Leaving Islam



Visible Cracks

By Mohd Sageer 

Knowing it would be too premature to drum up victory, the rays of   enlightenment have begun seeping into the Muslim world and the peace-loving Kafirs today definitely have a reason to hold on to their hopes.  

The winds of change are gently blowing if it not in the measures of a hurricane- Lebanon , Egypt and Iraq- are examples. Freethinking people of these countries are emerging in thousands and they are multiplying at an impressive rate, pouring out to the streets, shouting slogans, which have been hitherto a taboo in those despotic regimes.  

Perhaps Bush, in spite of his several follies has an uncanny vision – a foresight that most have failed to notice. He tactics, though involved violence in gigantic volumes, in a way showed he was thrusting his axe into the right place – at the barbarous dictators. By eliminating these brutal despotic regimes he paved the way for democracy. Peoples’ participation in the governmental affairs and a transparent justice system are something that is still unheard of in the Middle Eastern Islamic countries.  

What I gathered from my many encounters with the Asian Muslim population, 99.9% of them don’t have a clue what Quran teaches them let alone having read it at least once in their lifetime. Many of them are unaware of the translated version of that Book is now available in their mother tongue. And to others, the idea of a Quran that is not in Arabic simply does not exist. Most of them excuse themselves for not reading the Book, quoting their inability to understand Arabic.  

So why are they so devoted to their religion? The simple answer is: “inheritance”. 99% of Muslims are Muslims just because their forefathers were Muslims. Their ritualistic practices namely prayers, fasting etc were passed down to them by their parents. That is the reason when you tell them there are any number of violent verses in the Quran, you are confronted with a blank look on their faces.  That is the reason when you tell them the Quran dictates to hate Kafirs, they stare at you in disbelief. That is the reason when you tell them Islam prohibits the adoption of   boys, as foster sons, they frown at you.  

All these, compounded with a lack of freedom in the Islamic countries together with gross ignorance of their own belief system caused a pathetic stagnation among their society.  As for tribal leaders and Sheikdoms fear was the key weapon that used to bring down their subjects. Unquestionable monarchy system stifled the opportunities of the masses. Any voice that rise against them is silenced by their ruthless military and religious police.  

But the creation of the Internet changed the rules of the game. The gruesome September 11 has caused ruptures to appear in dynastical powers as much as it crushed down thousands within the twin towers. Yes! Muslims have started to take to streets, though at a slow pace.  The real voices of Muslims are being heard across the world. They want freedom. And freedom comes through democracy.  When democracy is in place then it will take its own course. Apostates can debate on issues in a parliament. Honor killings can be abolished.  Public places can be a venue for debate without the fear of being whisked away by the thugs of the rulers or the cane swishing religious police and not to be heard ever after.  

It is a tiny crack. Islamic militia with the help of brutal despotic and power hungry rulers must be hatching plots to halt further break down  using ferocious means.   

Relentlessness is the only way out…








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