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The Spoiled Brat Islam 

Pete Fisher 


The past couple of weeks have shown the intense anger of Muslims around the globe over a cartoon of Mohammed posted in newspapers around Europe . With Palestinians vowing to avenge their prophet with their own blood, and embassies being burned in Syria , it is obvious that the potential for violence is of the hair trigger variety when it comes to Muslims. 

All it takes is a columnist like Van Gogh, a cartoon, or even an accidental death of a Muslim and rioting begins somewhere, and at times like this; everywhere. The fact that even clerics in Baghdad are burning Danish flags in the street shows that condoning these acts is not limited to the lower ranks of Islam, but to those who teach it's principles and know it's writings well. 

Iran has resumed nuclear proliferation after the watchdogs have been properly notified much as Saddam did after numerous U.N. resolutions banning him from doing so. Europe has unsuccessfully tried to appease them through negotiation as well as China and Russia. The U.N. lost its teeth so many years ago we would have better results from the Boy Scouts dealing with terror. 

When things do not go their way they want vengeance. They burn flags, they bomb transport, they kidnap and behead. Like spoiled brats they stomp their feet, hold their breath and make threats. They obviously believe Allah is too weak to defend himself, and that Mohammed is in need of their guns. Otherwise the violence and temper tantrums would not be there. Unlike other religions that pray for the unbelievers to have their eyes opened, and figure whatever god they serve can defend his own honor, while Islam has to do Allah's dirty work for him. Well, fine to believe that personally, but to try and enforce it with death and mayhem shows the contempt Islam has of other religions and cultures, as well as the propensity for violence as instilled into them by the writings of Islam. 

The hypocrisy is so evident here there can be no missing it. So why do we in the West, not take these wonderful examples of Islamic peace and plaster them all over the newspapers and televisions when these riots break out? We can easily show how the Palestinians used a holy church in Jerusalem as a place of terror and violence, while using bibles for toilet paper. Or show a mosque that sits atop a Hindu holy site that was torn down after slaughtering the worshippers in cold blood. Or show where the Taliban defaced a huge Buddhist stature simply because Islam believes that NO images of gods should be allowed. But we do not do this. First, we know it does no good because if it has no value to Islam itself, there is no respect. Secondly, they honestly believe they have this right given to them by the Koran. 

To a Muslim there is no other way. If they truly held respect for Moses and Jesus, they could never hate the followers of those prophets with such intensity. So we see yet another Islamic smoke screen showing us that what they say is not how they truly believe. 

Where are the Muslims who claim they do not believe like this? They are silent as usual, with exception of a small press release here and about claiming different. They are not vowing death to Muslims who have defiled the name of Mohammed, or waging jihad against those who take the name of Allah in vain while cutting someone's head off or torching their property. Which tells me that no matter what they tell me about Islam, their intention is no different than the others, just not as obvious. 

So how do we as a global entity deal with this Problem Child? In my mind Islam MUST be confined to a particular area in the world, sort of like putting a dunce cap on a kid and having him stand in a corner. Europe did this with Christianity after the Protestants and Catholics went to war. They decreed that there would be no more religious wars and any offending nation would be dealt with severely. Why would it be unacceptable to do this with Islam? With the US, China, Russia, Canada, Australia, and Europe united in this single cause it could be done. History has shown it worked once before, so we should give it a try. Place Mecca and Medina as the first strike targets, as well as outlawing anyone to practice Islam in the West. This way, if they decide to continue Jihad, they can go at it amongst themselves. By removing the physical threat of Muslims from Western society we can live more peacefully and deal with our own issues. 

I am at the point where if Shiites and Sunnis want to kill each other, why should we spend time, money and lives to save them? Remove them all from Israel and keep building those walls. Maybe when they get hungry enough they will immigrate to non-Islamic nations and convert to religions where these antics are not tolerated. Like a spoiled brat, lock them in their room until they get hungry enough to come to the dinner table and sit like civilized people. Maybe the cartoon of Mohammed was simply like the dunce cap for a brat in class that disrupts the education of the other kids. That is how I look at it. 

Perhaps the world needs to step up very soon and begin taking action, by calling Islam what it really is to most of our nations. A treasonous organization bent on violence. By using the Koran itself it is easily shown that Islam has an agenda that is dangerous to Western society. It actually goes against our own laws, so why are we standing here allowing the schoolyard bully to throw rocks at us? 

Simply remove the bad element as we do any other criminal, and go on with our way of life. Lawsuits from the ACLU and CAIR be damned, we can list them as aiding and abetting international criminals and ship them off as well. 

Use a huge alliance of nations to shove this brat in a room until they can play nice with other kids, even a kindergartner knows this principle. 

Maybe we should all go back to school for a day.           

Pete Fisher is a concerned citizen in the Chicago area who has written several articles on the economy, educational system, politics, and religion. He has been feature on several sites such as RenewAmerica.us, Chronwatch.comBlessedcause.com, Michnews.com, mensnewsdaily.com,

The Rant.us, and has been circulated on various other sites worldwide. He is a 6 year veteran of the Armed Forces. 

Pete can be contacted at: [email protected]








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