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Sophisticated Drug Dealers

by Sher Khan


Typically Muslims are allergic to USA and Israel. They can’t stop sneezing if smell America and Israel brings migraine headache. They cannot tolerate America’s friendly attitude towards Israel. Invading Afghanistan was illegal. Attacking Iraq was a blunder. Their tears make flashflood thinking of the innocent children that were killed during the war. Good gesture! With the exception of the double standard they practice. Whenever non-Muslims trouble a Muslim, Islamic brotherhood boils with rage. But they remain awfully quiet when Muslims kill Muslims en masse. They don’t care when more innocent children die because of malnutrition and poverty in their own motherland. No objection is raised when Jews children are bombed and split into pieces. They scream when Aariel Sharon kills civilians but they don’t have the guts to critique Mohammad for slaughtering 700 civilian Jews within a few hours. (Sirat Rasul Allah, Ibn Ishaq)

When Milsovec becomes a nutcase and starts killing Muslims, USA bombs Serbia for 79 days. Muslims neither give credit nor cry for the casualties. When Hitler goes out of control and America sacrifices her own people to control the monster, Muslims don’t care. Mohammad is dear to Muslims as Buddha to Buddhist. When Talibians destroy World’s largest statue of Buddha, no Muslim stops them. When Osama kills Americans, some Muslims claim it’s a Jewish conspiracy, some want proof, some shelter him and most of them silently support him. America had to bribe some countries to go after Osama.

Surely USA is the only superpower of the world. For the best interest of the country America will try anything that will magnify her strength. And that’s patriotism. If it becomes necessary to invade another country to protect the people of America then why should she hesitate to do so? Just to make it politically correct America may use pretexts such as freedom, human rights etc. but there is nothing wrong if situation necessitates to invade a country or help another country to ensure safety.

Is America always right? No! America made several mistakes in the past. Attacking Vietnam was a mistake. Supporting Pakistan when Bangladesh was struggling for independence was a mistake. Not long ago Slavery was a common practice and racial discrimination was prominent.  But America learns her lesson from previous mistakes and citizens of this country do not hesitate to protest when it’s wrong. It’s a country where differences of opinion are not only permitted but also encouraged. Not even the President of the US is spared from criticism.

In a world of “Haves” and “Have-nots” Islamic countries make the majority of the later group. People of this world barely can provide their food. Children starve and are lucky to have one meal a day. Ignorance and lack of education cause population boom. A few rich people enjoy everything without any guilt. Whether it’s through trading or plain financial aids almost all Islamic countries are dependent on USA . Foreign Ministers of poor Islamic countries make frequent trips to Washington with a beggar’s basket and rich Islamic countries beg for technical support. Upon receiving the help, citizens of recipient countries ungratefully hate America . In their twisted way of thinking America ’s help is out of self interest so it does not count. They bring together colorful protests against America and wish her destruction. Burning an effigy of current US president along with US flags becomes a ceremonial event.

There is no such thing as free lunch. Why America should help someone and expect nothing in return? Despite the misconception of the Muslims, USA likes to see other countries are flourishing. Notwithstanding Muslims believe USA and Israel are trying to stop the development of Islamic countries; and of course everything is Jewish conspiracy.

USA is a giant economic machine. Natural resources, labor and technology are the ingredients of an economic system. A good management system puts together all those ingredients and produces goods and services. Other than a little shortage of labor, USA has all three ingredients and constantly refining its management style. As this economic machine gets bigger and stronger more goods and services are produced and bigger markets are needed.

When USA enjoys a whopping $36,000 GDP Per Capita, this index in most of the Islamic countries shamefully range from $500 to $2000. If other countries prosper economically, their per capita income will grow. They will also be able to buy more US products. It’s a win-win situation for both sides. Its true USA may not want them to build military power but she will always welcome the economic development of other countries. 

            In World War II Germans lost 3.8 million civilians and Japan lost 380,000 including Hiroshima and Nagasaki . Their economic infrastructures were totally destroyed and they accepted the defeat courageously. America and allies smashed these two countries and then helped to rebuild them. Billions of dollars in financial aid were poured in and the people of theses two countries did not waste a minute to shape up their homeland. No suicide bombers were produced, nor did they destroy any industry. This is called patriotism. Now Japan has the largest currency reserve in the world, at more than $800-billion. In today’s world, economic power can be as lethal as military power. German has regained its strength just like before. Within 50 years, enmity with USA is gone and foes have become friends.

            After invading Iraq, USA has spent about 20 billion dollars to rebuild the country. This is almost 4 years of budget for some poor countries. Instead of rebuilding the country Iraqis are blowing up their own pipelines and killing American civilian contractors. This is called Islamic patriotism.

            Palestine issues sway the whole Islamic world but no one cares to see the other side of the coin! There are more fanatics among Muslims and Jews than any other religion. Both parties are extremely sensitive to their origin and the fairy tales that they made. Let’s imagine Ka’ba, the holy place of Muslims is invaded by Christians and all Muslims are forced to leave Mecca and Medina . Don’t you think Muslims will try to regain these places even after thousands of years? Same thing happened to Jews. They are obsessed with Jerusalem because their root belongs here. In 967 B.C.E, King Solomon built temple of Beit ha-Midkash. More than 1500 years before Mohammad was born. History played its unforgiving role over the centuries but Jews did not forget their religious roots.

