Leaving Islam




The Course of History is Changed 

"knock and the door will be opened to you". Luke 11:9

For years, the pundits of this site along with a handful of other sites such as Jihadwatch.org  and SecularIslam.org, etc., have been trying to make the world realize that the enemy is Islam and not Wahhabism or “extremist Islam” as has been claimed by many so called experts and apologists of Islam. We kept repeating that Islam is not hijacked but rather Islamic terrorism IS the real Islam. Our message seems to be finally heard. Folks, this message is getting through.  We knocked for eight years. Someone has finally heard us. The door is opening at last.

Once imputing Islam as a political adversary and the enemy of the state is adopted as the official policy of the government, I promise, read my lips, I PROMISE, that the Islamic terrorism will be thwarted, that the Muslim pressure groups will go into hiding, that the masses of Muslims will start leaving Islam and that eventually, the war against Islamic terrorism will be won hands down.  

What you are going to read now, it the most important document I have published in faithfreedom.org so far. If what this document says is true, if indeed the United State s' government is starting to take a closer look at Islam itself as the engine of terrorism, and if strategic plans are made to destroy this engine, mark this day as the turning point in the war against Islamic terrorism. It is the turning point, because up until today, we were on the defensive. If what this document says is true, for the first time, we will be on the offensive and for the first time there is hope, nay, rather certainly that we will win this war.

This is the most important day in human history. This is not hyperbole. 

Ali Sina  


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