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Let the Peaceful Muslims Deal With Hamas

By Pete Fisher  


Well, now that Hamas is at the helm once again, leading the Palestinians into the Dark Ages, the world is once again put in a situation where we have to find a way to deal with them. Not just as the well know terror group under Arafat, but as an elected government of a people known for constant bloodshed.  

It makes me wonder sometimes if there will ever be a solution to that side of the world and the religious ideologies that support bloodshed and slaughter under the dictates of Islam. I have serious doubts that as long as so many are so deceived and have been for generations, that peace can thrive between Islam and the rest of the world.  

But I am willing to give it a shot. Why not? I have seen and heard so many Muslims claiming this is not Islam, and that Islam is indeed a peaceful religion. And in the same breath I hear how naïve my understanding of the Koran is; that we as non-Mohammedans simply have no clue as to our understanding of the Koran.  

So I say put your faith into action all you followers of Mohammed. Leave these lands of ignorant people and go forth into the world and teach your own. Sell your belongings in America , Europe, Canada , Israel , and move to those areas where millions of Muslims are defiling your religion. Take all that hard earned money the infidels provided for you and use it to build schools that teach your peaceful brand of Islam.  

Build mosques and preach your message in the streets as you do in Michigan . Buy those loudspeakers and debate with the mullahs who teach slaughter and hate in the name of your god and prophet. Stand up for your faith and call these terrorist like Bin Laden out in the street and have a showdown with the truth. Rid Islam of what you claim is distorted doctrine and cleanse the minds of your people with your version of the truth.  

Mass together and protest the mosques, protest Hamas, protest the Maddrassas, protest the speeches in your holy places. You have the energy to do this, and you have the resources to do these things. Because you can find ways to sue those in America you claim refuse your rights. CAIR has roots in Palestinian terrorism, your charities have given to Hamas again and again. Don't leave this task of dealing with them to those who do not understand. Take the responsibility and do it yourself.  

The Jewish prophets of old, they protested in their temples, they taught loudly from the streets and from the public places. They condemned their own for warping the Holy Scriptures and the defiling the holy places in Israel . And many died.  

Christians died by the thousands for teaching their way, as they still do today at the hand of your peaceful brethren. They later stood and fought the teachings of the church when they thought the bible had been hijacked. They stood, they taught, and they died because the faith they had was strong and pure.  

And they still band together to condemn the teachings or actions of their own whether it is sipping poison in the jungle or using a priestly position for evil. And they refuse to accept it and they refuse to stand still. And they do not simply place and ad in a paper or have a fast press release, they change laws and they make a difference.  

So you millions of Muslims worldwide, what will you do with your faith? Try to teach us infidels about the wondrous things in Islam you claim are abundant? Is this the measure of your faith, to allow your own to be deceived and continue their evil? Or is your religion simply words and no conviction towards your own? Is Allah not important enough to you that you would sacrifice living among infidels to teach those who use his name?  

They are after all just a small minority according to CAIR representatives, and any other Muslim organization that has made this claim in America and elsewhere. So stand up in the manner of men with courage and put a stop to the madness within your own ranks. If you allow us to deal with it, we will deal with them as a political entity and not as a religious one. We will not scream about the greatness of our God while we cut someone’s head off on videotape. We will not praise Jesus while sending in our troops and bombing your lands. We will simply deal with it to survive as a culture. Because Islam will be the cause of the next World War, it is adverse to mankind and its survival. It cannot, in its present state reside in peace with anyone else.  

Hamas is already chomping at the bit, Muslims. Iran has already screamed for the eradication of Israel , Pakistan is not entirely stable; you have dozens and dozens of radical groups to teach. Or will you allow them to continue spewing hatred and threats in the name of your god and prophet? Is your faith at least as strong as the Jews and Christians before you? Or is just for show in an American courtroom when lawsuits are filed against infidels?  

I charge you all to leave these lands and take back your religion! You do nothing for your faith here and your religion is on the brink of insanity worldwide. We who are ignorant have the faith, but according to you, we do not understand. So who then is able?  

As a wise bear once said: “Only YOU”.  


Pete Fisher is a concerned citizen in the Chicago area who has written several articles on the economy, educational system, politics, and religion. He has been feature on several sites such as RenewAmerica.us, Chronwatch.comBlessedcause.com, Michnews.com, mensnewsdaily.com, The Rant.us, and has been circulated on various other sites worldwide. He is a 6 year veteran of the Armed Forces.


Pete can be contacted at: [email protected]







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