            Technically Jerusalem is not a very important holy place for Muslims. In the beginning Muslims used to pray facing Jerusalem but Mohammad changed this direction to Mecca. One day Allah summoned Mohammad to see him. Mohammad jumped on his broom, and off he went. Supposedly he had to stop at Jerusalem to answer nature’s call. Since then Jerusalem became another holy spot for Muslims.

             Now both Muslims and Jews want their Jerusalem back. Muslims already have their Mecca and Medina where non-Muslims are prohibited but that’s not enough. They need more materials to fantasize their myth. A common belief of Muslims is Palestinians were kicked out from Israel overnight. The truth is Jews slowly bought the lands from Palestinians and the shortsighted Palestinians did not realize what’s coming in future. Now Jews are ready to share this land with Muslims but Palestinians won’t compromise.     

            Despite the controversial issue Muslims can learn a lot from Jews. America showers Israel with billions of dollars but does not help with troops. Is it the tiny Israel with limited manpower that is a threat to Arabs? Either it’s their will or patriotism that made them powerful or Allah must have become a Jew and supports Israel !

            I know. I know. Muslim readers of this article are stomping their feet and calling me all kind of names…. “Bootlicker of America”, “Kissing America’s rear end”,  “American slave”, “Israeli agent” etc. etc. Thank you! It’s a good sign! Anger is the first step of enlightenment. When you are done with cursing please drink a glass of cold water and think what you can do for your own country.

            In order to change the economic turmoil of Islamic countries different options should be taken into account

            First, we can continue what we are doing now. Beg for donation then turn around and show the middle finger.

            Second, if the first option seems to be dishonorable we can boycott America and all Kafir countries. Now we can hate them as much as we want. We may have to use stones to make a fire and wear tree hide. At least we will have no guilty conscience.

            Third, we can create an environment where America and other countries would be eager to invest in our countries and help. It will be a fair business and most honorable thing to do. We help them and they help us. Let Israel and Palestinians solve their own problem. Let Iraqis build their own country. We will dedicate ourselves to our own homeland. We may have to confine all of our Mullah piranhas in a bar or a nightclub and thus make our countries “Jihadist” free. Countries should not be called Islamic and governments must be isolated from Islamic plague. Also a strong and positive public opinion must be maintained.

            To obtain help it’s imperative to build a case. Imagine a person on a raft is floating in the middle of an ocean. He has some flares and a semi-automatic rifle. What should he use when he sees an airplane is coming to rescue him, the flares or the semi-automatic rifle? Our Islamic countries are using semi-automatic rifle along with annoying verbal abuse to get the attention of America!!     

            Question # 1: Who created this type of biased anti-American sentiment and the public opinion?

            Question # 2: Who can ignite a renaissance to change it?

A simple answer to both questions is “Muslim Intellectuals”. Ah! Intellectuals! I always have problem spelling this lengthy word!

There are certain species that habitually imitate others. Our Muslim Intellectuals are comfortably sitting on the branches of an Islamic tree, waging their long Islamic tails and imitating each other. They all are tuned to the same frequency. These intellectuals dare to solve economic problems with the help of Quranic transcription. Some solicit barter system and some Psychology professors find the pattern of human behavior in the Quran. Geology, Oceanology, Biology, Anthropology and all types of terminologies are found in this miraculous book. Finding economic and scientific solution from Quran is like designing a spaceship from a cave drawing. They even create hoax stories like Neil Armstrong became a Muslim after he heard the Islamic call to prayer in the moon.

When Half and Mini Muslims are petrified by the ferocity of Mullah Piranhas, they helplessly seek guidance from Muslim Intellectuals. The majority of the Muslim intellectuals are also Modern Islamic scholars. They exploit this situation cleverly. These Muslim Intellectuals own giant retail stores of Islamic opium. They have all kinds of books that explain Islam deceitfully. Wrapped in sugarcoated capsules this slow-poisoning opium is well received by general Muslims.

   Mostly these Intellectuals are busy fixing the holes in Islam and defending Mohammad. I admit it’s a daunting task. No one in his right mind would be a defense lawyer of Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin or Mohammad. Anyway, they spend the rest of their free time making a case against Israel and America . They care more about Palestinians than their own country and create a public opinion of hate and bitterness.

            It’s true, Islam is not the only cause of misery for Islamic countries but it certainly works as catalyst and strongly influences other factors such as unstable political situation, corrupted government and ignorance. Seduced by Islamic opium, citizens of Islamic countries cannot think of becoming industrialized nations.

Only Muslim Intellectuals can steer the biased public opinion to a positive direction and help building prosperous countries. Dropping the Islamic tail will help them to see and show the real face of Islam. Cured from Islamic disease and armed with secular thinking our intellectuals can definitely change the world.

We need to change our attitude towards other countries and see the world through a different prism. As it says, we have no control over the wind but we can always adjust the sail to keep our boats floating. 






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