menstrual cramps--complaining that their right to practice their religion has been violated. Muslims are free to hate non-believers as directed by Allah, but non-believers are not allowed to point the finger towards the cruelty and inhumanity of Islam.

Muslims are extremely sensitive to any motion that may relate to Islam. In the UK , Burger King created a design on the lid of ice cream cups that barely resembled the word ‘Allah’. Muslims felt extremely offended with this unintentional gesture and Burger King was forced to withdraw the cups, which caused financial loss. Ironically, Muslims find ‘Allah’ written in the clouds, inside of a tomato and on a fish--soon to be found written on a sexy mermaid’s body. So, what’s the big deal if Burger King sells ‘Allah’-flavored ice cream? Muslims should appreciate this form of free advertisement of Allah.

Michael Graham, a radio talk show host, was courageous enough to say “Islam is a terrorist organization” 23 times during his program that aired on July 25, 2005 , by Washington radio station WMAL-AM. He pointed out the actual problem and bluntly declared, “The problem is not extremism. The problem is Islam." Immediately, the American-Muslim association known as CAIR (Captain Allah’s Infamous Rugrats) prompted a huge protest. Michael Graham was asked to apologize but he refused. The chickenhearted management did not hesitate to fire him due to the Islamic pressure of CAIR.

Usually, Buddhists are peaceful people. They don’t shout ‘Buddha is great’ and go for a killing spree. Their religion also demands its followers to seek the truth, inspired by their conviction. Rev. Kosho Mizushima compared Buddhism with Christianity and Islam. While explaining the distinction, he commented, “Religions that force people to believe in gods who do not exist are, indeed, arrogant faiths that lack compassion.” He continued, “The constant fighting in the Middle East , where many precious lives are lost every day, is a direct manifestation of the tragic harm that is brought about by Islam.” 

Oh boy! What a mistake! Churches did not pay much attention to his statements but the soldiers of Islam immediately jumped in. Mr. Khankan, a NY spokesperson of CAIR, demanded an apology and asked for all commentaries to be removed from the web site. It would be worth mentioning that in June 2001, a director of CAIR, Ali Ramadan Abu Zakouk, claimed suicide bombers have a “God-given right” to kill civilians but no Muslim gave any objection to his disparaging remark.  

What would be the impact if the US called for wiping the ‘Islamic world’ off the map? Pious Muslims would explode with the help of dynamite, killing themselves and millions of ‘Kafirs’. Moderate Muslims would make a massive flood with their tears; some would even join those pious Muslims to expedite the process of explosion. However, when the Iranian president declares that Israel must be destroyed and ‘wiped off the map’, nothing happens. The European Union condemned the statement with flowery diplomatic language and the Islamic world giggled.

Followers of all religions sense superiority, which is good. It brings competition and competition always yields better products. Most of the religions compete with each other to make their religion more humane and progressive. However, Islam does not believe in competition; they want a monopoly. Like other religions, vendors of Islam try to sell it with a peaceful coating but they also threaten non-believers with Quranic verses--“If you don’t submit to Islam, Allah will barbecue the non-believers”. This is the fundamental difference with other religions.

The threat is not limited to eternal life; it also applies in worldly life. When religious auction is in progress, a Buddhist may want to become a Christian and six months later he may want to try Hinduism. No one would care whether he changed his belief. Now if he decides to join Islam, his fate is sealed. He cannot leave Islam because Muhammad has a standing order: “Kill whoever leaves Islam”. This kind of ‘gang member’ mentality makes Islam a cult and not a religion.

Islam has clearly divided the world in two groups, Muslims and non-Muslims. The Muslim community, known as ‘Ummah’, keeps a clear distance from the people of other faiths or no faith. This notion derives from Islamic scriptures that recomm end, Dar ul Islam or Darus salam, meaning the land of Islam or peace must be separated from the land of Dar ul Harb or Darul Kufr, meaning the land of war or Kafirs. Dar ul Islam is ruled by Muslims and the law of the land is purely Islamic, which means a person should be whipped if he/she misses any prayer, i.e., doing the body caricature five times a day, head down-rear up. What is the significance of calling Dar ul Harb or the land of war? According to Quaranic verses 2.193; 9.29; 9.73; 25.52; 48.13; 48.29 and several ahadith, Muslims are duty-bound to fight until Islam becomes the religion for everyone. Naturally, Muslims consider any country that is not Islamic is an open land for war; hence, Dar ul Harb is the land of war for all Muslims.

The threat works for many Muslims; they are scared of Allah’s vengeance and feel the heat of Allah’s nuclear furnace. The description of unprecedented afterlife stops Muslims from thinking rationally; their brains are trapped between hell and heaven. Also, a false sense of superiority is more prominent than with any other religion. All Muslims are taught from their childhood that they belong to the best group of people and people of other faiths are simply inferior. 

While Muslims are bragging about their sensitivity, people of other faiths and non-believers have failed to sense the motive of Islam. Often they bend to Islamic protest and apologize for telling the truth. Yes, that’s another Islamic miracle; it only happens when Islam is in action – one has to apologize for telling the truth. Until the non-Muslim world stops appeasing Islam and gains the courage to call a spade a spade, no chemotherapy will stop Islamic cancer.

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