Leaving Islam




A Fool's Paradise  

By Rajesh


"A scratch on my feet hurts me more than a holocaust elsewhere"  

In my student life, I along with a friend had once decided to prepare a chicken dish all by ourselves. As I was brought up as a strict vegetarian, it was an exciting prospect. It was supposed to be an economy party, as student life and lack of cash go hand in hand. We went to a nearby coup to purchase a live hen; the coup is an understatement. It was a mega-coup, where literally tens of thousands of hens were kept, all being fattened for the market.  

The merchant keeper brought out a live, healthy chicken. We were supposed to do the culling by ourselves at our hostel; however, the merchant volunteered to do the culling for us at no extra cost. We did not object.  

He brought out a knife and in full view of the other tens of thousands of caged hens, knifed the bird. The animal with its feet tied and wings interlocked, writhed in agony, jumped up and down and let out cries of excruciating pain. For a first-timer to the world of non-veg food, it was a not a sight to be easily forgotten.  

What surprised me most was the other hens continued about their task of eating as if nothing had happened. Even the ones nearest to the slaughtered bird, did not even wink their eyelids, but went about their religious task of eating and still more eating.  

“How can these stupid birds afford to act so smug and unconcerned?” I wondered. Didn't they realise that a similar or worse fate awaited them in a few days? At that time, I felt a little swelling of ego at being human and intelligent. Hens were after all, hens. I soon forgot about this episode.  

Then came my chance encounter with faithfreedom.org site and for the first time in my life I was awakened to the evil of Islam. It's not that the city which I live in was spared from Islamic 'holiness' (having seen at least fifteen bomb blast in less than 5 years); but somehow I always felt that Islam did not concern me. True, one of my distant friends died in these bomb blasts, but then, such things happen, or so I thought. There's no one out to get me personally. Life goes on, Islam or no Islam.  

I am sure this is what everyone thinks. People die in accidents, people die in mishaps, and people die in terrorist attacks. What's so big deal about it? Even the insurance people have allocated mathematical probabilities of being killed in bomb blasts and people blissfully and ignorantly pay their premium; most people and their elected officials have come to accept a terrorist attack as a part and parcel of life, albeit an unsavoury one. People get killed; how can I turn this into cash?  

Even as I write this article and even as you are reading the same, someone somewhere is making his preparations for his celestial date with 72 virgins, pearl like boys, the rivers of wine and pheasant meat. All that an enlightened Muslim has to do to enter Islamic paradise is to kill a helpless, unsuspecting kafir, and he has ensured his Allah sanctioned, never ending orgy. That's it! The shortest road to Paradise ! Allah couldn't have been more benevolent to his believers.  

The next victim of the bomb under a crowded bus seat or live RDX meekly concealed in a bustling market thoroughfare could be a faceless stranger, two continents away. It could be your helpless friend as in my case, or it could very well be you. Muslims don't play dice with kafirs; all are condemned to die as per their holy Quran. (The survivors, i.e the 'dhimmis' await a fate worse than death.)  

It's not a question of 'if'; it's a question of 'when'? Muslims are not going to have a change of heart. If nothing is done, sooner than later, all of us are going to be slaughtered or subjugated at the altar of Islam. It will be the biggest bitter joke in human history when a bunch of bearded, illiterate, foul-mouthed thugs hold an entire civilization to ransom, rubbishing all scientific and cultural advances made till date. The aim of all invading Muslim armies is to usher their utopian 7th Century barbarity over the conquered lands. It has happened with Persia , it happened with Egypt and India , (three of the most developed and prosperous countries in their time). It is happening in Europe and Scandinavia . Make no mistake; it is going to happen everywhere.  

A severe trauma or near-death experience tends to unite the affected people. 9/11 claimed the lives of over three thousand people in the USA yet it seems that the rest of mankind has conveniently forgotten about it and are going about their lives as if nothing has happened, (as in the case of the dumb hens above).

We are worse than the dumb hens in the above example. The hens have nothing to lose. Most of them have been bred in captivity and apart from eating and more eating, they have done precious little with their lives. But a human life.... Imagine the day when scientists, film-stars, journalists, social workers, and all male kafirs with pubic hair are beheaded one by one, the Islamic way. A gentle cut of the carotid artery, with your hands and feet tied back - you can take your time to die. What's the hurry?  

Imagine the day when all the innocent girls and women who move around like gazelles in your city, gang-raped one after the other, the old and the ugly 'chastised' in the above manner, and the beautiful sold to the highest bidder in Saudi Arabia.  

It has happened earlier, and nothing is stopping it from happening now.  

After reading this article, you can ....

A>  Convert to Islam (a smart choice)

B>   Log off your PC and attend to Lunch/ Dinner (be hen headed as above)

C>  Do something.....(The least you can do is to spread the message of faithfreedom.org)  

For evil to triumph, it's necessary good people do nothing....  








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