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The Anglo Iranian Unholy Alliance? 

Why Britain set free the mastermind of the Argentina Jewish Center bombing? 

By Potkin Azarmehr 

A while ago there seemed to be a typo error in a BBC news item on the web, that Soleimanpour, the ex Islamic Republic diplomat wanted by Argentine’s judiciary for his role in the bombing of a Jewish Centre, was allowed to return to Iran. 

Some of us were taken by surprise, as we had not heard of Soleimanpour's return until then. The BBC then seemed to alter the news item and remove the line which stated Soleimanpour's return to Iran. 

Today, what seemed like a typo error is official news. David Blunkett has conveniently decided that there is not enough evidence to extradite Soleimanpour to Argentina to face trial for the bombing of the Jewish Centre. The Argentinian judge is dismayed to say the least; for he is convinced that pages after pages of the dossier he sent the British Home Secretary should have warranted Soleimanpour's extradition to face trial. At the same time another ex Islamic Republic agent in Germany, by the name of Mesbah, has confirmed the role of Islamic Republic under the direct orders of the Islamic regime's supreme leader, in blowing up the Jewish centre.  

So why is Blunkett letting the accused Islamic diplomat/agent to return to Iran? It does not take a genius to answer the question. We all remember the European tour of trio foreign ministers, from Germany, France and England. The pictures of Jack Straw cuddling and laughing with Kharrazi and Ayatollah Hassan Rowhani were worth more than a thousand words. In fact I can never remember an Ayatollah laughing so generously ever before. Jack Straw is not known for telling funny jokes or being a comedian of great wit. What on earth could he have said to make Ayatollah Rowhani, the secretary of the Islamic regime's national security council, the same man who referred to the student protesters in 1999 as those "engaged in war against Allah" to laugh so much and let an infidel like Straw to cuddle up to him so affectionately? 

It's the same old European harlotry in foreign policy. All the fuss and pressure on the Islamic Republic wasn't so much as to why the Islamic regime is developing nuclear weapons but why is the Islamic regime purchasing the technology from Russia instead of EU? Once the deal was made, the cuddling, the tickling and the laughing ended and Soleimanpour was let free. 

What are the lessons? Instead of writing letters and signing petitions to the likes of Jack Straw and Blunkett and trying to awaken their non-existent conscience, we need to concentrate on the ordinary people of the countries where we live in. We need to explain to the people in the countries where we currently reside in that the Islamic regime is a rogue state, and if this rogue state becomes an imminent "45 minute threat" it won't be the sons and daughters of Jack Staw and David Blunkett that will have to go to war and die as a result of friendly and unfriendly fire, it will be the sons and daughters of the ordinary citizens who will be asked to make the sacrifice. 

During the extradition of General Pinochet saga, hundreds of British people were seen amongst the pickets outside his hospital or the Home Secretary's office along with the Chilean ex-pats. When Soleimanpour had to appear in court, all the protesters were Iranian. Think about it, that's where we have gone wrong and not done enough work. 

Today the ordinary citizens of the West are threatened by our common enemy, Islamic fundamentalism. Lets make a global front against this global threat and ask them to join our ranks. 


'Evil Only Prevails When the Good Stay Silent'






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