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School Books That Teach Children To Hate


Mohammad Shehzad

Muslims alone have the right to rule the world and are allowed to kill infidels that stand in the way of Islam. This is the message being taught to schoolchildren through textbooks used in the network of institutions run by Jamaat ud-Daawa, according to a research report on Hate Speech complied by the Liberal Forum Pakistan.

Democracy, Freedom, and Peace in Textbooks: Campaign against Hate Speech reports that books published by the Lashkar-e-Taiba (the first incarnation of ud-Daawa) immerse young children in a culture that glorifies violence and hate. For example, the Urdu textbook employed to teach children the alphabet uses Bandooq (gun) as an example of a word that starts with the alphabet Bai, Talwar (sword) and Tank for Tai, Jahaz (fighter plane) for Jeem, Khanjar (dagger) for Khai, Rocket for Rai, and Tayyara (fighter plan again) for To-ay.

"Infidels are cowards by nature," claims the Urdu textbook used in the second grade (for seven-year-olds). "When a holy warrior attacks them, they scream with terror and fear." Mujahideen are glorified as the alpha male on a mission from God. They are the superheroes that kill Hindus, fashion all sorts of gadgets from found material, and make the infidel world cower in fear.

Art and music are forbidden so instead of handicrafts, children are asked to purchase plastic guns and trained to shoot at balloons. Games on the playground include playing guerrilla and ambushing infidel convoys. Poems relay stories of young boys that wage jihad. In Brave Child, ten-year-old Gul Rehman kills hundreds of Russians in Afghanistan. Probably fictitious letters from jihadis killed in battle strewn across textbooks. "If I am killed in battle celebrate," reads a letter from one Abdul Nasir to his mother and sister which can be found in the seventh grade textbook. "Make sure you conceal your body and never wear perfume."

India is presented as Pakistan's sworn enemy and Saudi Arabia as its best friend. Kashmir is presented as Pakistani territory forcibly snatched by Hindus and Pakistan as a country created only for Muslims. Children are instructed to "mercilessly beat up" non-Muslims. "Every student should become a holy warrior," the second grade textbook states. "We should all be willing to lay down our lives for the great nuclear power that is Pakistan."

Published by the ud-Daawa press these are given to students free of charge and are not available on the market. TFT caught up with Abu Naseer, an official at the ud-Daawa Rawalpindi center who explained the books were meant to inspire.

"We aim to inculcate a truly Islamic spirit in our students," said Mr Naseer. "We earnestly desire to enable our students to view Islam as a complete way of life rather than a mere set of rituals. So through our textbooks we introduce our students to the inspirational ideas and objectives of Islam, we introduce them to our glorious past."





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