Leaving Islam




A confidential letter

Sher Khan


Honorable Kafir Président de la République Française, Jacques Chirac, aka La Girouette - the weathervane.  

When you are buffaloed, watching our current Islamic operation and the great inferno, I must say a few words that will give an insight of the Muslim youths of France . What we are doing right now may surprise many Westerners, but you will have to understand that we are merely following the guidelines of Islam.  

Yes, we are oppressed; so are Muslims of Palestine, Kashmir , Chechnya , China , Russia , India , Singapore , Australia and many other countries. You see, our definition of oppression is a little different from yours. Whenever a Muslim is living in a Kafir country and ruled by a Kafir, he/she immediately feels oppressed. Until a Muslim sovereign rules us, Muslims have every right to revolt.  

Western media run by Jewish entrepreneurs are crying “foul” when we burned a handicapped woman. What’s wrong in killing a few Kafirs here and there when Jihad is in progress? Our holy prophet did many times; what is wrong if we do the same? He authorized the killing of Asma B. Marwan because she dared to taunt Islam. A sword was pierced through her chest while her baby was still suckling the breast (Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabir). The holy prophet even made a humorous comment in this regard. He said, “Two goats will butt together about her.” When you banned wearing the hijab, it became obvious that you were humiliating our religion. Now you have to face the consequence.  

Some people are talking about our unemployment and planning to find jobs for us. What a bunch of fools! Why do we have to work? Our holy prophet never worked; he loved hunting and it was his only profession. Oh! You misunderstood again! I am not talking about deer hunting; our prophet used to attack merchant caravans to please Allah and Allah was always kind enough to allow accepting precious goods out of these raids. Unfortunately, we cannot practice this noble profession anymore because of excessive law and order. So, we are fully dependant on welfare money. Now don’t ask us to be grateful to your country; gratefulness is not an option in Islam. We only thank Allah for whatever we get. You Kafirs are merely a means to fulfill Allah’s wish.  

Realistically, we really don’t have time to work anyway. We wake up early in the morning to offer morning prayer. There is some free time in the morning but you guys don’t start your office hours early. We can work for 2-3 hours in the morning, then it is time for afternoon prayer. Of course, we have to eat and take a short nap because we had to get up early in the morning. In the evening we have to pray again and after dinner there is another session of prayer. We go to bed early and do some very productive work with our wives, fulfilling the wish of the prophet: ‘Muslims will outnumber all other religions’. It reminds me of another oppression; we cannot have more than one wife, whereas we have a religious obligation to keep up to four wives. So, we can only work a few hours a day for 11 months a year--it’s impossible to work in the month of fasting, or Ramadan.      

Naturally, we make more money from welfare than from working. We don’t have enough education to provide nice jobs either. Some Jewish media are complaining about integrating with the mainstream. How naïve these people are! How could we go to public school where all kinds of un-Islamic actions are going on? They don’t teach the Quran, the book of miracles. We cannot amalgamate and make friends with Kafir French people – this is clearly written in the Quran, the grandmother of all books. Too much mixing may lead to interracial marriage. How can our sisters marry unbelievers if they don’t change their religion to Islam?  

This world is nothing but a mirage; our final destination is heaven and that is where we will live the rest of our lives. The only obligation we have is spreading Islam and making sure we become the majority in this country when democracy will play in our favor. We are anxiously waiting for those golden days when we will make our own Caliph (Ruler) and throw the so-called civilization in the garbage, Inshallah (God willing).  

Yet, why are we creating all this destruction? There are several reasons behind this project.

  1. It is kind of a habit or tradition of Islam. The holy prophet killed and tortured many people to establish Islam and his successors followed suit.
  2. We need to keep our spirit high until this country becomes Islamic. The other branches of Islam, i.e., the moderate and intellectual Muslims, will continue preaching a peaceful Islam. However, they will need us when a full-blown Islam takes place.
  3. At the moment, we are on a mission to burn all cars of this country. We like to get rid of all cars and busses, which is a sign of stinky civilization, and replace them with camels and donkeys. It’s the first step to introduce pure Islam.
  4. We will also benefit in the short run. Many sympathizers will understand our pain and they will solicit to increase our welfare money.
  5. Maybe we will be moved from the ghetto to the Château.

Your Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy called us ‘scum’, which did not bother us at all. But we did find it very offensive when he tried to reform Islam. He tried to insert modern concepts in Islamic teachings and change the impulse of real Islam. What a moron! How could a Kafir dare to reform Islam? Can he change the Quran, the most holy book of mankind, from which we received the inspiration to kill Kafirs? At best, he could create another branch of Islam, perhaps a new brand of Islam that will be called ‘Napoleon Islam’. Within the last 1400 years, there have been several attempts to change Islam and many sects were created, such as:  









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