Leaving Islam






SAUDI ARABIA, the land of hate and global terrorism.

By: Lee Jay Walker Dip BA MA  

Saudi Arabia is a nation which persecutes all non-Muslims and conversion from Islam means death for Saudi converts.  While all non-Muslim places of worship are banned.

This same Saudi Arabia also punishes Saudi women for talking openly and even bans them from driving cars.  While nearly all of Saudi Arabia is based on gender separation and Islamic law means that all non-Muslims and Muslim women face massive discrimination.  And if Saudi women desired to dress modestly, they would be charged by the Saudi police and vilified like the Taliban did in Afghanistan.

Yet even more alarming, it is abundantly clear that Saudi Arabia, irrespective if via organizations or wealthy individuals, sponsors both global terrorism or is spreading radical Islam. For the overwhelming majority of citizens involved in the bombing of the United States came from Saudi Arabia; and from Chechnya, Sudan, Indonesia, to the Philippines, it is more than apparent that much of this funding comes from Saudi citizens or Saudi organizations.

Even nations like Iran followed the wishes of the Russian Federation, with regards to not exporting radical Islam to Central Asia. Yet the alleged friend of America, Saudi Arabia, is intent on spreading radical Islam in Central Asia and throughout the world; and it is clear that Islamic imams in Saudi Arabia are spreading great hatred in their mosques against Jews and Christians.

So while the United States may bomb Iraq, because of weapons of mass destruction and other reasons; it is apparent that the real "global cancer is Saudi Arabia." Given this, American foreign policy is not coherent and pressure must be put on Saudi Arabia to change and clampdown on radical Islam, which is causing so much hate in many nations.

Also, why is there so much silence with regards to the persecution of women in Saudi Arabia?  Why is there so much silence about the persecution of non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia?  The only credible answer can be due to the massive natural resources of this nation; yet the credibility of not only America, but democracy, is at stake.  For silence means either "appeasement" or "turning a blind eye."

This is not good enough! For the citizens who were killed in America and other terrorist attacks throughout the world need "solace" in their deaths.  The United States and democratic nations can no longer ignore massive violations of human rights in Saudi Arabia.

More important, people killed by Islamic terrorists should not "die in vain." So let the loved ones of these people state one day that "their deaths saved tens of thousands of people, and freed the people of Saudi Arabia from tyranny."

This is the legacy which is needed, and then "in death they gave life and freedom to others." If the Untied States does not do this, then what credibility does the United States have?

For no Iraqi or Afghan citizens were involved in the terrorist attacks on the United States; they were in the main from Saudi Arabia.  Yet it was Afghan citizens who were killed in response, and it appears that Iraq may also be bombed because of America's attack on global terrorism.

While attacking the Taliban and Islamic terrorists made sense; it ultimately means nothing if Saudi Arabia is not rebuked and forced to change. Instead you will have the absurdity that Afghan and Iraqi citizens will have been killed due to America's changed policy on tackling global terrorism; yet the nation where the majority of terrorists came from remains to be a firm friend of America.

The hypocrisy is clear for all to see, and this also applies to charging the Taliban with persecuting women and non-Muslims.  For it will be apparent that this was just a propaganda stunt and that women and non-Muslims do not count. Instead they were mere pawns.

So let the free world focus on the "land of hate and global terrorism" which is Saudi Arabia. By doing this then words will no longer be empty and the loved ones of people who died "can plant trees of love, justice, liberty, and freedom." Don't let them "die in vain" and don't let "democracy be bought."






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