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9/11 Victims Remembered by Iranian Exiles in London

By Potkin Azarmeher

A group of Iranians gathered outside the Houses of Parliament in London tonight and remembered the victims of 9/11 as well as the Iranian political prisoners massacred in September 1988 by lighting candles and displaying posters. 

The following leaflet was handed out to many passers by who received them with much enthusiasm. Many of whom shook hands with us and told us how refreshing it was to hear a voice against Islamic fundamentalism for a change. 

The text of the leaflet handed out tonight:


Freedom loving people of the world,  

We are gathered here today to mark the second anniversary of the September 11 tragedy carried out by the enemies of knowledge and progress. Yet another crime committed by the Islamic fundamentalists but one that brought the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism home to people in the West.  

For us Iranians however, September also marks the mass execution of Iranian political prisoners in 1988. Several thousand Iranian political prisoners were executed by the kangaroo clerical courts and their bodies were buried in mass graves. A crime, which was ignored by the world. There were no protests, no marches, and no news headlines, just silence.  

The Islamic Republic of Iran has got bolder and bolderas the West and the European Union continues to ignorethe role of Iran's clerics in so many atrocities.  

Islamic Republic of Iran is a rogue state. It is responsible for more than 90 assassination attempts outside the Iranian soil. European citizens have also been the victims of these terrorist acts.  

Islamic Republic of Iran harbours and sponsors terrorists. Well known wanted terror masters such as Lebanese Emmad Mughniye and Ennis Naqash, the Jordanian Al-Qaedeh link Abu Musaf Zarkawi currently reside in the Islamic Republic and it is also reported that Al-Qaeda's top leadership Iman al-Zawahiri and Saad bin Laden are also  in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  

Islamic Republic of Iran is a global threat and is now close to developing nuclear weapons. How much longer can you stay silent before the terrorists strike again?  

Put pressure on your politicians to stop promoting the Islamic Republic of Iran for the sake of short-term business interests.  Support the Iranian peoples struggle for a secular democracy. Stand up to Islamic fundamentalism and the states that promote it.  

Supporters of the Pro-Democracy Movement in Iran






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