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There are several sneaky and absurd statements being made by Muslims these days. This article presents some of them and a brief analysis and justification. Here they go:  

  • “We love JESUS (pbhu). He was ALLAH’s messenger and we all accept him as a rasool and nabi. EESA (Jesus in Arabic) is our nabi and rasool too”. 

Muslims offer SALAT (prayer in Arabic) 5 times a day. They take shahada (acceptance of Islam) by saying “Allah hu akbar la illaha ilallah muhammedan rasoolullah” and they repeat these lines or similar ones in their salat.   

Now the ambiguity here is, if Muslims really respected Jesus and accepted him as one of their prophets, then why don’t Muslims say “Allah hu akbar la illaha ilallah, eesa rasoolullah “at least once in a day while offering salat? The above verse means Allah is the only GOD and Muhammad is Allah’s messenger. Well why this exclusive preference being given to only Muhammad? Why not Jesus if he too was a messenger of Allah? A Muslim apologist can say “Islam was revealed via Muhammad and that’s why we say so. That shows Islam originated only in the time of Muhammad and not before as Muslims claim.” This refutes their claim that Jesus was a Muslim and that even Adam was a Muslim. Muhammad founded Islam and before him Islam did not exist and so the previous prophets could not have been Muslims.  

  • “Quran has many scientific miracles. It must be from GOD” 

Lets us examine one of the alleged scientific verses:  


YUSUFALI: He is created from a drop emitted-

PICKTHAL: He is created from a gushing fluid

SHAKIR: He is created of water pouring forth,


YUSUFALI: Proceeding from between the backbone and the ribs:

PICKTHAL: That issued from between the loins and ribs.

SHAKIR: Coming from between the back and the ribs.

According to Quran the male semen/sperm originates at a place between ribs and backbone. However, semen originate from TESTICLES (for more info refer to this site ). Are the testicles between backbone and ribs? In fact this was an ancient Greek belief and also Arab belief which was proven wrong later. A Muslim apologist gives a contradicting and funny answer to this question in this site

 He first mentions that Quran is not a science book and it contains ancient Arab beliefs. But he contradicts his own statement by ending the article claiming that the Quran has correct science! This “scholar” forgot what he wrote before! In that article the writer has himself added (lower) in brackets which is not exactly in Quran. It never mentions the word lower. It’s a barefaced lie and desperate attempt to save Islam’s claims.    


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