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Resurrection of a Mullah


By Sher Khan  

How many criminals will it take to create a Mullah? May be hypothetical but itís a very reasonable question. To find the right answer, an in depth study is necessary. This analysis is not intended to ridicule Mullahs, even though they deserve to be mocked by all means. Essentially itís an attempt to find the elements that a Mullah possesses and find ways to stop their atrocities. Detecting cancer is not enough; a good biopsy report always helps to prescribe the right medicine.  

Mullahs embrace all virtues of a serial killer. Hating people of other faiths and instigating an environment of terror are their specialty. Being blind followers of the Quran, Mullahs can kill all non-Muslims serially. Like a serial killer, these bigots do not regret after killing a few innocent people. In fact, a serial killer and a Mullah both enjoy the act of killing and find innovative ways to make slaying an art.  

Successful thieves are the greatest liars. They wonít admit of stealing even caught red handed. Mullahs are extremely deceitful and often lie to make their prophet a superman. They donít steal but they definitely have the same characteristic of a thief. Both types practice the application of concealing truth and try to excel in this area.  

Mullahs dedicate themselves to become Mini-Mohammads. They act and pretend like Mohammad at all times. No wonder, many Mullahs try to marry young girls as old as 9 or 10 yrs. Only a pervert may feel sexual inclination to a 9 yrs old girl. These people are called child molester or a sex offender in a civic society. Itís never safe to let a young girl sit on a Mullahís lap. Their expressionless face will not reflect their mind, but be warned! These Mullahs wear long and loose dresses to hide AK-47s and the erection.  

Drug trafficking is another area of expertise of Mullahs. Itís not the heroine but the Islam that they sell. Out of all religious drugs, Islam is the lethal one. Like a drug dealer, Mullahs are committed to capture more clients. Itís the greed for money that inspires a drug dealer and the greed for spicy houries make Mullahs wacky.  

Mafia chiefs are famous for running their own organization with fear and threat. To set an example, often a Mafia chief orders to kill a member who leaves the gang. Mullahs use the same technique too; anyone who leaves Islam gets the death penalty. The threat of burning hell, melting brass and grilled human body are a few threats that Mullahs use to keep the gang undivided.  

Racism is a type of crime and convicted racists are as bad as criminals. Islam not only promotes racism, it draws a distinct line between Muslims and non-Muslims. Mullahs take full responsibility to materialize this aspect of Islam and methodically establish an impression of Islamic supremacy.   

Letís put a serial killer, a thief, a sex offender/ child molester, a drug dealer, a Mafia chief and a racist in a bottle and SHAKE WELL.  

Bingo! A Mullah has born.  

Now what to do with this new creature? Should we kill him? No, killing before proven guilty is not what a civilized society does. Should we take him to a court and prosecute him? Itís a good option and thatís what we should strive for. Problem remains with the law of the land and most likely law will protect the Mullah. Courts do not make laws.  They can only interpret the law and give the verdict accordingly.  

The prevailing concept of religious tolerance and freedom of faith has too many flaws that deserve a major overhauling. If freedom of faith gives the freedom to kill, should we call it freedom? If the ritual practiced by the believers of a certain group of people disrupts the normal life of other people, what good the tolerance is? Actually religious tolerance is an old practice. In 539 BC, when Persians invaded Egypt, they did not force Egyptians to change their faith. Persians were known for their religious tolerance and Egyptians were allowed to continue worshipping their own Gods and Goddess.     

Form the beginning of mankind, religion strongly influenced peopleís life. Many wars were fought and many lives were sacrificed due to religion. The people of ancient Egypt used to worship many gods including Anubis, Set, Osiris, Isis and Horus. They had no problem in believing that Isis married her own brother Osiris. Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism came one after another to inspire the Chinese. The conception of monotheism delivered three major religions, out of which Islam and Christianity are two major winners.  With the help of mighty sword or the carrot and stick formula, these two religions are dominating the world until now.  

However, as science and technology have advanced, and the philosophical thoughts have improved, the situation and people's view of the world have changed. People voted to reform their religion and overruled many religious dogmas to endorse humanistic values. People realized the importance of religious tolerance and learned to accept religion loosely. Islam being as rigid as its founder does not believe in religious tolerance and honor other peoplesí faith.   

Hereís a bone-chilling letter sent by Mohammad to Julanda brothers of Oman. This letter is still on display at Sohar Fort, Sultanate of Oman. 

ďPeace be upon the one who follows the right path! I call you to Islam. Accept my call, and you shall be unharmed. I am God's Messenger to mankind, and the word shall be carried out upon the miscreants. If, therefore, you recognize Islam, I shall bestow power upon you. But if you refuse to accept Islam, your power shall vanish, my horses shall camp on the expanse of your territory and my prophecy shall prevail in your kingdom."  

Does this letter show religious tolerance? Islam does not deserve religious tolerance, because it cannot tolerate other peoplesí faith. Islam considers religious tolerance as weakness and takes full advantage to expand Islamic imperialism.  

We still have not decided about the Mullah that just has been created. Courts do not have laws to prosecute him. So, we need to enact new laws to punish this criminal. The unholy book of Quran is full of hatred and inhuman teachings. Mullahs are faithful to this book and commit crimes as written in this scripture, they are the devoted soldiers of Allah and their Jihad will not stop until the whole world becomes Islamic. Because of so-called religious tolerance, people of other faiths are reluctant to challenge the Quran. This book should have been taken to the court and banned for itís content, long time ago. We need new laws outlawing any religious book that incites violence and inhuman acts. Only then we can prosecute the Mullah as an enemy of humanity.  






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