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Letter to the Queen

One reader of this site wrote the following letter to HRM the Queen. 


"Your Majesty, 

Please excuse the clumsy salutation - I'm not sure how to address you. 

I am aware that you are a very busy person, so therefore I do not expect a reply. 

I am writing to express my concern about the state of the Commonwealth in general, and the monarchy in particular. 

First of all, I am a catholic, although I was baptised High Church of England as a child.  

Secondly, I am not a republican. I'm a member of the 'Ain't broke, don't fix it' school of thought, and therefore more than happy with our monarchy. 

My concerns have been raised because of happenings over the past few years in a number of countries. Bali , USA , Spain , Russia (Beslan) England , Indonesia , Thailand and now France and Denmark . The bombings and other terrorist atrocities over the past few years all seem to have Islamist activity as their common denominator.  

They are also described as 'extremist' activities.  

I personally don't agree, but that's the beauty of our society - freedom of thought and speech. 

Recently, it's been all over the internet media that HRH Prince Charles will be talking to Mr. George W. Bush about the importance of tolerance towards Islam during his visit to the US .  

I find this an appalling breach of good manners. 

I also find it very disconcerting when a man who is supposed to become the Head of the Church of England is extolling the virtues of a religion that decrees women to be worth less than men in all ways, and has a history more bloody and violent than anything in the Christian tradition. 

I am sure you are aware that there have been rumours circulating for years that Prince Charles secretly converted to Islam years ago. 

Those rumours show no sign of abating, and there is a recent essay on a website for ex-muslims on just this subject. 

The essay can be found at http://www.faithfreedom.org/oped/sina51103.htm and raises some uncomfortable questions.  

Please take the time to read it, or at least have somebody you trust read it. There are questions raised that can't be ignored - questions regarding the future of the Church, the Realm and the Commonwealth. 

All we need to do is look to France , and Denmark , and the Sudan , and Iran , and India , for starters. There are many other countries after those. 

Thank you for your time, and God bless, 

Leigh Drummond







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