Leaving Islam




The Far-Left's Limitless Foolishness

Paul Neska

The Marxist far left, which sometimes calls itself "Pacifist" always sees itself as the righteousness incarnate. People who belong to this political side have proved too many times that there is no limit to their foolishness, arrogance and hypocrisy. A recent debate with a person of this side of the political map gave me a better understanding of the fallacy of this ideology, which I associated myself with not a very long time ago, and therefore I became more content with the fact that I left the ideology of fools. 

To the people of the far left every criticism against Islam should be regarded as racist and hateful, while persecution of people from other religions by Muslims in Islamic countries is completely ignored. This persecution includes the imposition of draconian laws that ignore, and perhaps even legitimize the murder of non-Muslims. They claim to care for the human rights of Muslims, but critics of Islam who speak against the human rights violations done in Islamic countries are regarded by them as hatemongers who are trying to legitimize genocide against Muslims by Western military forces. Anyone who dares to call a spade a spade and speak against the violations of human rights done in the name of Islam is quickly labeled by the extreme left as fascist and inciter. 

The line in the debate which angered me most, and hence led me into writing this article is as follows: In a free translation from Hebrew, "The tabloidish words of incitement on FFI do not address Muslims to change their ways, but to Americans and Europeans, so they don't feel remorse when the lives, liberties and human rights of Muslims are trampled by them". If the reality wasn't so sad and terrible, this ridiculous statement might as well be a comedian's punch line in a stand-up show. The far left need not worry about the westerners trampling the human rights of Muslims. Their rights are already being trampled under the boots of their leaders. If we wanted to trample their rights and take away their freedoms, then the Muslim leaders beat us to it big time. Muslims murdered daily by fellow Muslims were never a concern of the self proclaimed fighters-for-human-rights of the far left. 

One of the far left's main problems is it's excessive political correctness, which leads to their refusal to acknowledge the danger of Islam, and even denying that such danger even exists. The political correctness also affects many people of the moderate left and even some from the right, but people from these sides for the most part are aware of the Islam's dangers, although unable to see Islam as the root of the problem. The far left however, is completely blind to the danger and sees the terrorists as people of fringe extreme denominations of Islam. They are so dogmatic and determined in their self-righteousness that every attempt to stir them from their ideology by pointing at it's fallacies results in the critic being labeled as fascist, the same label they use against critics of Islam. Since I quit this ideology, the foolishness of its followers never ceases to fascinate me. 

Paul Neska,

April 2006






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