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Veiled Venus

By Sher Khan

Click to view full-sized imageMohammadJamal al Din takes a deep breath before he finishes the last stitch. He is atailor by profession and faced no problem making a burqa for this marble statue.The 61/2 ft tall sculptor was the most recognizable works of art from theancient world. The statue, with its elegantly twisted pose and missing armssymbolized the goddess of beauty and love. Former citizens of this countryproudly named this beautiful lady,Venusde Milo. Current Islamic Government has decided to bring all statues of thiscountry in one place and blow them into pieces. Problem arose when Mullah officials noticed thegraceful body ofVenusishalf-naked. They ordered Mohammad Jamal al Din to make a burqa and cover up thewhole body ofVenusto ensure Muslimsare not offended by seeing her unsheathed body while she is being moved.

A job well done, thinks Mohammad Jamal al Din. He decides to reward himself for the nice job and plans to eat his lunch at Kaisar restaurant. Once it used be squeaky clean and a very sophisticated restaurant, now it has lost its glamour. Like the city itself, most of the chairs are dirty, a pool of water standing under the broken sink. Mohammad eats quickly and loudly. After every bite he licks his five fingers with a swirling noise, a strange and uncivilized act that could have surprise other customers, 20 years ago. Mohammad Jamal al Din is a very religious person and tries his best to follow every step of his prophet. According to Sahih Muslim, it’s recommended by the prophet to lick all fingers before cleaning or wiping the hand. After lunch, Mohammad goes back to work to veil a few more statues.   

On his way home, Mohammad Jamal al Din had to stop at Rabbani mosque for evening prayer. All prayers are mandatory in this country and defaulters are often whipped for non-compliance. Rabbani mosque has a very unique feature with 1010 feet high tower that holds several loudspeakers to call for prayer. Once known as Eiffel tower it does not attract any tourist nowadays. At night, it stands like a giant monster without sodium-vapor lights that used to illuminate the beautiful tower. It has not been painted for years, showing decayed metals here and there.

Mohammad Jamal al Din catches a bus after the prayer. There is no place to sit inside of the bus, most of the riders are standing inside or sitting on top of the bus. Mohammad also climbs the ladder and finds a place on the roof. In this year of 2090, City of Faris is overcrowded and inefficient government has done nothing for the citizens. Faris is an Arabic word, meaning horseman or a knight. Twenty years ago, at the beginning of Islamic movement, suicide bombers used to ride horses and blow themselves up in the middle of the crowd. To honor those brave souls, it was decided that the name of this city would be changed to Faris. This also helps the Arabs, the new masters of the country to pronounce it. They do not have "P" in their alphabet. 1400 years earlier, they changed Parsi into Farsi when they invaded and subdued Iran. 

At the beginning of this century, this country had a population of about 60 million of which 10% or 6 million were Muslims, far more than 2% of protestant and 1% of Jews. Although 83% of population were Roman Catholic, their birthrate was awfully low, merely .35% compared to 3% of Muslims. At the end of 2070, Muslims from all over the country moved to five Northwest regions. Soon high birthrates and the flood of Muslim immigrant outnumbered others.

This country has a history of up and downs. Julius Caesar successfully conquered most of the territory in 58 B.C. Waves of Viking assaults in 800 AD broke this country into many regions. The Hundred Years War with England also weakened the strength but they were able to drive the English out in 1453. The bloody religious war of 16th century caused to end Roman Catholic hierarchy and give Protestant believers the freedom to worship. The great revolution began in 1789 and ended with guillotining the king and queen in 1793.  First and second world war shattered the whole country. During 1643-1715, she was the dominant power in Europe . In the following centuries, this country lost the grip of Europe but became a colonial power.

Despite the vulnerable situation, this country remained a symbol of culture and civilization until 2070, when Islamic movement became fierce. Problem started at the beginning of this century when both extremely liberals and radicals failed to manage Islam properly. Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of the National Front Party wanted to expel all foreigners from the country including all Muslims whereas the ruling government wanted to secularize Islam. Government did not realize that a hippo may become as skinny as a Giraffe through diet control or a rattlesnake may become a house pet but Islam cannot be secularized. Interior minister, Nicolas Sarkozy planned to educate and train all Mullahs. A theological institute was created and permission was given to open several private Muslim lycée (or high school). Slowly more Islamic colleges and Universities were created that taught a seemingly peaceful Islam. Most of the Muslims were poor and they did not have any representative in politics. Government encouraged them to get involve in politics and at the end of 2020 Muslims had their own senators. 

People of this country bitterly remembered the bloodbath of 16th century due to religious conflict, since then a tolerant attitude towards other religion became a part of the culture. If only they knew most of the religions can cohabit peacefully but Islam. Historically Islam maintains a peaceful image in adverse condition but it abruptly changes to conquering mood as soon as it gains strength. Islam does not have the adaptability to mix with other cultures; it only survives as parasite until gaining dominance. An innocent image of Islam is only a strategy that waits for the right time to show its ugly face. Whenever Muslims become the majority, they demand their own nation and isolate themselves from other faiths.  

Islamists skillfully used the limitation and weaknesses of democracy and the ideology of human rights. Since 1989 the issue of headscarf, a sign of female suppression caused uproar and controversy. Islam tends to go backward and follows “Sallaf”, an Arabic word, which means, “recall to tradition”. At the end of the 19th century, many Islamic movements, specifically, a radical group called GIA was inspired by the doctrine of “la Salafia”. Nevertheless all Muslims are obligated to practice a primitive culture of 7th century and seek their own territory. 

By the time Mohammad gets home, three of his wives are pulling each other’s hair, literally. To bring the situation under control, Mohammad had to show his Islamic authority; he kicked his first wife, spank the second and throw third wife on the wall. Its’ a daily event in Mohammad’s life, honestly he enjoys this part of his family matter. Neighbors never complain because they practice the same technique anyway, it’s also not illegal to beat the wives for police will be called.  

Within last ten years, devastating economic and political condition of Faris went out of control. Most of the people live below poverty level; non-Muslims, who had the expertise to run industries and commerce, were forced to leave the country. A few non-Muslims still live in some areas but they pay a heavy amount of Zijya tax. On last Friday of each month, non-Muslims make a long line in front of the Rabbani mosque, bow the Imam with subjugation and pay the money. To make a distinction between Muslims and non-Muslims, Catholics wear red bandana, Protestants wear yellow and Jews are forced to shave their heads.   

Peculiar economic system and barbarian culture of Islam has ruined this country that was on peak of the civilization. History repeats itself, the chaotic situation somewhat resembles the condition of 18th century and demands for another Victor Hugo to write a new “Les Misérables”. Thinkers and writers of 18th century changed the way people used to think about economics, political philosophy and religion. Being critical of orthodoxy, these philosophers revolutionized the world. But Islam did not produce another Victor Hugo, and it never will.


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