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From 1939 TO 2004
Genocide Them Now

By: Louis Rene Beres

      Lest we overlook it, the ongoing objective of various Arab/Islamic states and movements is openly identical to Hitler's principal goal for the Third Reich.

The objective in both cases is correctly described as genocide against Jewish populations. Indeed, even by the strict jurisprudential standard established at the 1948 Genocide Convention, the explicit policies and codified doctrines of certain Arab/Islamic states and terror groups remain unambiguously genocidal.

It follows that Israel must now be prepared to act purposefully on this understanding, especially with regard to Arab/Islamic development of certain mass destruction weaponry.     

In the eyes of the world, Israel is today the individual Jew writ large. Since 1948, openly-acknowledged plans for extermination and annihilation of the Jewish State have been animated by age-old fanatical hatreds based on anti-Semitism.

Among pertinent elements of the Arab/Islamic world, issues of land and politics are merely a pretext for orchestrated convulsions.

In substance these issues are always peripheral. For these elements, war and terror against Israel are now little more than a newer and considerably more efficient means to commit old-style crimes against humanity.

Should Iran or any Arab state or movement be permitted to acquire nuclear or even certain biological weapons, the fully intended result to Israel might well be another Jewish genocide.     

Starting in 1938, small groups of predominantly Jewish scientists from Central Europe living in the United States began to express informed fears that Nazi Germany could build nuclear weapons.

About two years after Einstein transmitted these authoritative fears to President Franklin D.  Roosevelt in his famous letter of August 1939, the United States launched the Manhattan Project. In part, this effort was the result of a perceived danger by Jewish emigres of an incontestably existential threat to then widely dispersed European Jewish communities.
Today it is the responsibility of Jews everywhere to recognize another existential danger, this time to the ingathered Jewish population of the State of Israel. Should it face the prospect of a nuclear Iran , or of any Arab state or movement with atomic or even certain biological weapons, Israel would have absolutely no choice but to act preemptively.

This is exacty what Prime Minister Menachem Begin did on June 7, 1981, when Israel 's "Operation Opera" successfully destroyed Iraq 's Osiraq nuclear reactor.

[Operation "Opera" - Israel destroys the Iraqi nuclear reactor (1981)

This operation, best described under international law as a permissible act of "anticipatory self-defense," was an expressed application of the "Begin Doctrine."

This doctrine clearly affirmed Israel 's policy to deny certain weapons of mass destruction to particular enemy states.

It was drawn directly from Prime Minister Begin's awareness that the developing nuclear threat then facing Israel - a country already the Jew in macrocom - was merely a new form of a previous genocide against Jews.
It is essential today, when Israel is under intense pressure to turn a blind eye to Iranian and possibly other regional efforts at nuclearization, that a continuing pattern of anti-Jewish genocide be recognized and, consequently, that the Begin Doctrine be reinvigorated and declared.

Now, just as during the Second World War, Jews face the threat of mass murder because of atomic weapons. Now, however, the danger is not that these weapons will be used by a genocidal state against other states to acquire physical custody over Jewish bodies, but rather against that single state which was expressly created for the eternal protection of these bodies.

In certain respects at least, the nuclear danger to Jews is even greater today; that is, it looms even more menacingly over those Jews who live in Israel

Logistically, with the concentration of more than five million Jews within a state that is half the size of Lake Michigan , genocide has now become much simpler. In a terrible irony, one almost too unthinkable to be uttered openly, the Zionist solution to what Herzl called the "Jewish Problem" could soon make much easier what Hitler called the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question."
Presently, Israel is coming under increasing pressure to dismantle and renounce its still unrevealed nuclear weapons capacity.  

In the name of "fairness," dozens of countries, including vertually all Arab/Islamic states and many others, in Europe and elsewhere, now demand that Washington push Israel to accept a regional "nuclear weapon free-zone."

One needn't be an advanced strategic thinker to recognize that any serious Israeli move to  comply with such sinister pressure would effectively assure Israel 's violent disappearance.
International law is not a suicide pact.

>From the standpoint of criminal intent, Israel cannot possibly be compared to various Arab and certain other Islamic states, whose only undeniable rationale for weapons of mass destruction vis--vis Israel is manifest aggression and offensive war.

It is absolutely certain that Israel's nuclear weapons exist only for national survival and self-protection, and that these weapons - which have never been flaunted, brandished or even acknowledged - would never be used for any other reason.
What, then, is Israel to do?

With the danger of organized Jewish extinction again rearing its head, albeit in a different historical form, Israel's leaders must soon remind the world that, in current circumstances, the "Begin Doctrine" is still entirely consistent with the established right of anticipatory self-defense under international law.

Following such an appropriate jurisprudential reminder, it must make prompt tactical preparations to prevent a looming Jewish genocide by implementing a number of established military means, including comprehensive plans for the preemptive destruction of various enemy WMD targets and infrastructures.

Other coordinated and corollary Israeli efforts must be directed at particular regime targets, ranging from pertinent national leadership elites to those individual scientists in different parts of the globe who now fashion or prepare to fashion biological and nuclear weapons for exclusively genocidal purpose against Jews.

This proposed killing of enemy scientists making mega-weapons for dangerous regimes is assuredly not unprecedented practice by Israeli or American operatives, nor is it by any means a prima facie violation of international law.

Similar Israeli/American tactics of "targeted killings" must remain in place against certain terrorist leaders, and should quickly be extended and expanded to any such leaders with documented plans to create authentic weapons of mass destruction.    
During World War II, a number of Arab leaders went directly to Berlin to meet with Hitler, and to enthusiastically offer their armed services to carry forward the European annihilation of Jews to portions of the Islamic Middle East.

At that time the Allies did everything possible to prevent the wartime nuclearization of Germany and, very successfuly, at least for the moment, to create an atomic monopoly for the United States .

Today, aware that it cannot possibly permit a single Arab state or movement or Iran to ever acquire nuclear or certain biological weapons of mass destruction, and equally aware that it can never find security in the "civilized" international guarantees offered by the United Nations, Israel must prepare to do whatever is needed to prevent another Jewish genocide.

This is now a genuinely sacred obligation, not only to Israel 's currently imperiled population, but also to the blessed memory of those martyred Six Million who now sleep in the dust.







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