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The Islamic Hydra

By Rachel Neuwrith 


Day after day, fanatic Arabs/Muslims murder "the infidels" and proudly profess their noble goal of spreading Islam and ruling the world. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, now --- perhaps hundreds of millions later--- are driven by this ideology. Could a world-wide Islamic hegemony usher in peace and prosperity?

Despite the Muslim world's natural resources and vast territory, they are but a notch above the African Sub-Saharan expanse in scientific, intellectual and humanistic achievements. This is a shameful indictment. But shame, humiliation, guilt and responsibility are not readily acknowledged by the Arab/Muslim world. Thus, we typically see the "3-D Response"... Deflection, Deception, Denial. The misery of the "Palestinians"? Blame Israel. The lack of success and prosperity? Blame America. The failure of Islam to "deliver the goods?" Blame the West.


And so Islamo-terror continues unabated in Iraq, Indonesia, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Madrid and elsewhere. There is no end in sight. Islam, the so-called "Religion of Peace," is fast becoming a breeder of hatred and an incubator of willing foot soldiers. It has neither boundaries nor limits. Nor is there any semblance of humanity in their brutality. The beating and hanging from a bridge over the Euphrates River of four lifeless, mutilated charred American civilian bodies is the latest graphic and indelible testimony of their inhumanity.

CIA director George Tenet told the Senate Intelligence Committee a couple of months ago:

The steady growth of Osama bin Laden's anti-American sentiment through the wider Sunni (Muslim) extremist movement and the broad dissemination of Al Qaeda's destructive expertise ensure that a serious threat will remain for the foreseeable future, with or without Al Qaeda in the picture.


Gen. Henri Bentegeat, head of France's armed forces, recently spoke in Paris and called Al Qaeda a "hydra with several heads." He also said: "If we catch one head there will be others."

Some of the many "heads" of this international Arab/Islamic hydra include such notables as Osama Ben Laden, Yassir Arafat (Israel's “peace partner”), Abu Sayyaf (Philippines), Sheikh Muhammad Nasserallah (Hizb'Allah – the party of God) and Moqtada al-Sadr (Iraqi Shiite Muslim cleric and Hizb’Allah-Iranian front man in Iraq). These and many other lesser known figures are supported and lionized by untold millions.

Some might say that Islam has two faces. In reality, it boasts as many faces as the hydra has heads! We are all becoming acutely aware of the so-called "radical Islamic." But is there such a thing as a "moderate" or "secular" Muslim? Or is it merely a matter of the number of degrees "cooler" they are compared to the boiling hot radical center? Bear in mind the not-so-humorous definition of a "moderate Palestinian:" An Arab who would murder Israel's Jews moderately!"

Don't be misled into believing that "moderate" voices can be heard from public relations propagandizing groups such as Salem al Marayati's American Muslim Public Affairs Committee, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and many other American Arabs/Muslims. They have two-fold agenda: destroy Israel and Islamicize America.


Time and again President Bush has promised that American will not falter and will stay the course. But does he fully appreciate that, like that multi-headed hydra, the course should be multi-directional?  As noble as it may be to attempt the introduction of democracy to those who have neither a clue of what it really is nor an inkling of how to sustain it, the real mission must continue to be, first and foremost, the elimination of those who incite, encourage and deliver the kind of barbaric Arab/Muslim/Islamic terrorism witnessed in Fallujah.

A tit-for-tat response is woefully inadequate. Just ask the Israelis! Instead a hard lesson must be taught, in my opinion. Flatten Fallujah. Scorch Southern Lebanon and her Hizb'Allah thugs. Give Arafat and Khamanei the same one-way ticket recently issued to Sheikh Yassin and Abdel Aziz Rantisi. Melt the sword of Islam before it truly hangs over all of us like the the Sword of Damocles!


Rachel Neuwirth is a freelance writer who reside in Los Angeles  [email protected]






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