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symposium on Islamic terrorism

Guest: Nonie Darwish


In view of the fact that Islamic terrorism is not going to go away any time soon and realizing that our politicians, just like the rest of the population have no clue about what causes terrorism and how to deal with it, in the coming weeks I am going to ask the experts to tell us what they think. I invite you also to ask your questions and if you have comments and suggestions please feel free to express them. You can use the forum for this purpose.  

My guest today, is Mrs.Nonie Darwish. Mrs. Darwish is an Arab. Her father joined the fight against the Israelis and was killed when she was only a child. Mrs. Darwish does not hide her disappointment and anger over what happened by the very culture she grew up in. This is not disloyalty but love for her culture of origin. She realizes that many in the Mideast and Moslems in America need to do much honest soul-searching. Many need to recognize the magnitude of the horrific events of 9/11, and cease the denial of Arab/Muslim responsibility. Ms. Darwish cherishes her Mideast background but she will defend America and its Constitution as all US citizens should. She takes her pledge of allegiance to the US flag seriously. Nonie Darwish is a writer, former editor and translator. She was born and raised in the Middle East and lived in the USA for over two decades. She is married with 3 children.

 Mrs. Darwish, 

Thank you for accepting this invitation and and agreeing to take part in this symposium. The first question most of us have and I would like you to answer is: 

What the terrorists want?

Nonie Darwish:

Terrorists only care for the after life. They hate and do not mind destroying life on earth. 


Ali Sina

So basically what you are saying is that Islamic terrorism is a religious act and has nothing to do with Israel, land, occupation, Iraq, Afghanistan or any other excuses that Muslims make? 

Can you please tell us,  Is Islamic terrorism an aberration or are the terrorists the ones who interpret Islam the right way?  


Nonie Darwish:

There is enough quotations in the Quran that support terrorism. Islam is in desperate need of reformation. It is not possible to predict if reformation will take place in the way Islam is interpreted.  

Ali Sina:  

But reformation possible? Can the moderate Islam win over the extremist Islam?

Nonie Darwish:

So far extremist Islam is winning and moderates are silent. I predict a civil war in the Middle East but the outcome is unpredictable.  

Ali Sina

How and when do you foresee this war will end?

Nonie Darwish:

This war will end only if the West unite and realize that Islam is not just a religion. It is an ideology that can destroy Western civilization and democracy. Even if the West is united it will not be an easy fight since they own the world oil reserves. But we have to fight the good fight for the preservation of democracy and freedom.  

Ali Sina: 

Can Islamic terrorism be defeated? If yes, how? If no, what should be done? 

Nonie Darwish:

Yes, but the West has to take off the gloves. They have to get ready not only to loose lives but also not be threatened with oil boycotts. If Western economy suffers for a while then so be it. Saudi Arabia will have no revenue to finance terrorism without selling oil. They need to sell it as much as we need to buy it. The West has to put aside their political differences, political correctness and policy of appeasement for a while and concentrate on winning the war on terrorism? We have to take our fight to the Muslim world. Nations who produce terrorists have to be named and pressured. Highest on the list is Saudi Arabia and Egypt . Western media has to be shamed in the way they are handling this war on terror. They should be scolded when they refuse to call terrorists as terrorists. Let us all boycott the leftist media that sympathize with terrorists and call them freedom fighters. The way Western media is blaming the West and accusing America of being the aggressor is self defeating and encourage terrorists.  

The West has to demand access for access. If Muslim countries have access to preach, build mosques and influence our culture and political system we should demand the same from Muslim countries. Just like trade balance, we need cultural balance. America should have the same right to build churches, synagogues and preach other religions in the Arab world. If that is unacceptable for them then we should not allow them access into our society either.  

Immigration and tourist visas to the US from Muslim countries should be limited. Terrorists love to operate in Western freedoms. We have to stop the importation of Muslim clerics and Islamic and Middle East studies professors with shady characters. Many of them are jihadists, terror sympathizers or at least are working in harmony to the goals of Islamizing America. American Muslims should be able to find Muslim preachers from ‘within’ the United States . US public universities should not be allowed to accept funds from radical Muslim countries.  

Politicians and the media tell us we’re in a ‘War on Terror’. This phrase is not sufficient for the conduct of a war. After 9/11, we need to be specific in defining our enemy by name and location. We need to hold the nations that produce terrorists responsible especially Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt .  

The West is giving too much weight on how terrorists interpret the Quran. It does not matter any more what the Quran say or does not say. Terrorism is a crime against humanity and is being promoted by religious extremists and supported overtly or covertly by many Muslim nations.

The UN should take a break from covering up the Oil-for-Food scandal and stand up to those who bribe them. The UN should call on Muslim nations to immediately reform their religious and political education. Muslims nations who do not reform should suffer serious consequence and international condemnation.   


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