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A Black Day in Iranian History

 Potkin Azarmehr 


Iranian exiles turned up outside the Iranian embassy in London today, almost all dressed in black, to mark the anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Iran as a black day in the country's history. 

British police who allowed Muslim fundamentalist protesters to carry placards enticing the faithful to murder the infidels, initially tried to stop the secular Iranian protesters from playing music, saying it may cause public disorder!  

Protest organisers however insisted that they should be allowed to play the Iranian national anthem and other patriotic songs and police eventually backed down.  

Protesters also carried posters of Mansour Osanlou, the jailed Iranian bus driver. 

The following leaflet was handed out : 

The Birth of Global Islamic Terrorism
This day in 1979, Islamic fundamentalists took power in Iran . Below is a condensed short list of terrorist and inhumane activities carried out by the Islamists in the last 27 years, inside and outside of Iran .

1978, August 20  Cinema Rex, a movie theater in Abadan , was locked from the outside and set on fire by Islamists, resulting in 377 deaths.

1979   Thousands accused of collaborating with the previous regime are summarily executed without a trial and the right of attorney.

1980 Thousands of Iranian Kurds are massacred by the orders of Ayatollah Khalkhali.

1980 52 American diplomats and staff are taken hostage for 444 days against all international conventions.

1980 Islamists close down all universities and sack non-Islamic academics and students. Iran does not produce any graduates for two years. They call this their “cultural revolution”.

1982 Thousands of political activists are rounded up in street demonstrations and summarily executed, including pregnant women and young teenagers for offences as petty as handing out dissident leaflets.

1983 – Islamic Republic through its terror networks in Lebanon carries out several bombings. These include French barracks, US marines HQ and the US embassy in Beirut .
1980 – 1996, Hundreds of Iranian dissidents who oppose the Islamic Republic are assassinated in Europe and US. Innocent European citizens are murdered or maimed in the process. European governments on some occasions let the assassins escape back to Iran .

1988 August – September, Thousands of Iranian political prisoners who were sentenced to prison by the Islamic regime’s own kangaroo courts, are massacred just before the end of the Iran-Iraq war. Ayatollah Khomeini personally gave the order of the massacre.

1989 Ayatollah Khomeini issues fatwa to murder the British writer, Salman Rushdie. Many are assassinated throughout Europe including publishers and translators of Satanic Verses.

1997- 1998 More Iranian dissidents and intellectuals are killed, this time using extra judicial methods.
1999 July    - Islamic mercenaries attack student dormitories at dawn. Students are killed and maimed and thrown off three storey buildings. Student protests erupt across 19 cities for six days. The Islamic regime arrests more than 2000 people handing some long sentences to imprisoned students.

2003, June 23  Female Canadian journalist is beaten to death in Islamic prison. 

Islamic Republic will soon have nuclear technology and weapons ..  

How Much Longer Will You Stand and Watch?







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