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From Today There is No More Mohammad 

Pete Fisher 


The NY Times ran this article about riots in Nigeria related to the Mohammed Cartoons; NYT that I found on the Western Resistance site shows that the people of this world are getting fed up with Muslims and their agenda. 

It seems that some countries have been beginning to take more stringent action against Islam and its violent antics as well as the way they treat non-Mohammedans in countries around the globe. With statements such as “This is Igbo land, No more  Muslims can live here” and “From today there is no more Mohammed” showing the patience of people around the world becoming strained, one would think the Muslims of this planet would begin to see how the world views them and their religion. 

In a nation split between Christians and Muslims it seems these latest temper tantrums by Muslims have caused quiet a rift in society and people are beginning to take action where their government remains idle. Nigerian Christians have long complained that about being treated as second-class citizens by their Muslim neighbors and they have been irked to the point of action prompting over 100 deaths and mosque destruction in the area. 

Yet Nigeria and Christians are not the only ones taking action. In Burma the Buddhists are also retaliating for the actions of Muslims by burning mosques and staging massive protests. Now anyone knows that getting a Buddhist to that point is quite an undertaking, but even the most passive of people will eventually resort to violence for the sake of self preservation. I have a feeling that as time elapses we will begin to see more nations follow suit as Islam clashes with religions and culture deemed unacceptable to them. 

In Bangladesh some protests have been ongoing to bring to attention the land grabbing and bullying of Muslims against other religions as well. Actions like this are seemingly indicative of Muslims whenever they feel they have the upper hand and tend to show their blatant disregard for other cultures and religions by using violence and humiliation to eventually enforce their ways on people. Australia recently made a statement that any Muslim immigrant should thoroughly understand that they are moving to a country that is not based on Islam and its culture is based on freedom and tolerance. Any Muslim desiring to move there needs to leave Sharia at home and if they do not like how the dress and speak, that perhaps they need to look at moving elsewhere. 

Holland chastised imams there for spewing hate and inciting violence, looking at ousting them, and confiscating their passports and drivers licenses. A recent poll in Britain says that 40% of all British Muslims desire Sharia in the U.K. , and I suspect this number to be higher due to many Muslims not desiring to make their agenda public. I also suspect that many in the USA and Canada have similar feelings, as in Canada the Muslims there already tried to institute Sharia in their communities. 

We all know about the Netherlands , Denmark , Norway , Sweden , France , and the U.K. and their dealings with the Muslims they invited in to enjoy freedoms and rights they never had in their countries of origin. And Islam has shown that they truly do not desire those freedoms, because once settled they attempt to force acceptance of their religion and values and eventually go for self governance as seen in the Philippines where the Muslim population commits acts of terror in their desire not to be submitted to a nation that is 95% Christian. Western nations that have large populations of Muslims, such as France see their own cultures ripped apart as Muslims commit honor killings, rape, and violent protests to get their way. The USA has organizations that claim to be charitable, sending money to fund terror around the globe. Muslims have no consideration for their adopted homelands or respect for their cultures. They will be Muslims first, and turn away from the injustices committed by their own while pushing for heavy penalties should anyone insult them or their religion. 

We here in the West have been quite tolerant of Islam to the point it is hurting us. I find the statements by Australia quite appropriate, and though I do not advocate violence I do understand why people resort to it when all else fails. Giving Muslims freedom is not what they want. Yes, they desire freedom, but only if it is the freedom to be Muslim, which most times are contrary to the cultures they move into. They never whine about those who desecrate Christian and Jewish icons and prophets, and try to tell us all how they revere those religions and their prophets. And even above Moses, Mohammed is the only one where blasphemy can be attributed. They never riot when Jesus is mocked or a bible is desecrated. I have never seen CAIR take on a cause for the freedom of Christians or Jews who are mocked or mistreated. 

And we in the West deem ourselves to be enlightened and educated and as optimists we hope for peace and security within our own borders and globally. But Islam has taken the tiger by the tail and there is a flame that has been ignited in Islam all over the world whereby they see anything contrary to them as the enemy and Jihad as the answer. The failing of Islam to curtail its violence and allow its adherents worldwide to persecute others as they turn their heads, and crying injustice towards Muslims from the other side of their mouth is beginning to have the opposite effect they desire. By taking advantage of our freedoms and rights they have protested to show they do not desire our way of life. They only desire for the rest of the world to be subject to theirs. 

I am not calling for the West to follow the actions of Nigeria or Burma , but how long do Muslims think we will put up with their nonsense and double speak? The seeds of violence have been sown, but the truth is that those who fight Muslims do so in retaliation to acts of injustice heaped upon them, whereas Islam believes they have this right to dominate given to them by Allah, and have no problem eliminating those who refuse to live as Muslims. But the winds of change are not just coming; they are already here as we see nation after nation taking steps to prevent the violence and hatred that runs rampant in Islamic communities. And Islam will continue to blame others for their dilemmas while remaining silent about the acts of their own. As any magician knows, slight of hand keeps the audience focused on the act, as Islam does by continually blaming others to keep our eyes off of the truth. 

I see a future where Islam will be isolated from the rest of the world soon, because like Nigeria , people will be pushing to oust Mohammed in order to retain their way of life and exorcise self-preservation. 

 None of us wishes harm to a skunk, but none of want one living in our attic either.


Pete Fisher is a concerned citizen in the Chicago area who has written several articles on the economy, educational system, politics, and religion. He has been feature on several sites such as RenewAmerica.us, Chronwatch.com, Blessedcause.com, Michnews.com, mensnewsdaily.com,The Rant.us, Faithfreedom.org, and has been circulated on various other sites worldwide. He is a 6 year veteran of the Armed Forces.  

Pete can be contacted at: [email protected]







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