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 A letter to Mr. Nadir Ahmed 

Dear Mr. Sina,

After reading parts of your debate with this fellow Mr. Nadir Ahmed, I sent him an email, that I think you should get a copy too. I appreciate if I see this writing on your site,


Dear Mr. Nadir,

I am an impartial reader that reads everything with open mind, but then looks around for evidence. I have been following your debates with several people as they are mentioned in your site. As I read these items, I cannot help but looking around me and regardless of what you or others say, make my own judgment.

Whether Quran is a miracle or not, or whether Mohammad was a profit from God or not can not be decided by debate, obviously, each one says what they want and declare victory, as both of you and other fellow have done. Word is cheap and needs no capital, it is the results that prove who is right and who is not. What can not be escaped from is reality. It is reality that can not be escaped or covered up. It is reality that decides who is right and who is wrong, not words or debates.

Fact and reality is Islam has given nothing to the world but poverty, war, misery. Look around yourself and decide, wherever Islam is dominant, there is poverty, lack of progress and misery, Look around yourself and see in every conflict of the world, one side is Islam. Do you know of one, only one Moslem person in 20th century that has done something positive for humanity? A good doctor, a good scientist, a good entertainer, a good sports person, a good writer, a good invention, etc, etc etc. From all these scientific progress of the last 200 years, which one was done by a Moslem? And there is 1.2 Billion of them in the world, with the greatest wealth that anyone can imagine. Why do you think that is? If Quran is a miracle, why it leads its followers to such a misery and backwardness? If Mohammad is a true super human as Moslems claim him to be, why is that his followers are among the most back warded, poverty stricken, miserable peoples in the world? Among 1.2 billion followers of him, why is that not even one of them enjoys freedom? The ones that come closest to it are the ones that are under occupation !! by Israel, and that does not bother you? You can spend hours and hours of your time playing with words, and debating what has or has not happened 1400 years ago, but don’t take a moment of your time and look around yourself, look at every Moslem country and think why is that these people are among the most under progressed peoples of the world, if it was not for the “infidels”, the entire 1.2 billion members of Islam can not make even one vial of antibiotics, or one headache pill, and that does not bother you? And you are happy that you caught Mr. so and so lying about a story that occurred 1400 years ago, and keep comfort in proving that Mohammad did not say this or that, and devil is in translation? Isn’t that enough of ignorance, and isn’t it better to start thinking. I be honest with you, if I belonged to a huge community of 1.2 billion with access to all the natural resources that mind can imagine, and still live in poverty and misery, and still be behind in every aspect of life, I would not waste my time debating anyone, instead, I would be thinking of what can I do to get out of so much shame.

Whatever Mohammad said or did, does not matter, it was 1400 years ago, those that still think like him blindly are the ones to blame, since they are 1400 years behind everyone else. Whether Quran is a miracle or not and whether Mohammad was a great leader or not, must be clear as sun shine for whoever that thinks, just look at the results.

Massoud Mortazavi,

Los Angeles, Ca,   







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