Leaving Islam








By:  Mohd Sageer.

Let us all put ourselves in  a futuristic  scenario  where  the Arabs have succeeded in their noble venture to have the world population converted into  Islam , with all the nations across the globe  adopting  Sharia Law  where  women would  be forced to  wear  the head-to toe abhaya or hijab while men having their beard grown  to the stipulated length, attired in disdasha , will  walk, sit and eat like Arabs. All  indigenous traditions and cultures would have wiped out of earth.  Jews,  as a race will cease to  exist in this planet.   Only the physical characters  of different ethnic groups  would remain as distinguishable factor.

The Arab-Islmaization of the entire world would also encroach into the architectural structure of  all the world  nations, that their traditional  edifices , buildings and  designs would be replaced with  Arabian style of constructions.  None of the buildings' interior walls  would be adorned by any paintings. They    are bound to bear an austere look.  Because any artistic _expression is prohibited by Islam. With the demolition of   Temples,  Synagogues,  Churches, Gurudwaras, Ashrams,  statues, sculptures and all other images, including  the concept of  diversity in this  world would  be obliterated into history. Because a  place of worship apart from Mosques is unlawful in Islam. 

Performing arts  will take a severe blow in their  faces . Acting , theatre ,  dancing and , singing, which are  an integral part of human nature to  express  joy , sorrow  and freedom will suffer in the hands of  Imams and Mullahs.  People  would be liable to stay tight-lipped  so that any urges  to croon  a beautiful melody would not escape their throat for fear of persecution.  Musical instruments would simply become things of the past.  Traditional and  classical dance forms  will be  considered  obscene and haram.  Anyone  who dare learn a Mudra or a beautiful  ballet step will be amputated or  receive lashes  using whips.

Literature would mean only Hadeeses,  and other Islamic books.  Stories, Poetry,  and Philosophical works, would be strictly confined  to  within the  Arab- Islamic frame- work . Writers'  freedom would cease to exist, unless they are  prepared for the  worst.  Plays cannot be written, because it cannot be enacted.   Legendary creations such as Vedas, Upanishads, Bibles, epics of Mahabharatha, Ramayana, including the works of   Greeks,  Romans, and Persians  will be destroyed. People like    Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Ghandi,  Mother Theresa will be considered infidels and their stories will be re-written  portraying as  Kafirs or completely destroyed.

Scientific  inventions would be closely monitored if it ever happens.  It is  very unlikely that  there would be any future scientists, for the mere reason  that conventional and secular  system of education would be withdrawn from society. Only Madrassas where topics on religious teachings  would take precedence over any other academic subjects.  Works on progressive inventions such as probing into the origin of species would be confiscated and persons responsible would be tried under Islamic Law for questioning the Crank theory of creation.

Then one fine morning, something like this may happen...

As  the  entire world living in peace with no other rival religions to compete with Islam,  a whirlwind arises  somewhere in  a non-Arab, yet Islamic nation.  It  would probably spark   from   a casual derogatory   remairk  made by  an Asian,   African,   Caucasian, Chinese,  Aryan,  Dravidian,  or if not any one of these  ,  then by  an Anglo Saxon.. criticising Arabs for their world domination.

At this stage  the religion of Islam  would take a back seat , paving the seed for a new  conflict resulting in an all  out   racial war !

Arabs and  Arab countries would unite under one banner, against all other non -Arab nations  in spite of  their  being  Islamic in nature. .  As for Arabs , now , being  Islamic   is not enough.  Soon they would  start  considering themselves as the most superior  race on  Earth. .  All other creeds of people  would  be deemed as  inferior.

The term  "Islamic Umma" would  have no  bearing in this  war.   It will be purely a war waged by Arabs against Non- Arabs.  Because there are no infidels left on this planet.  Only  unclean  Non- Arabs. !





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